Negative Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

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Posted on March 9th, 2024 05:45 PM

Ruby is a precious gem from the corundum family known for its vivid red color. It is known as Manik stone in Hindi and is valued for its astrological benefits. Ruby stone benefits the wearer with good health, wealth, and success. This precious stone is related to the planet Sun, which is the bearer of energy, power, and courage. Thus individuals with zodiac signs Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aries, and Cancer, or those who want fame in life are suggested to wear manik stone. 

Each gemstone has its benefits and works according to the alignment of the planets in the horoscope. Wearing the wrong astrological gem can find you with numerous risks. Hence it is important to know the consequences if things don’t go the right way. Today, let’s discuss the negative effects of wearing ruby gemstones. 

Ruby stone side effects 

The original ruby stone benefits the wearer in many ways. But in current times, synthetic, glass filled, and lab created rubies have come into the picture, depriving the wearer of the natural benefits. Wearing them for a longer term might have a negative impact too.  Let's have a look at manik stone side effects and understand the consequences of wearing an original ruby wrongly or having synthetic or imitation ruby on our hands. 

  • Health Effects: If the position of the associated planet Sun is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of your birth chart, a natural ruby stone can positively impact your health. But there are chances that your body is not able to sustain the energy. Hence, if after wearing the stone you are facing health issues such as fever, or ulcer, then try going without ruby for a few days.

  • Financial losses: Ruby gemstone is highly recommended to bring wealth and fortune. But if you experience any unnecessary loss of money, you may be facing the negative effects of ruby because you did not wear it correctly. Try keeping it aside, understand the placement of planets, and wear it again after energizing the gemstone. Read on how to do prana pratishta of gemstones at home all by yourself

  • Allergic reactions: If you have allergies to specific metals or it is causing discomfort to your skin, wear ruby in another metal. Generally, they go well with gold and panchdhatu.

  • Impact on Relationships: Manik stone on relationships blesses the wearer with love and commitment. Hence, if it is negatively impacting your marriage or life, it could probably be the side effect of ruby when not worn correctly.  Read on how to wear a ruby gemstone and then check where you went wrong. 

  • Unfavorable results: If you are wearing a ruby for specific goals and intentions but are not getting the desired outcomes, it is possible that your ruby stone is not clean. Hence it is unable to deliver that energy. Follow our guide on cleaning and caring for ruby and then see the positive changes after wearing ruby bringing you health, and wealth, and fulfilling all your desires. 

It is also possible that you are wearing the ruby ring along with other natural gemstones that do not go together with it. Hence, if no reasons above satisfy your query, read on Which Stone We Can Wear Together and check out whether you are pairing it rightly. 

Who Should Not Wear Ruby Gemstone?

Apart from people facing unforeseen problems after wearing ruby stone, there are zodiac signs that need attention and proper guidelines to avoid facing any negative side effects of manik. While Ruby/chuni stone has very little negative impact on the wearer, people with these zodiac signs should give proper attention to wearing ruby in a correct manner. 

  1. Taurus ascendents should avoid wearing this red stone if their position of the sun is not favorable. This is because Taurus is governed by the planet Venus which is not compatible with the Sun, the ruling planet of ruby. Hence wearing ruby when the Sun is not at the right position in their horoscope can negatively impact them with heart and blood issues. 

  2. Ascendants of the Virgo zodiac sign should avoid wearing manik if the Sun is placed in the twelfth house. 

  3. Ascendants of the Capricorn sign are ruled by the planet Saturn which though has a father-son relationship with the planet Sun, are enemies of each other. Loss of focus in studies or jobs can be a serious negative effect of ruby on makar rashi.

  4. Governed by the planet Saturn, Aquarius zodiac sign generally doesn't share a compatible relation with the Sun. However, during the Mahadasha of the planet Sun, one must wear this stone. Hence before wearing, check if the sun is placed in 3rd, 7th, 10th, or 11th house.

  5. Ruled by different planets, Librans have to check if the Sun is in 11th house, 2nd house, and 7th house. 

  6. If the ruling planet is in the 6th house of Pisces wearing manik should be avoided. However, there are situations when Pisces can wear the stone. Thus, before making any decision to wear an original ruby gemstone by Pisces, a thorough consideration of the birth chart is required. 

You must also read HOW TO WEAR A MANIK STONE RING FOR BEST ASTROLOGICAL BENEFITS to understand the right procedure and mitigate any negative effects of ruby that occur.

Observation is important as certain consequences are not because of the gemstone but might be because of a physiological factor. For instance, astrological gems have nothing to do with the changes in the physical appearance of the wearer. Hence, wearing an original ruby does not increase your weight. It is the energy of the planet that resonates around the individual providing benefits in various aspects of life. 

How to avoid the negative effects of wearing ruby gemstones?


  • Choose High quality: Look for a reputed gem seller, and buy certified ruby stones in AAA quality. This ensures that it is authentic and original. On our website, we have a segregated section with a list of all certifications we provide. Navratan’s all orders come certified, proving its authenticity. 

  • Energize timely: You meet many people throughout and your energy tends to mix with them. So keep energizing your ruby as per your purpose. Some easy ways to do it are by placing it under the full moonlight, immersing it in salt water, and passing it through incense smoke.

  • Balance it with other stones: If you facing excessive aggression after wearing a ruby, balance it by wearing a pearl on your little finger. Emerald can help channel the sun’s energy into productivity, and blue sapphire adds responsibility and patience when you face excessive ego due to the side effects of ruby.

To get rid of the negative effects of wearing a ruby gemstone, you must always consult an astrologer, and wear a natural stone on the right date, time, and finger. Also, perform the prana prathishtha pooja vidhi and observe the stone effects for at least 10-15 days before deciding on its side effects.

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