Gomed Stone Side Effects That Will Jolt You

Posted on April 11th, 2023 03:07 PM

Widely referred to as cinnamon stone, Gomed also known as Hessonite is one of the predominant varieties of garnet silicate minerals known for its utterly extraordinary visual appearance. The lush brown or golden-brown color hues of Gomed stone can entice anyone with just a glance, and the benefits it offers to the wearer are equally astounding.

Pros and cons are two equally weighing aspects of the same coin. Like other gemstones, a Gomed stone also comes with heaps of benefits and side effects. Sometimes, embracing a formidable gemstone like Hessonite can pour benefits on you beyond your wildest imagination. Sometimes, it gives you a terrible rock bottom. The crux of the statement is one should always meticulously analyze the pros and cons a gemstone offers before planning to embrace it and Gomed is no exception.

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This blog post is solely dedicated to all the side effects of embracing a Gomed stone that every individual must be aware of before embracing it. Apart from benefits, knowing Gomed stone side effects can be immensely helpful to the wearer as he/she will ensure to create a shield by consulting experienced astrologers in advance and protect himself/herself from any negative effects. Let’s get started

Gomed stone

Jolting Side Effects of Gomed Stone

Unbearable Allergic Reactions: One of the most common and dire side effects of Gomed stone is the emergence of unbearable allergic reactions of different types. Some people are allergic to the minerals found in the stone but they are unaware of it. When they embrace Gomed, they may experience symptoms such as itching, redness, and swelling. The emergence of allergic reactions is a crystal clear indication that Gomed stone doesn’t align well with you and it’s better to stop wearing it.

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Increase in Hardships: Another major side effect of wearing a Hessonite stone is the increase in difficulties in every aspect of your life. When everything in your life is a fairytale affair and after embracing Gomed you see mess everywhere, it clearly indicates that Gomed is exhibiting its ill impacts and it’s better to consult an astrologer to get rid of them. If your well-going work and relationships suddenly experience trial and tribulation after embracing Hessonite stone, it’s a loud and clear sign that it’s not aligning well with you

Headache and Dizziness: Wearing a Gomed stone for a prolonged period of time when it’s not vibing well can cause severe headaches and dizziness all the time. It is firmly believed by many astrologers that these symptoms are caused by the Gomed stone's uncanny ability to increase blood flow to the brain to a great extent which can be quite overwhelming for some people. The constant headache and dizziness may lead to the emergence of other ailments like blood pressure and diabetes. In a nutshell, one must stop wearing Gomed stone if he/she experiences unbearable headaches and constant dizziness.

Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders: Due to its formidable vibes, Gomed stone is widely believed to have a potent stimulating effect on the brain which can cause insomnia and other terrible sleep disorders in some people. However, This side effect can be avoided completely by not wearing the stone before bedtime. Take this action only after consulting an experienced astrologer or it may exacerbate the situation.

The whirlwind of Negative Emotions: After wearing the Gomed stone without consulting an eminent astrologer, numerous people have reported that they feel irritable, moody, and depressed while wearing the Gomed stone. The conclusion derived here is that the stone's ability to stimulate the brain can trigger negative emotions in some individuals which can be overwhelming and they feel forever stuck in the tornado of negative emotions.

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Digestion Problems: If planet Rahu is sitting at unfavorable positions in your horoscope and you embrace Gomed stone, it can cause severe digestion and nervous system-related problems. Gomed stone is believed to have an intense and scorching effect on the body which can bring imbalance to your digestion system and can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and nausea in some people. Moreover, another side effect of Gomed stone is a disruption in your exemplary blood circulation process. Because of intermittent blood circulation, you may feel uneasy all the time and don’t like to do any activity as well.

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How to Minimize Negative Effects of Gomed Stone

Apart from satiating astrological purposes, Gomed stone is also worn by fashion enthusiasts across the world to add an oomph factor to their appearance and turn heads wherever they go. However, one can’t outrun from the negative impact of Hessonite stone no matter for which purpose one embraces it. Below, we have jotted down different proven and credible ways that will help you to minimize the negative effects of Gomed stone and reap the maximum benefits of it.

Gomed stones

Consult an Experienced Astrologer: The first and the foremost pointer in our list. Before wearing a Gomed stone, it is quite imperative to consult an experienced astrologer as he will conduct an in-depth analysis of your horoscope, the favorable and unfavorable positions of the planets, and if it will resonate with the planet Rahu or not. They can advise on the best time to wear the stone, the appropriate weight, and the best way to wear it. Astrologers can ever perform numerous impactful rituals that dwindle the negative impact of Gomed stone and render only positive aspects to the wearer.

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Limit Wearing Time of Gomed: Wearing the Hessonite stone all the time could also be one of the major reasons behind turbulence in all aspects of your life. To avoid side effects such as headaches, trouble in relationships, failures in personal and professional lives, and dizziness, it is important to limit the amount of time you wear the stone. Wearing the stone for extended periods can also cause insomnia. It is ideal to remove Gomed when you go to sleep and you can also remove it when you are busy doing activities that require physical effort like gardening, cleaning, or sports.

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Take Intermittent Breaks from Wearing the Stone: If you experience any negative side effects while wearing the Gomed stone, take a break and remove it for a short duration. Allow your body to rest and recover before wearing it again. Repeat this procedure until you get totally acclimatized with Gomed stone. Moreover, also check whether the ill impact of embracing Gomed stone is dwindling or not with each break. If it is then taking intermittent breaks is one of the effective solutions to minimize the negative effects of Gomed stone.

Buy from a Trusted Source: To avoid allergic reactions and other negative side effects of Gomed stone, it is important to buy original Gomed stone from a trusted source like Navratan which provide gem lab-certified gemstones with all the crucial details like origin, heat-treatment, and grades. Make sure the stone is authentic and has been certified by a reputed gem lab to ensure you don’t wear a cheap rip-off of an original Hessonite stone. Usually, imitations of original gemstones either render no effect or ill effect to the wearer.

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