Can Yellow Sapphire and Ruby be Worn Together?

Can Yellow Sapphire and ruby be worn together
Posted on April 17th, 2024 05:24 PM

Yes, these two are perfect combinations that can be worn together. Pukhraj stone in English is called yellow sapphire. It benefits the wearer with wealth, health, and prosperity. Ruby is another powerful gemstone that enhances energy, courage and self-confidence inside the wearer. Other than the use of these gemstones in perfect jewelry, they are compatible with each other astrologically. Their powers increase, and hence, they can be worn together. However, one must always consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone combinations, as this will prevent them from any negative effects. In the case of yellow sapphire and ruby, wearing them together can help you achieve success, happiness and prosperity. Lets know individually how these stones are beneficial for you:

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What are Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Stone?

Pukhraj stone is a precious gem that comes from the corundum mineral family. It features a bright yellow color and is considered an auspicious gem among all the sapphires. This is because it is connected to the planet Jupiter or Guru. The planet of wisdom and intelligence, Guru if weak in your horoscope makes you devoid of professional success. It also impacts your health negatively. Thus, to reduce the planet Jupiter's malefic effects, astrologers suggest that individuals wear a yellow sapphire. Other benefits of wearing pukhraj include stimulating Solar Plexus Chakra. Doing the same helps you attain clarity of mind and increase your self-expression.  

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Ruby gemstone is known as Manik Ratna in Hindi and comes from the corundum family. However, the gemstone properties of both are different. Sapphires exist in all colors except red, whereas ruby features a vibrant red color. Both these gems are mistaken to be the same as they come from the same mineral family and are composed of aluminum oxide. But they are completely different. Astrologically, they are also different, with red ruby being ruled by the planet Sun. Manikya stone benefits the wearer by enhancing confidence and leadership qualities. It stimulates the root chakra, offering you good health, stability, and security.  

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Astrological Perspective of Combining Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Together

Gemstones are associated with their specific planet. As per Vedic astrology, gems are believed to harness energy from the planet and provide numerous benefits to the wearer. Pukhraj stone is linked to the planet Jupiter which signifies wisdom, intelligence and prosperity. Manikya stone is ruled by the planet Sun and represents strength, passion, and vitality. Both Jupiter and the Sun are friends to each other and thus both yellow sapphire and ruby stone can be worn together. If these two planets are strongly present in your birth chart, you are blessed with self-confidence, optimism, and success. But, if these are not aligned, astrologers suggest individuals wear pukhraj and Manik stones together.

Top 6 Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Together

Both pukhraj and manikya stone bestows individuals with their respective benefits. Let's see how they work together. 

top 6 benefits of wearing yellow sapphire and ruby together

Healing Properties 

Natural yellow sapphire stone promotes physical well-being by boosting the immune system. It improves overall digestion, helping you get better health benefits. Ruby Gemstone is also one of the best stones for health. It aids in blood circulation and detoxification and keeps your heart healthy. When worn together, their power gets amplified, protecting the wearer from various health issues. This answers: can I wear ruby and yellow sapphire together? 

Enhanced Energy and Vitality 

Pushparagam stone benefits in increasing your energy level. As it is related to the planet Guru, it gives the wearer wisdom, intellect, and longevity. If you are a working professional needing more motivation, wear a pukhraj stone. It will instill energy, motivating you to take up new projects confidently. The vibrant red color of manik gemstone inspires you to be courageous and passionate in life. Yellow sapphire and ruby combination benefits those with busy and active lifestyles. Wearing these gems together is said to increase stamina and reduce fatigue. 

Increases Emotional Stability 

 Pukhraj stone uses include activating the Solar Plexus Chakra. Also known as Manipura, this chakra is situated in the upper abdomen and relates to power, inner strength and self-esteem. Imbalancing this chakra leads to self-doubt and lack of confidence. Thus, wearing a yellow sapphire ring benefits you by unblocking this chakra and relieving stress and anxiety. When worn with ruby, the power amplifies and brings wonderful results. It aids in mental clarity so you can make better decisions in life, even in challenging situations. 

Stimulating Harmony in Relationships 

Yellow sapphire and ruby are ideal for individuals seeking love and compassion in their relationship. While pukhraj is worn on the index finger, the manik stone on the ring finger of the same hand can be beneficial. This will aid you in strengthening bonds and enhancing communication. Moreover, this combination is believed to resolve conflicts and restore harmony in your married or love life. Read more about the benefits of pukhraj stone for females here:  Benefits of Pukhraj Stone for Female

Aids in Success and Prosperity 

Benefits of pukhraj stone for males relate to professional and personal success. It opens up opportunities for growth and brings recognition. Wearing it with a natural ruby stone helps enhance creativity and induce courage. If you are an artist, writer or in any of the creative fields you can wear yellow sapphire and ruby pendant. This will help in stimulating innovative ideas, making you get recognition in your career. You can get an insight on the same by reading our blog Benefits of Pukhraj in Career.

Help Face Challenges 

The yellow stone ring benefits you the most if you are an entrepreneur or a business person. But if you wear it with manik stone, it can do wonders in your life. This combo of precious ratnas aids in effective problem-solving, strategic planning, and innovative approaches, thus making you ready to face challenges in professional and personal life. It promotes visionary thinking and enhances your risk-taking abilities, helping you gain success in your entrepreneurial ventures. 

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Ways to wear Yellow Sapphire and ruby Together

Natural gemstones work only when worn correctly. When worn in combinations, one should know which is the right finger for which stone. Let's look at all the rules:

-Choose original gemstones. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that energy flows through natural gems and not synthetic or fake ones. 

-Buy original peela pukhraj ratna and manikya stone from reputed gem dealers like Navratan. 

-Wear a pushkaraj stone on the index finger of the right hand. A pushkaraj ring benefits you the most when worn in gold. Wear a gold ruby stone ring on the ring finger of the same hand. You can read our blog: 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider

-Benefits of wearing pukhraj in ring finger includes a happy married life. Females who are struggling to get a good groom for themselves can wear this stone on their ring finger. 

-Before wearing this gemstone combination, make sure you activate these stones separately on their respective days: Thursday for the yellow pukhraj stone and Sunday for the Manik stone. 

-Wear them on these specific days. Do not wear a yellow sapphire ruby and emerald combination, as the three gemstones have conflicting energy that can disrupt your life. Consult an astrologer before wearing any of the combinations.

However, ruby is compatible with other stones like pearls. It is believed that the two governing planets, the Sun and the Moon, do not harm each other when together. This gives you the answer: can ruby, pearl and yellow sapphire be worn together?

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