10 Useful Tips To Know Before Buying A Ruby Gemstone

Posted on January 2nd, 2024 04:24 PM

Ruby stone (Manik stone) is the most fascinating gemstone known for decades. Kings and queens have admired the enchanting red allure of this precious gem since antiquity. These gems are preferred for jewelry and astrological purposes. 

Ruby's uses include offering the wearer health, wealth, mental and healing benefits. If you are a gem connoisseur or a jewelry enthusiast, it is essential to find valuable tips before buying this precious gemstone. This blog sheds light on the same. 

Beginner's Guide to Buying a Ruby Gemstone online

Here are the useful tips one should know before buying this beautiful red gemstone. 

ruby stone buying guide

  • Origin of Rubies Influencing Gem Selection

Any gemstone source directly relates to its buying decision. Natural ruby stones are sourced from various locations such as Burma, Mozambique, Madagascar, India, Thailand, and the US. The color of these beautiful stones ranges from pinkish red to deep red, depending upon the origin of it.

 Burma Rubies are considered the finest gemstones valued for their vivid red hue. These gems' color is called "pigeon red blood." They are considered rare and hold a significant value. Besides this, ruby stones sourced from Madagascar, Mozambique ruby, and Thailand are also loved for their incredible color. These gems also have value in the market. 

  • Color of Ruby Gemstone Shaping Consumer Choices 

What mesmerizes you first with gemstones? Of course, the color complemented with brilliance. One should consider a natural ruby stone with a vivid red hue, medium tone, and high saturation. The primary color of these stones, though, tends to be red, but secondary overtones also reflect them.

 Purple and pink are the most common secondary hues that appear in most of the rubies. However, a high variation of either of these colors degrades the value of the gemstones. For instance, high pink overtones in the gemstone might be misled with pink sapphires. For a ruby to be genuine, it should have a red color. 

  • Gemstone Clarity and Influence on Gemstone Valuation 

Clarity is another major factor highlighting the decision to buy the Manik stone. Gemstones with few or no inclusions are highly desirable. Ruby gemstones are characterized by common inclusions known as "rutile needles." 

These imperfections are visible in natural gemstones. However, a few inclusions are desirable, such as "star rubies," which have an exquisite display of rutile needles forming a star-like pattern on the surface. These beautiful gemstones are also valued. 

ruby stone

  • The Art of Ruby Cutting and its Impact 

Gemstone cutting plays a pivotal role when considering its purchase. A faceted and symmetrical cut gives the gem a beautiful look. Moreover, it increases the value of the stone as well. Skilled lapidaries should consider various factors while providing a desired cut to the gemstone. 

A perfect cut should maximize the color and carat weight of the gemstone, simultaneously minimizing the inclusions. Ruby gemstone looks ideal in any cut, ranging from round or oval to cushion or marquise.

 It is essential to purchase a well-cut gemstone as it takes the limelight of the show. For instance, besides round being the most popular shape, a well-cut, heart-shaped ruby stone is a stunning piece. 

  • Carat Weight and Purchases for Informed Gemstone Enthusiasts

Gemstones weight matters a lot. In the case of precious gemstones like rubies, it is challenging to find high-carat weight gems. These gems, accompanied by bright colors, demand hefty price tags. 

While purchasing a manik stone online, the consumers' preference matters a lot. These red gemstones look beautiful both as a focus or an accent stone. Ruby uses those linked to astrology demands for carat weight 1/12th of an individual's body weight. Thus, rubies above one-carat weight cost more. 

  • Treatments and their Impact on Buying Precious Red Gemstones 

Gemstone treatment or enhancement influences its buying behavior. These processes are done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone. The standard treatment given to the ruby stone is heat treatment. The price of untreated rubies is high as they are rare to find. 

Treated manik stones are readily available in the market. Buying untreated gems is a perfect way to add a heirloom piece to your wardrobe. However, treated ruby stones are a personal choice for those with a low budget. It is essential to look for these gemstones with a stable treatment where color and clarity don't fade away with time. 

  • Gaining Essential Insights Inside the Ruby Market

Price is one of the aspects that entails buying behavior. The cost of the gemstone depends upon the 4C's (cut, clarity, color, carat weight). Natural ruby gemstone price is high owing to the ideal red color and eye-clean clarity of the stone. 

Burma ruby stones are expensive as they feature an exclusive "pigeon blood red hue." The prices of these gemstones sourced from other parts of the country, such as Mozambique and Madagascar ruby, are considerably valuable. 

  • Exploring Buyer's Guide to Ruby Certification

As stated earlier, treatment and enhancement enhance the color and clarity of the stone. Along with this, treatment doesn't impact the decision to buy gemstones. It is important to note that one should be aware of the difference between natural and glass-filled rubies. The difference lies in the latter being an imitation while the former is sourced directly from the earth's surface. 

manik stone

It is essential to purchase gemstones from a reputed retailer. Moreover, a prominent certification from GIA, IGL, etc, authenticates that the gemstone is natural and enhancement-free. The specifications on the certificate give an idea about the gemstone's origin, color, carat weight, and more. If you want a real ruby stone, consider certified gems only. 

  • Lab-Created vs Natural Rubies 

A natural gemstone takes millions of years to form under the earth's surface. Lab-created gems are created inside a laboratory. Original manik stones are priced higher, whereas lab-created rubies are cheaper comparatively. These gemstones look incredible; the choice depends on the buyer's tastes and budget. 

  • Consult an Astrologer 

Besides jewelry, these red-hued precious gemstones are preferred for astrological uses. It is essential to consult an astrologer first if you are buying this gemstone for ruby  astrological benefits

ruby gemstone

In conclusion, ruby uses vary from being a cherished jewelry piece to a beneficial astrological gemstone. This unique precious gemstone is popular among gem collectors for its vivid red color. With this red gemstone's high popularity and benefits, the above beginner's buying guide for ruby stone is helpful content that sheds light on the critical aspects. 

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