Benefits of Pukhraj Stone for Male

Posted on April 27th, 2024 05:33 PM

Yellow sapphire, also called pukhraj in Hindi, belongs to the corundum family. It is the yellow variety of sapphire that is known for its astrological benefits. Linked to the planet Jupiter, or Guru, pukhraj ratna is a sought after gem representing wealth, health, and success. There are many benefits of the stone, but do you know how it works specifically for men? Lets have a look: 

5 Benefits of pukhraj stone for male 

Unlike other gemstones, yellow sapphire is also ruled by a powerful planet called Jupiter. Also called as Brishaspati Graha, it has a great impact on an individual’s life. In Indian astrology, it is believed that a birth chart featuring a favorable position of a guru, or Brishaspati graha, indicates that the person is blessed with good wealth and knowledge. Conversely, if Jupiter is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses of your natal chart, it is generally suggested to wear a Pushkaraj stone. Moreover, if guru graha is bothered by other planets like Rahu, ketu, Shani, or Mangal, then you can also wear a yellow sapphire stone. Wearing this yellow stone benefits various aspects of your life.  

  • Enhanced academic performance 

Wearing a pushkaraj stone is beneficial for males in the context of studies. For male students who are facing challenges in their academics, this gemstone helps improve their concentration. Those who are finding it difficult to memorize things while preparing for competitive exams or pursuing higher studies, yellow sapphire is your power. The planet guru, whose name itself indicates a strong meaning in Vedic astrology. It refers to “teacher” in English and signifies that the person with a strong placement of this graha is blessed with intelligence and wisdom. Thus, wearing a yellow sapphire ring in the index finger helps male students to pursue their studies with ease.  

  • Harmonious relationship 

Benefits of pukhraj stone for male include strengthening bond with spouse. For males seeking connection in terms of friendship or love can wear this ratna. It will promote understanding, trust and emotional balance. If you do not have a cordial relationship with your parents, wearing this guru nang ring can help maintain harmony in your relationship. It opens up communication and generates feelings of empathy, allowing you to have stronger family ties. For getting accolades around you, wearing a yellow pukhraj with a ruby can benefit you greatly. This is because ruby is governed by the planet Sun and together with Jupiter it blesses the person with pleasant behavior. 

5 Benefits of pukhraj stone for male

  • Advantageous for government job aspirants

For males aspiring for success in government jobs, kanakapushyaragam stone benefits them immensely. If your horoscope shows good Jupiter placement, your chances of getting a government job increase. However, wearing a pukhraj gold ring for men can help attract opportunities for such roles. The alignment of this guru nag with the cosmic energy offers them enhanced leadership qualities, decision-making skills, and wisdom. Thus, if you are struggling to find a successful government job but, even after much hard work, you are not getting it, yellow sapphire can be helpful.  

  • Overall well-being in males 

This yellow stone is associated with the health and well being of males. In astrology, one of the peela pukhraj stone uses is linked with fertility in males and females. It is believed to stimulate the sacral chakra. This chakra is the center of emotions, feelings, and sexual desire. Thus, wearing a yellow sapphire gold ring for men aids in balancing the sacral chakra and fulfilling your desires. You can also meditate with it by keeping the gemstone in your hand and setting up intentions like prosperity and wisdom. Make sure you follow all the rules for wearing the gem.  

  • Enhancing financial stability 

Benefits of pukhraj stone for male include increasing financial prosperity. Since it is related to the planet guru, which symbolizes abundance, luck and success, wearing the guru nag ring aids in bestowing the same. If you are a working professional and are seeking promotion for a long time you can wear a pushparagam stone ring. It promotes your mental and reasoning abilities. This ratna helps you get mental clarity, thus helping you come up with more creative ideas and get accolades in your profession. Moreover, it also promotes leadership qualities and confidence, which contribute to financial growth.  

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How to choose the perfect guru ratna for males?

-In Indian astrology, bright colored gems reflect more vibrational energy. Thus, one should always buy natural pushkaraj ratna from reputed dealers like Navratan

-Look for transparent and eye clean stones to avoid any obstruction of energy flow.

Get certified yellow sapphire at your doorstep

-There are a lot of Pukhraj ring design for male available in the market. You can choose either of them but make sure the center stone showcases a well defined cut. Moreover, it should not be broken from any side. To know more about why broken gemstone should not be worn read our blog: Is Wearing a Cracked Gemstone Right?


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