Where to Buy Authentic Coral Stones and Ensure Quality in India

Where to Buy Authentic Coral Stones and Ensure Quality in India
Posted on September 29th, 2023 05:33 PM

Red Coral are semi precious and are valuable astrological gems. Coral is called Pavalam Ratna, or Moonga, and is known to bring happiness and prosperity in various aspects of your life. In Vedic astrology, if your birth chart shows malefic effects of Mangal Graha or Mars, you should wear Moonga. It is believed that one should always wear a natural gemstone only to get its optimum benefits. You can find the original coral stone by looking at its physical appearance, such as its color and texture. The best quality coral is found in Japan and Italy. So, to buy authentic munga in India, one should consider the following things.

Coral Stone Significance In Indian Astrology

Coral is a very powerful gem in Vedic astrology. There are two types of coral prevalent in India: Safed and Lal Moonga. It is one of the Navratans, as per Vedic astrology, which connects this gem to the planet Mars. These stones are believed to have many metaphysical and healing properties. In India, coral stones have also been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine to cure a range of diseases.

The belief is that these gems can protect you from negative energies like the evil eye, black magic, or bad omens. It brings you good luck and keeps you healthy as well. Red Coral benefits the individual by aiding relief in blood-related issues. Wearing a safed Moonga on the ring finger of the right hand helps you overcome relationship issues such as delays in marriage or conflicts. But you can get these gemstone advantages only when you buy an original coral.

How to Ensure Buying an Authentic and High-Quality Coral Stone?

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while looking for a natural Munga Ratna.

Buy from a reputable seller—You should buy from a reputed and trusted shop. A jeweler or retailer who is an expert will have the experience to source and sell authentic, high-quality gems.

Color and Clarity: If a stone is real, it will have natural colors without a matte or glossy finish. Sparkling, fire-like stones are often polished, dyed, or fake. An intense red, also called Ox red blood color, is the most desirable in the case of Lal Munga. A pure white hue is ideal for Safed Moonga. Real corals showcase inclusions such as white or black spots. If your Pavalam stone is authentic, then it will show pores inside it that are clearly visible to the naked eye. However, original corals do feature smooth surfaces but these are actually polished. It should be noted that red coral does not have an eye-clean transparency, and they are opaque. This means that light doesn't pass through it.

Carat Weight: The weight of a gem is measured in Ratti in India or carats. 1 Ratti = 0.91 carats. Make sure you do not get confused and pay more because sellers might confuse you in measurement. The higher the weight of the stone, the higher the price; for instance, the Red coral stone price of 10 Ratti is higher than the original Moonga stone 7 prices. Carat weight and size are different, so whenever you buy these gems, consider both factors. Faceted gems cost you more than cabochons.

Cut: Tikona Munga is the best cut for coral. This triangular stone has great importance in Vedic astrology. If an individual is seeking a delay in marriage, then this shape Moonga Ratna is suggested.

Certification - Lab-certified gemstones prove their authenticity and that they are real. Ask for the certification or get your stone tested in a lab by yourself. However, reputable sellers will provide a lab certification to verify the type, origin, grade, and cut of the gem. A lack of accreditation may indicate a fake, polished, dyed, or farmed product.

How Do I Know if Coral is Real?

The authenticity of Red coral can be determined by following these tips:

  • Look for the color. As it is called Ox red blood, it is the most desirable hue of this stone. The uniformity of the color is important.

  • If the coral is light in weight, it is a real stone. Heavy stones are either fake or synthetic.

  • Red munga is cool to touch. So, with a temperature test, you can determine its authenticity. For this, hold the gemstone in your hand and feel whether it's cool or hot.

  • Apply a drop of vinegar on the coral. If it is authentic Munga Ratna, it will show effervescence or form bubbles around it. This shows it is a real gemstone and not fake as corals are porous in nature, they will form bubbles.

  • You can also check the purity of Moonga at home. For this, put the pavalam stone in the glass of milk. If the milk turns red or pink, it is a genuine gem.

  • Rub some turmeric on the surface of the coral; if it does not change its color, then it's a real gem.

Where to Buy Authentic Munga Ratna in India?

Navratan.com is the one-place solution for buying authentic, high-quality, certified gems of any cut, color, size, and weight. It's a one-stop solution for you. With their expert gemologists, you can take a consultation for free to buy a gemstone and be sure about it. 

It is a widely recognized and trusted source for purchasing high-quality and original gemstones and jewelry. With years of experience, they provide you with the best gemstones sourced directly from the best origins of coral. 

We guarantee that you will get a genuine Moonga stone with us, 100% natural and untreated. We have both treated and untreated gemstones, and you can choose one that suits your preference. We will provide you with all the details of the gem, from its color, grade, and quality to its weight, shape, and treatment process done on it. All the details are mentioned on the lab certificate as well, which is issued by a recognized laboratory.

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