How To Wear Pearls In 2024? A Guide From Rakul Preet’s Collection

Posted on February 23rd, 2024 06:10 PM

Rakul Preet Singh has been winning hearts with her performances in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films. She entered Bollywood with her debut in Yaariyan(2014), and since then, she has kept her fans engaged with her talent. One is her collection of the most valuable gemstones in jewelry that bring elegance and good energy together. While she has been wearing a ruby ring, pukhraj earrings, and an emerald necklace(read until the end to see how she styled them beautifully), her love for pearls caught our attention. So, let us look into how to wear pearls in 2024 in the way Rakul did it.

Wear a white pearl stone as an earring

rock pearls in 2024 rakul preet shows

Rakul Preet has proven how a simple pearl earring can add glamor to your look. Looking forward to a casual meetup with friends or having a professional gathering to attend? White pearl earrings for women can be your savior. They go perfectly with denim, blazers, and funky prints like Rakul flaunting. Imagine! Two pearl moti and your go-to option for so many! So invest in original pearl stone because then you carry calmness in style. You can read here to learn more about Why buy natural pearl stone.

Adjust a moti stone to your diamond earrings

rock pearls in 2024 rakul preet shows

If you are a party person and a workaholic, Rakul has shown a different way of how to wear pearls in 2024. Take a diamond stud or any colored gemstone you love and attach a pearl moti to it. Wearing pearls sorts your temper and cures your depression, making you adored in your workplace and outside. Wearing a blazer in the afternoon and a gown the same evening? Go with this style. Keep the original pearl stone working for you day and night while you live the life you want. If you wish to buy original pearl stone online, look for the Keshi pearls. (Read here to know Why to wear keshi pearls?)

Add an original South Sea pearl to your favorite pendant

rock pearls in 2024 rakul preet shows

Pearl necklaces are so much in style in 2024 because of their classic yet casual appearance. And we love Rakul’s style of bringing pearls in fashion yet not being too much of it. Isn’t it great to wear an original pearl gemstone while keeping your glam game on point? Bring self-confidence and style together to your professional look. Especially the counselor, public speaker, or psychologist should wear pearls casually by adding to the classic pendant and stay with a fresh mind every time. If you want clarity on whether an original moti gemstone is for you, read - Who should wear moti?

Bring the colored gemstones together with moti necklace

rock pearls in 2024 rakul preet shows

Pearl necklaces are very much in style because of their instant elegance and classic taste. Instead of wearing pearl necklaces with pearl earrings, try earcuffs. They blend the roundness of the pearl with the sleekness of the earring. But we’re not just stunned by her idea of wearing a necklace with ear cuffs to maintain the sync.  The idea of Rakul bringing benefits with beauty is commendable. All you do is add the most valuable gemstones to your pearl necklace. It could be one original sapphire or three as she has styled. Pick ones that suit you. Here is our guide that you can refer to decide which natural gems pair with pearls - Everything to know about original gemstones.

Rules for wearing pearls

The trend is a good thing to stay at par with the present, but it’s a wiser choice to keep it going along with the traditions. One must know the rules of wearing pearls and when not to wear them. Here, we bring you a detailed guide on fashion and astrological rules for wearing pearls.

Fashion rules for wearing pearls

  1. Never wear pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets together, as they make you look overdressed for an occasion. Go for earrings or a necklace, or play with only two of them together.

  2. Pair pearl necklaces as per your skin tone. If you have a pale or fair skin tone, go for freshwater pearls as they have a rosy tint that suits this tone’s glow. For darker and olive skin tones, opt for Basra or South Sea pearls, as their cream and golden tint look appealing with this skin shade. Read more on the Different types of pearls you must know about.

  3. When you go to buy original pearl stone, consider the shape of the moti. The perfect round ones make your body look longer and slimmer. 

Astrological rules to wear pearls

  1. Only wear an original one. The pearl stone price generally ranges from INR1000-1,00,000 per carat. Knowing this range will help you understand the quality and authenticity of the natural moti. You can also read this to learn How to identify real pearls.

  2. Wear moti gemstone on a Monday morning of Shukla Paksha, i.e., the 15 days commencing after Amavasya until Poornima. 

  3. Silver is the best metal to place a pearl moti since both signify calmness and work together to bring out the best results. To understand this better, read Astrological Benefits of Pearl Gemstones.

For a detailed view of all the rules you must consider when wearing pearls, read How to Wear a Pearl Gem.

Ways to Style the Other Valuable Gemstones

Rakul does not just have pearls when it comes to looking at the most expensive stones in the world that she owns. On her regular days, she wears a ruby ring on her heart finger(read the benefits of ruby) and a pukhraj ring on her index finger(learn how to wear yellow sapphire). In an award ceremony, she wore an emerald pendant that made her look different yet detailed with purpose. It was a smart way to wear such an auspicious gem on her rewarding day (read why wear a panna stone to important events). She even went for a ramp walk in blue sapphire, making her glow like a star (You can also check out Other celebrities wearing blue sapphire).

rock pearls in 2024 rakul preet shows

The original gemstones have the power to bring significant changes in life of an individual. Pearls in all of them are one of the most expensive gems that have been in fashion since years and will continue to be fashionable in the coming times. Natural gems are one of the timeless jewels that will always stay beneficial and impart beauty all around. And with pearls so much in style in 2024, you’re simply adding a quick elegance to your collection. If you wish to shop natural pearl stones, the online gem bazaar is here for you.

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