Benefits of Pukhraj in Career

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 05:38 PM

Pukhraj in English is called yellow sapphire stone and is known for its astrological benefits. It is related to the planet Jupiter (Guru), which signifies fortune, prosperity, health, and wealth. In Vedic astrology, the original pushkaraj is a life-changing stone that works within three to four days after it is worn. Individuals with zodiac signs Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Aries, Cancer, and Scorpio can wear this stone. But do you know apart from working best for your health and harmonious life, the benefits of pukhraj in your career are also known? Here’s a detailed overview of how yellow sapphire helps in enhancing your career prospects. 

5 Top Benefits of Wearing a Natural Pushkaraj Stone to Boost Your Career 

Pukhraj stone is related to the planet Jupiter and the alignment of the planet suggests who should wear it. If the planet guru is positioned in the weaker position of your birth chart, astrologers suggest you wear the guru ratna. This is highly considered in a career as the planet itself signifies being a teacher and carries traits for the same. With weak Jupiter placement, you lack confidence, family support, career breaks, and more. Thus, yellow sapphire benefits you tremendously in making your career better. 

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Improve Leadership Skills

If you lack confidence, decision-making skills, or other leadership qualities, you should wear an original pukhraj gemstone. It will help you make smart decisions at the right time, giving your managers and peer group a positive impact.

Attracting Good Opportunities 

Your career growth gets stagnant if you do not get ample opportunities. At the same time, you also strive for recognition. Yellow sapphire astrological benefits include opening doors for new opportunities. If you are a working professional who is facing issues in finding new projects or promotions, wear a pushkaraj stone. Individuals seeking government jobs can also wear this yellow stone. It will help them focus more, improve their analytical skills and sharpen their memory. 

Enhanced Communication 

Effective communication is crucial in any profession. If you are struggling to communicate with your peer group, stakeholders, and colleagues, the pukhraj stone ring benefits you greatly. You can present your ideas without any hesitation and contribute to better teamwork. Wearing a pukhraj helps in expressing thoughts clearly in a working environment. 

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Attracting Wealth and Peace 

Yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter which is the signifier of wealth and prosperity. Thus, individuals looking for financial stability are suggested to wear this stone. Professionals working in any field who are finding it hard to achieve career growth can wear this gemstone. Consult an astrologer before doing so to know whether the stone suits you or not.  

Provide Career Stability

A stable career is what professionals expect for their long-term career goals. The benefits of pukhraj in career include stability and grounding. With the aligned energies of Jupiter, individuals stay focused, resilient, and optimistic even during challenging times. This leads to long-term success and goal achievement in professional life. 

Who Should Wear Yellow Sapphire Based on Profession?

who should wear yellow sapphire based on profession

There are many benefits of wearing pukhraj for professional success, but there are certain fields where this stone is highly advantageous. Let's see how:

Leadership Roles

Managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and team leaders who need leadership skills in their profession. Yellow stone benefits them by enhancing their decision-making skills and strategic vision.  

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Education and Training

Teachers, mentors, and trainers who are associated with education and related fields can find positive changes after wearing yellow sapphire. Make sure you pick the bright color and high-clarity pukhraj ratna so that the energy radiates more around you. 

Business Professionals

Entrepreneurs or those already having a business can greatly benefit by wearing pushkaraj stone. This yellow stone is related to the planet Jupiter, which represents wealth and prosperity. Wearing an original pukhraj stone can help entrepreneurs improve their risk-taking abilities and decision-making skills. Thus attracting new opportunities and opening doors for success. 

Sales and Marketing Professionals

People working in these professions need enhanced communication skills. Thus, wearing a natural yellow sapphire stone can help them open up communication with their team members. The power of this Guru Ratna will enhance your analytical thinking and make a successful sales career for you. 

Creative Professions

If you are an artist, writer, designer, or in any field related to creativity, this gemstone is beneficial for you. This Guru Naag stimulates artistic expression and improves clarity of thoughts and focus. Thus, wearing this gem inspires you to work more efficiently, resulting in meaningful creations. 

How to wear Yellow Sapphire?

Benefits of pukhraj in career are many provided you wear it correctly. Whether you are preparing for competitive exams or want a promotion in your existing job, this amazing yellow stone can do wonders. Let us see how you can get maximum benefits out of it. 

  1. Buy an original pushkaraj stone from a reputable gem dealer only. At Navratan, you get natural gems from different origins. Choose your lucky gemstone of a suitable carat weight and vivid color for gaining maximum astrological benefits.

    get certified yellow sapphire right at your doorstep

  2. Natural Ceylon Yellow sapphire is astrologically effective if you want happiness in all spheres of your life. Buy certified peela pukhraj as it provides authenticity that your gemstone is natural and not fake. If you want to know how you differentiate between the two, read our blog: How to differentiate between synthetic & natural yellow sapphire
  3. Pukhraj stone ring benefits you the most if it is worn in gold. The ideal carat weight of the center yellow gem should be between 3-5. A 2 ratti yellow sapphire works fine if you want to push your luck a little more. 
  4. Ideally, Pushkaraj gemstone is worn on the index finger. This is because the index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter which shows the guiding path to the wearer. For males, it should be the index finger of the right hand whereas for females yellow sapphire should be worn in the index finger of the left hand. Get more insight on how this stone works for ladies: Benefits of Pukhraj Stone for Female
  5. Some astrologers suggest that the guru ratna can be worn in ring finger as well. The benefits of wearing pukhraj in ring finger are removing conflicts in your married life. It enhances fertility and boosts career and self-confidence. 
  6. Wear this yellow gem on Thursday between 5 AM to 7 AM during Shukla Paksha. Always energize your lucky stone before wearing it as it activates its powers and provides you with desired results. 
  7. Wear it as a bracelet, ring, or pendant, and make sure it touches the skin directly. You can read more about what else you can do here 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider so that pukhraj ring benefits you the most. 

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