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Posted on July 15th, 2021 11:49 AM

Ruby is an extremely popular and precious gemstone that does not need much introduction. It is a natural mineral variety of the Corundum family, which is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Besides ruby, Corundum’s clan also includes all different kinds of Sapphires. What differentiates rubies from sapphires is the presence of chromium content, which gives it the red color. Ruby gemstone, also popularly known as Manik Stone, owns its rich red color by the element of chromium present in it. Owing to its stunning glamor and amazing metaphysical properties, this renowned red gem not only grabs a prominent place in the Vedic astrological arena but also the immense limelight among gemstone lovers in international auctions. 



                   Throughout history, Ruby is the most valuable precious stone and is henceforth regarded as ‘Ratnaraj’, the king of precious gems and ‘Ratnanayaka’ that denotes ‘leader of precious stones. This rich and regal red stone always commands a high price in the global gemstone market. Now when it comes to Manik (Ruby) Stone Price, it is determined from 2 key factors i.e., the origin and the famous 4 c’s. These 4 c’s include color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of a ruby stone. So if you are also looking out for Manik Prices, here we are. Study the detailed price of ruby gemstone together with its determining factors. 

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Ruby Stone Price As Per Origin 

There is one question that constantly bugs the ruby gemstone connoisseurs “how much is a ruby worth?

Though ruby is found at a number of places on the earth, Asia and Africa are the two continents that hold the pride of producing the finest quality ruby or Manik deposits of the world. 

Asian Rubies Stone

Asia hosts the majority of all the earliest deposits of Ruby Stone. In Asia, Myanmar (earlier known as Burma) is the most famous origin of Ruby rough worldwide. It grabs all the major world records of highly valued Rubies. 

               Renowned as the ‘Land of Rubies’, Burma is said to be the home of the best ever ‘pigeon blood rubies’. Out of all the mines of Myanmar, Mogok is known for producing the best red-colored pigeon blood rubies with high saturation. The second on the list come is Namya mine, which is famous for transparent red rubies. Mong-shu mine rubies arise with a little blackish hue in them. Burmese rubies generally start from $300 per carat and go up to $1,00,000 per carat.


Ruby is also found in other eastern localities of Asia such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. Today you have endless options to compare ruby prices online. The price of all these origins may differ depending upon their specific quality. 

          In terms of quality, Thailand and Cambodia Rubies rank second in Asia. It begins with $20 per carat and goes as high as $10,000 per carat according to the rich color, profound clarity, cut, and carat weight. Following the next in the list of fine qualities rubies is Vietnam rubies, which costs you in between $20 per carat to $5,000 per carat. Later in the list are Tajikistan and Indian Manik stones that range from $20 per carat to $2,000 per carat. 

African Rubies Stone

Since the 20th and 21st centuries, Africa has been a new host of premium quality rubies in the lane. Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi are the main sources of Ruby rough in Africa. Mozambique Rubies are the second most desired variety of ruby gemstones.

In the international market, it starts from $50 per carat and reaches up to $20,000 per carat. Madagascar Rubies are the next most prized and preferred choice in the clan that costs from $50 per carat to $5,000 per carat. There also arise Winza Rubies that come from Kenya and Tanzania regions. They range from $50 to $5,000 per carat. Last on the list is Malawi Rubies that are originated from Zambia and cost similar to Kenyan or Tanzania Rubies

Ruby Stone Price As Per Cut

Since rubies are one of the most durable gemstones present on the Earth, they accept all the cuttings well. This stunning red gem can be fashioned into any of your desired shapes or standard cuts. As Cushion and Oval shapes tend to retain the maximum weight during the cutting process, therefore they grab the highest value and are most commonly seen in the rubies clan. Cabochons are another popular cut used in Ruby stones. It is primarily used to enhance color in included stones of low clarity and to retain weight. It brings out the optical effect of asterism in rubies with certainly aligned inclusions. Among all, the step cut in Emerald Shape is considered to be the most expensive cut in the Ruby family. Rubies can be crafted in several other shapes like Heart, Octagon, Pear, and Round. 

Ruby Stone Price As Per Color

When it comes to color, Pigeon blood ruby is the most sought-after ones. It is the most saturated, brightest, and ‘carmine’ ruby and hence got an extremely special term ‘pigeon blood’. It is basically named after the fresh blood of a pigeon. This rich color is mainly found in Burma-originated rubies. Rubies, aka Manik, are also found in various different shades, for instance, light pink, Pinkish Red, Purplish Pink, Purplish Red, Red, Vivid Pinkish-Red, Dark and Deep Red. Pigeon blood rubies start with $10,000 per carat and have no closing borders depending on the clarity and carat size. It can go up to million dollars per carat if the origin is Burma.

Ruby Stone Price As Per Clarity 

As much as a gemstone is clear, it fetches more value. The better the clarity and the fewer the inclusions, the higher the value of any gem. Ruby is a clear stone. It tends to have a much better clarity even than the members of the beryl mineral groups like Emeralds. However, Rubies have comparatively more inclusions than its brother gem of the corundum family i.e., Sapphires. The highest price that a ruby fetched in an auction is $1.2 million per carat. 

Ruby Stone Price As Per Carat

Since rubies and sapphires are quite dense, they look relatively smaller than most of the other gemstones of the same weight. In the 17th century, fine-quality rubies over five carats of weight were very rare. In the 19th century, larger-sized clear rubies were considered far rarer than Diamonds. However, by the beginning of the 21st century, even the world’s renowned gemological laboratories and gemstones websites were not recording any premium quality rubies in larger sizes. 

             Eventually, be it ruby or any other gemstone, the price of a gem ultimately depends upon its carat weight and clarity. If a stone is intensely clear and of large size, it certainly fetches a high price in the international gemstone market. 

  • Among all the types and origins, Untreated Pigeon blood rubies of Burma origin fetch the highest price in the ruby segment. To ensure the original quality, always ask for a certificate of authenticity while buying any gemstone. 

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