A Guide on How to Identify Genuine Pearl Stones

Posted on January 13th, 2024 05:29 PM

The classic beauty and innocence of pearls have stood the test of time. When it comes to clothes, they have a classic look that works for both young and old. Pearls, which come in many colors, are a flexible accessory that can make any outfit look better and make anyone look better. Because these items are in higher demand, their golden pearl stone price is going up, which makes them open to copies and knockoffs that are sold for less.

How to identify pearl stones

It is important to know how to tell the difference between a real pearl necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings and a fake one, especially if you are buying a white pearl stone as a gift. So, how can someone be sure that the pearl necklace is real? Here are five ideas that we hope will help you find the answer. How to reap the benefits of pearl stones?

The Process of Making Pearls.

Original pearl stone are called "organic jewels" because they were made by living things, mostly mollusks. Inside the mollusk, one can see small bits, approximately the size of a grain of sand. In order to ease its pain, the snail makes nacre, which it then uses to cover and protect the trash. The golden pearl stone's price owns shiny things we know and love using its soft tissue, which looks like a mouth. 

Natural and original pearl stones are made this way. The only difference between cultured pearls and natural stones is that waste is intentionally added to the mollusk shell in the former, rather than being a chance result of the process.

The term "imitation pearl" refers to fake stones made from glass, mollusk shell, cotton, marble, and plastic, among other things. Coating paint with shimmer can make things look like real stones. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between real pearl stones and fakes, especially glass copies. One way to tell if the white pearl stone you're holding is real or not is to use proper techniques.

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How to be sure where pearls come from?

The majority of ways to tell if a pearl is real are easy to understand and use. Here are some of the most common ways to do it.

The Difference

When you look at original pearl stones through a microscope, you can see the small ridges and flaws that make them special. This lets you know that the one you're looking at is real. Makers of fake goods strive to create a flawless appearance, devoid of any imperfections that might reveal their counterfeit nature. Read more to learn the difference.

  • Visible flaws include a lack of shine, overtones, unevenness, and mismatched shapes. You might need a magnifying glass to see some flaws, like small scars and wrinkles.

  • Lab-made fake pearls, on the other hand, are perfectly round and uniform, while white pearl stones have natural irregularities.

  • Real ones vary in size, while fake ones are mass-produced using the same method.

  • When light shines on them, real stones shine brighter and have better hues than fake stones. In an ideal world, one could see their own image in the stones. If they are fakes, they look less bright. White pearl stones look three-dimensional because of the way their iridescence changes when light hits them at certain angles. 

  • Fake stones don't have overtones, but real stones do. Real white pearl stones have overtones that make them unique. Keep in mind that this test might not be 100% accurate because some real stones don't have these qualities.

If you want to figure out how to identify pearl stones, you can test their texture by gently rubbing them against your teeth or each other. Look for any clear resistance. The surface of both cultured and wild stones looks rough because of tiny flaws that look like scales when viewed through a microscope. This is going to cause trouble. When the fake ones are touched, on the other hand, they feel smooth, which means they don't have this feature. Sometimes, real white pearl stones can be cleaned so smoothly that you can see them when you rub them against your teeth or other stones. More tests need to be done to confirm that the white pearl stone is real.

Real stones and fake stones have holes that are very different sizes and shapes. There are more flaws around the edges of fake stone holes. A thin layer of paint can be seen around the edges of the fake stone holes if you look very closely at the picture under a microscope. Also, in places that have been worn down a lot, there may be tiny chips, flakes, or even flaky paint.

The Pearl's Weight

There is a huge difference in weight between real and fake stones. One way to tell the difference between real and fake is to give them a little bounce in your hand. The real ones are going to feel heavy. Man-made ones can use plastic or glass to reduce weight, even if they are larger.

White pearl stones are lighter than solid glass fake stones, so this test doesn't give a clear answer when used on them by themselves. You can tell if a white pearl stone is real or fake by how heavy it is. Find out the basics by saying whether the stones are heavier, smaller, or the same weight as the other one. However, to obtain a comprehensive understanding, additional tests are required.

By touching the white pearl stone, you can feel how hot or cold it is. If they feel cold at first, it's because they are real. They will warm up quickly when they feel your body heat. After the stones have been taken off the skin for at least a certain amount of time, it is best to test it. Plastic copies feel warmer to the touch than glass copies at first because of the temperature of the room. When put on the skin, fake stones don't warm up right away to the same temperature as pearl stone benefits, even though they are cooler.

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End Note

There are some limits to how well these methods can tell the difference between real and fake pearls. These methods sometimes break the rules and allow mistakes to happen. Because of this, you should talk to an experienced assessor about the stone's authenticity because they will be able to use more accurate proof methods. Professionals who have been trained to do so will provide you with an honest, well-informed, and legally recognized evaluation if you take your stones to them. 

Take care when cleaning and storing the white pearl stone to ensure the use of gentle tools and methods. Because the surface of the stones is fragile, you shouldn't use steam cleaners or products that are very rough. To achieve a mirror shine, clean the stones with a soft, lint-free cloth. For more details, contact us at Navratan Online Gems Bazaar.


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