6 Gemstones To Wear On Your Travels

Posted on June 8th, 2024 06:47 PM

One would never want to leave jewelry items while traveling as they give you an enhanced look. What about if this gemstone jewelry is more of just an accessory? Yes, gems that make your journey safe so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest. It is believed that the people have carried these stones since ancient times for several reasons. These were used as talismans to protect them from evil spirits or charms to show them the way or offer them positive energy during their travels. Even today, these powerful gemstones are a great way to energize you from physical stress during travel, provide luck, and remove negative energy. So, this complete guide featuring six gemstones for travel helps you select your favorite one that serves your needs.

6 Best Gemstones for Travelers

Here are the main gems you can wear as jewelry or slip in your pocket or purse to keep you connected with positive energy.

6 Best Gemstones for Travelers
  • Emerald: Healing Gemstone for Travel

Emerald, also known as Panna Ratna in Hindi, features a beautiful lush green hue. This fantastic color makes the stone a wonderful centerpiece for many jewelry forms. Besides the stunning hue, this precious stone is also known for its healing properties. It releases stress and soothes your eyes. So, it is one of the travel-friendly gemstones. These gems help those seeking to ensure a safe journey and remove anxiety and stress during long-distance travel. Keeping yourself healthy during the trip is another significant aspect. Emerald stone benefits you in supporting your overall health during your travel and stay. It strengthens your immune system, helping you remain fit. You can incorporate these gems as a part of your jewelry. Wear them as rings, pendant necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

  • Red Coral: Protective Gemstones for Traveling

Red coral is a powerful stone associated with the planet Mars, which signifies energy and survival. Coral is called Moonga in Hindi and has been considered a protective stone since ancient times. It was worn as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and misfortune. This can be one of your choices amongst other gemstones for travel. Moonga benefits you in many ways. It shields you from theft, accidents, and negative energy and ensures your safety. Moreover, wearing a red coral ring in the ring finger of the right hand makes you feel energetic all day long. It removes travel fatigue and helps you combat physical and mental stress.

  • Yellow Sapphire: Gem for Good Fortune

Yellow sapphire, also called Pukhraj stone in Hindi, symbolizes prosperity and wisdom and is another protective stone for travelers. Puhkraj Ratna is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which offers luck and fortune to the wearer. If you are on a business trip, this is one of the best gemstones to carry while traveling. Wear a yellow sapphire ring in the index finger of your right hand. You can keep it in your pocket if you are allergic to metal or comfortable wearing jewelry. Pukhraj stone benefits you with success, and good luck during such trips.

  • Ruby: Maintains Stamina during Long Journeys

This beautiful red gemstone is a travel companion. Also known as Manik Ratna in Hindi, rubies are one of the useful gemstones for travel for those who seek stamina and energy. Travelers often face mental fatigue, but the vibrant energy of Manikya stone helps them to maintain alertness. Rubies are known for enhancing the wearer’s decision-making skills. It aids mental clarity, assisting travelers to make better decisions, especially while enjoying adventures such as trekking. Wearing a Manik stone on the ring finger of your right hand protects you from injuries and loss of blood. In ancient civilizations, it was believed that keeping a ruby helped warriors protect themselves from wounds during war.

  • Blue Sapphire: Reduce Travel Anxiety

Travel jewelry with gemstones is ideal for you to look beautiful and benefit simultaneously. Blue sapphire are gems valued for their vibrant blue color and make the best companions when traveling in a foreign country. The stone's soothing energy is like that of the calm ocean that relaxes your mind. This stone is helpful for those who have anxiety during travel. Blue sapphire is the most powerful stone that protects you from fears, negativity, enemies, and thefts. It is also the best gemstone to carry while traveling as it is durable and doesn't break during stressful journeys.

  • Moonstone: Traveler Stone For a Safe Journey

Moonstone is valued for its beautiful bluish iridescence, making it a stunning gem for jewelry. It's a beautiful gemstone you can travel with and protects you from mishaps. If you are traveling by night or upon water, Moon stone is your safety companion. It is a beautiful gem for women. Since it is connected to feminine energies, it helps women with intuitive powers, calming effects, and guidance. If you are traveling to a spiritual place, moon stones help amplify your spiritual powers. 

In conclusion, the benefits of gemstones for travelers include protection, energy, good health, and luck. These stones can be worn as jewelry or taken along to enhance the joy of traveling.

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