Which Finger to Wear a Red Coral Ring for Female

Posted on May 18th, 2023 06:27 PM

A Red Coral ring in astrology is often advised to be worn by people who have Mangal Dosh or the bad effects of Mars in their birth chart. Red coral stone, commonly known as the Moonga Ratna or stone, is a semi-precious gem that is found in the depths of water, formed by marine organisms known as Coral Polyps, hence the name. 

Astrology states that it is a powerful stone and contains powerful energies, which is why it is one of the Navratans. There are many benefits of wearing red coral, many cultures believe it is the stone of vitality, energy and passion, and wearing it can bring good fortune, enhance confidence and protect from negative energies. 

Though, which finger to wear a red coral ring for female astrologically? It is essential to wear it on the right hand and finger to gain the maximum red stone ring benefits. Know - What are these advantages and you should wear Moonga stone in which finger?

red coral benefits and significance

Why It Is Advised to Wear A Red Coral Ring?

Astrologers often recommend wearing it as a ring because the Red Coral Ring will keep the stone in contact with your skin. Hence, the energies of the gem will always be with you. You can also wear it in the form of a pendant or bracelet, although people often have stated that there are more red coral ring benefits. 

But, Moonga ring should be worn on which finger? Why it is essential to wear it on the correct finger? Read below: 

Which Finger To Wear Coral Ring For Ladies?

Moonga gemstone is an astrologically powerful gem with many metaphysical and healing properties. Wearing it on the wrong finger can bring you side effects, so to minimize the risk, you should ensure that you are wearing it on the right hand and finger. 

Which hand to wear a red coral ring for females?

Females are advised to wear it on their right hand. If you are a left-handed person, then you can wear it on your working hand, however, take advice from a Pandit or expert astrologer first. Wear it after proper consultation to avoid any negative effects of the gem. 

As for the red coral stone wearing finger, it is the ring finger. 

The ruling planet of the red coral stone is Mars, known as Mangal Grah. Astrologically, the ring finger (Anamika) of the right hand is connected with it and so it is the answer to “I should wear a Moonga stone ring in which finger?”.

It will strengthen Mars' influence and bring you courage, ambition and many other red coral gemstone benefits.

Let's jump to the next section to know what are the benefits of Moonga stone for females.

Red Coral Stone Benefits For Female

The exquisite coral gemstone holds great significance in astrology, both Indian or Vedic and Western. It is known to increase the energy levels of the wearer, strengthening the mind, and for its healing powers.

Many Individuals wear a red coral ring as a talisman to align with the energy of Mars and receive its astrological energies. Know the many benefits of wearing red coral on ring finger:- 

Brings Mar’s Blessings - Coral Red or Pagadam stone benefits include bringing the blessings of Mars or Mangal to its wearer. It is particularly recommended for individuals whose Mars is weak or afflicted within their birth chart. Mangal Dosh can delay your marriage and bring misfortune, wearing the gem can remove these difficulties from your life. 

Increases Courage & Confidence -  Amplifying certain qualities like courage, confidence and bravery, the gem empowers the individuals who wear it to overcome the obstacles of their life. 

Enhance Physical Energy - It is believed that the gem will increase your physical potency and power. Boosting your overall well-being, it will make you more active and reduce laziness. 

Healing Properties - Cures ailments related to the circulatory and skeletal systems, betters the digestion system and alleviates conditions such as anaemia, blood disorders, and low energy levels. Also, it facilitates the absorption of vital nutrients and fortifies bones and teeth. Any skin-related diseases will also be treated. 

Protects From Negative Energies - Red Coral benefits include protecting the wearer from all negative energies and harm like evil spirits and accidents. It is capable of warding off malevolent forces and creating a positive shield around you that will not let the black magic or bad omens touch you. Hence, ancient people used to wear it as a talisman. 

Attracts Luck - Augmenting determination and helping confront challenges, it will help you achieve success. Indeed, will attract prosperity and fortune to you. 

Brigs Marital Bliss - It will promote harmony in your relationship, remove misunderstandings, decrease conflicts and encourage passion and compatibility, increasing marital bliss. 

Emotional Well-Being - Having a soothing effect on the user is also one of the benefits of wearing red coral. It reduces stress, anxiety, and worries. It will heighten your focus and mental clarity, promoting a sense of inner peace and balance.

How to Choose the Right Red Coral Ring?

red coral ring

Choosing the right ring is crucial if you want to gain all the astrological advantages of wearing it and want it to add elegance to your look as well. Here are several important factors that you must consider before you buy your ring:- 

Astrological Advice - Before you wear the Moonga ring for astrological purposes, ensure the suitability of the gemstone with your birth chart. Also, ensure the ideal weight of the stone you should wear. 

Authenticity - Wear an untreated and natural red coral stone of high quality. They are more valuable and are known to have better metaphysical and healing properties. Buy from a trusted retailer like Navratan. 

Colour - The gem is often found in a bright red hue, sometimes it ranges between deep red to orange-red. The intensity of the colour is an important factor that decides the quality of the stone. It should not have any overtone and the hue should be uniformly distributed. 

Clarity - Inspect the surface for any blemishes, pits, or cracks, and avoid the ones with excessive flaws that may compromise their durability.

Shape and Cut - The most common shapes are oval and round, although other shapes like pear or rectangular can also be found. Choose a shape that appeals to you and complements your finger shape and size. Additionally, ensure that it is well-cut and symmetrical.

Care Tips & Precautions When Wear It!

red coral

Care and Cleaning Tips of Red Coral Gemstone:- The coral red stone is not a very durable gemstone since its hardness is only around 3.5 to 4 on Moh’s scale. You need to take good care of your ring to maintain its shine and appearance. Here are some tips on cleaning and caring:- 

  • Remove it while applying lotion, or while doing cleaning, cooking, washing dishes or laundry. 

  • To protect it from getting scratched or damaged, remove it while doing any activity like gardening, swimming or playing. 

  • While storing it, keep it separate from your other jewellery in a soft pouch or wrapped in velvet. 

  • Do not expose it to extreme temperature conditions or changes. It might lead to discolouration. 

  • Do not clean your ring with any harsh chemicals, acids, or cleaning agents. 

  • Clean your stone with mild soapy lukewarm water and a soft bristled brush. Gently scrub with soft hands to remove the residue then rinse with clean water, and let it dry before wearing or storing it again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Wear Red Coral In Middle Finger?

Ans. It is advised to be worn on the ring finger. You can wear it on the middle finger only if an astrologer recommends you. 

Q. Men Should Wear Red Coral In Which Finger?

Ans. Men are also advised to wear the gem on the ring finger of the right hand. 

Q. What are the benefits of wearing red coral on Index finger?

Ans. The coral ring is worn on the ring finger as per astrology. Avoid wearing it on your Index finger or you might face its side effects. 

Q. What are red coral benefits for females?

Ans. It will improve your health, bring you confidence, give you mental clarity and remove the Mangal Dosh. 

Q. What is the price of a red coral ring?

Ans. A red coral ring price ranges between INR 20,000 to 70,000 per Ratti, depending highly on its quality, origin, design and metal it is set in. 

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