Ceylon Gomed

Ceylon Gomed stone, also known as Hessonite , is a highly sought-after gem known for its distinct brownish-orange to reddish-brown color. It holds significant value in astrology due to its believed metaphysical properties. Ceylon Gomed is associated with the celestial body Rahu and is thought to bring positive energy and protection to those who wear it. Many individuals wear it as a talisman to ward off negative influences and enhance mental clarity and spiritual growth. The price of Ceylon Gomed stone varies based on factors like carat weight, color, clarity, and overall quality. To obtain accurate pricing and make the right selection, it is advisable to consult a reputable gemstone dealer.

The price of a Ceylon Gomed stone depends on a number of factors such as its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The minimum Ceylon Gomed price begins at Rs. 1,000 and goes as high as Rs. 50,000 per carat on the basis of quality factors. Visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the widest collection of these gemstones. Here you will get the best Ceylon Gomed price along with a certificate of authenticity. They also provide you with an insured worldwide shipping facility along with an easy return option. Call +91 9982805500 for more details and the best deal.



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