4 Red Coral Side Effects That Can Have a Negative Impact

Posted on March 28th, 2024 05:28 PM

Red Coral is also known as Laal moonga in Hindi, and is linked to planet Mars. This red gemstone has been used as a potential talisman since the beginning. It is said to regulate high blood pressure and treat heart ailments. Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces and Scorpio are suggested to wear moonga stone as these zodiac signs align their energies with that of the planet. Red Coral is a powerful stone when worn correctly removes obstacles in all spheres of life. But do you know lal moonga stone doesn't suit everyone? Hence, it is crucial to know the side effects of wearing red coral stone as it can lead to many adverse effects. Let us see how:

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Moonga stone side effects 

An original red coral stone starts showing its effects just after it is adorned. Generally, it takes 9-10 days for this stone to work. But if it is not showing any result check for its quality or consult an astrologer. If you are finding any of the negative results given below it is possible that the gemstone energy is not compatible with the wearer’s energy. 

Change in behaviour of the wearer 

One of the red coral stone side effects is the sudden change in an individual's behaviour. After wearing a munga gemstone, if you get angry or irritated without any reason, there is a possibility that it is not suitable for you. Laal Moonga is associated with the planet Mars. If this planet is weak in your birth chart you are subjected to bad temper. Thus, this gemstone is suggested to reduce the ill effects of Mars. But even after wearing it you feel aggressive, it can be one of the side effects of wearing red coral stone. Try checking if you are wearing the right carat. For eg, if your body weighs 60kgs then 5 carat red coral stone would be the perfect one for you (Carat size - Body weight/12). Wearing a higher weight might disturb your body’s energy flow.

Hampers your emotional balance 

Rakta prabal gemstone is known for its spiritual benefits as the powerful energy of the stone stimulates the root chakra. Wearing a red coral stone unblocks the root chakra, provides emotional stability and reduces anxiety. Moonga stone side effects include the person feeling emotionally weak or stressed even for small issues. These issues generally exist for just a few days, so you can continue wearing the moonga gem. But if you are constantly observing emotional imbalance, you should contact your astrologer. 

Facing Health Issues 

If you find allergies on your skin after wearing a lal moonga ratna, it may be that gemstone is not suitable for you. However, this might not always be the case as it is quite possible that the metal in which you are wearing the stone is not right. You can visit a doctor to check whether a particular metal is not suiting you. Generally, coral is suggested to be worn in gold or panchdhatu metal. It gives maximum results when crafted in any of these metals. Thus, it is suggested to consult a doctor first before reaching any conclusion. 

Issues in Married Life 

A powerful positioning of Mars in your horoscope enhances all aspects of your married life. But, if you are suggested to wear a red coral gemstone for weak placement of this planet in your natal chart observe its effects. If you are experiencing conflicts in your married life, it might be the side effects of wearing red coral stone. Consider consulting an astrologer and ask for a better remedy. In other cases you can remove munga stone for sometime and observe. You can always activate the gemstone by keeping it in the moonlight or sunlight and then wear it following the energization ritual. This will ensure more power to the stone bringing positive effects. 

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Who should not wear red coral?

While knowing the side effects of wearing red coral stone is crucial, it is also essential to know who should not wear this Mars gemstone. This is because it will help you to protect yourself prior to wearing. 

  • If the planet Mars is positioned correctly in the horoscope you don't need to wear a red coral. 
  • If other planets such as Rahu, Venus or Saturn are present in a favourable position on your birth chart then you might face moonga stone side effects. This is because these planets are enemies with Mars and wearing a stone for the same can bring incompatibility between energies. 
  • Individuals with sun signs Libra, Aquarius and Virgo should not wear moonga stone without proper guidance. If not consulted with an astrologer wearing the stone might bring loss of wealth, conflict and loss of reputation. 

Tips to wear a red coral stone safely

To gain maximum red coral stone benefits it is important to wear it with proper guidelines. Let us have a look at these rules:

  • Wear a moonga stone ring or pendant on Tuesday, early morning during the Shukla Paksha. Read More on How to Wear Moonga and wear it correctly.
  • Always buy a natural red coral gemstone with a bright colour and smooth texture. This will help you gain maximum astrological benefits. 

get certified natural red coral

  • Wear the stone in gold or panchdhatu. It is suggested to wear munga ring on the right finger of the right hand. Laal Moonga suggested mantra is “Om Angarkay Namah". 
  • Look for certified stones only as they provide authentication of being original. At Navratan, you will get certified red coral stones from all origins, colours, and cuts. 

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