Gemstones for Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Makar Rashi)

Gemstones for Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Posted on May 26th, 2023 05:30 PM

Capricorn Sign is the 10th Zodiac as per astrology which is also known as the “Makar Rashi” in Hindi. People born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are sensitive, organized and disciplined. But they are also very sensitive and a little pessimistic. Hence, sometimes, they need extra care and more positivity in life. If you are born under this sun sign, want to achieve your long-term goals and need a more optimistic approach to life, here are some gemstones that will help you lead a better life. 

Astrologically, Saturn rules the Makar Rashi and hence the best gemstone for Capricorn is the Blue sapphire. There are a few lucky gemstones for Capricorn-borns that you can wear to enhance your skills and instil your life with happiness and calm. 

We have mentioned all the Capricorn gemstones in this blog for you to know how their distinctive properties will support you. Being one of the most driven signs and conservative, choose the best gem for yourself as per your preference and need from these best stones for Capricorns. 

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Blue Sapphire - Power stone for Capricorn

Blue Sapphire is known as the Birthstone for Capricorn since the ruling planet of the gem is also Saturn. It is one of the fastest-acting gemstones in the world. Also known as Neelam Ratna, blue sapphire stone comes in deep dark hues of Blue. As per Vedic astrology, this stone will bring you the blessings of Saturn or Shani and will reduce the negative effects of Shani Dasha or Sade Sati. 

The gem will increase your intuition powers and help you make better decisions for yourself. It will enhance mental clarity by removing confusion and obsessive thoughts and reducing negative emotions. The calming energies of the blue sapphire for Capricorns will bring them peace of mind and help sleeping better. Increasing your communication skills, it will also increase your determination and help you achieve success. 

Neelam stone for Capricorns is birthstone of September as well. The healing properties of the gem will help be emotionally and physically strong. It will improve your eyesight, provide relief from headaches and cure anxiety.

blue sapphire stone


Garnet Capricorn stone is astonishing and is found in many hues like red, green, orange, yellow, etc. Garnet will help you achieve accomplishment and aid with personal growth. These gemstones for Capricorn help manifest your desires and protect you from negative energies. It will help you face the challenges that will come your way, and give you strength, resilience and fortitude. 

The lucky Garnet gems for Capricorn borns will bring them love, success, energy and stability.  Your self-esteem will elevate, and you will feel mentally lighter because it will ease your tensions. 

In ancient items, garnets used to be worn as Talismanas as it protect against evil spirits and harm. It also boosts fearlessness, strengthens the bones and muscles, and regulates the metabolism. 

Blue Topaz 

Blue Topaz gemstone is another gemstone for capricorn borns which will help them build a better life. The gem is known for its light blue tones and cooling effect. It increases communication and self-expression skills in its wearer which will help you in your professional growth. 

Enhancing compassion, understanding and forgiveness, the blue topaz will help you deepen your closest bonds and create more meaningful relationships. It will help you connect with your inner self and promote truth. It will bring you serenity, calmness and clear thinking. It will boost your self-confidence and assist you in spiritual healing. Give your restless mind the gift of peace with this gem. 

This Capricorn gemstone will provide you relief from anxiety or emotional trauma, and cure throat and neck-related ailments and migraines. The soothing vibes will also help you control your anger and be more composed and in control.

blue topaz


Peridots are Capricorn stones that complement the down-to-earth and grounded nature of people born under this sign. Peridot comes in hues of green like olive green and represents growth, rebirth and rejuvenation. 

Also, the Capricorn element is the Earth and what other gem can symbolize the green of Earth than Peridot. The soothing energies and transformative aura of original peridot gemstones assist the soul of the wearer on its journey of personal growth. The radiant green hues of the stone give a sense of vitality and purpose. Its vibrancy shows prosperity. It will bring you luck, love, happiness, loyalty and wisdom. 

This gemstone for Capricorn gives strength, good health and insightfulness. It brings warmth as well as promotes mental well-being. Strengthening the metabolism, regulating the endocrine system and curing diseases related to the skin are some of the health benefits.

peridot stone


Next on our list of Capricorn stones to wear is the strikingly beautiful Malachite stone. This beautiful green gem with the texture of black on its surface is known for its amazing appearance and the power to bring luck and protect from negative energies. 

The Malachite stone for Capricorn connects the wearer to the spiritual forces and helps enhance the positive traits of the zodiac sign. This gem is particularly known to help individuals overcome the obstacles of life, be confident in themselves and grow. It develops a sense of security and advances the attitude towards living with more quietness and determination.

Because of its ability to instil self-belief and increase leadership qualities, it helps people grow their businesses and hence often known as the stone of merchants. 

This Capricorn gem will lower your blood pressure, heal fractures and swollen joints and help treat asthma, or ailments related to the spleen and pancreas.

malachite stone

Amethyst Stone for Capricorn

Is Amethyst good for Capricorn zodiac sign to wear? Yes. Amethyst is one of the best gems known for its emotional healing properties. This purple-hued gem, with Saturn as its ruling planet heals the person emotionally by reducing their grief and assisting them overcome any loss or trauma. Hence, it is highly used during crystal therapies and spiritual practices. 

Amethyst for Capricorn will be lucky. It will give you the courage to express yourself freely. Indeed, will make you more self-aware to let you embrace your inner deeper emotions and deal with them bravely. 

It will reduce anxiety and cure depression. Also, will decrease toxic thinking or obsessive negative thoughts, bringing you calmness and peace of mind, and encouraging better sleep. 

Amethyst stone will also open your crown chakra and align its energies. This chakra is located at the top of your head which increases your intuitions and gives you spiritual enlistment, guiding you on the right path. 

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amethyst stone

Summing Up

Blue Sapphire, Garnet, Amethyst and all the Capricorn stones and gems mentioned in this blog will be very beneficial for you if you are born under this zodiac sign. But before wearing any gemstone, consult an astrologer to ensure its suitability with your birth chart and wear it with proper procedure. 

Capricorn gems will fill your life with happiness and their positive energies will heal you. Plus, they will add elegance to your look. Buy an original gemstone from a trusted source like Navaratan to make sure it is real.

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