Gemstones for Virgo - Best Crystals To Wear

Posted on May 16th, 2023 06:22 PM

People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are often kind, hardworking and stubborn. They are modest but judgemental and get very easily annoyed. Virgo’s or individuals of Kanya rashi are also very analytical and intelligent but sometimes they get overwhelmed and need direction. 

Virgo is the sixth sign in astrology and is of the Earth element. So they are naturally level-headed and well-grounded people. They tend to be a perfectionist and so are diligently ethical in their work as well as honest and clear. Indeed, they can be very sensitive. 

Astrologically, Virgo or Kanya Rashi people can benefit a lot from a few gemstones which will help them make better decisions and guide them to get on the right path. Some of the stones for Virgo borns are mentioned in this blog. 

If you are born under this sun sign, these Virgo gemstones will transform your life for the better, bringing you luck, positive energies and many healing properties. 

Blue Sapphire Stone for Virgo Sign 

Blue Sapphire gemstone also known as Neelam, is a beautiful blue-hued gemstone known for removing the Shani Mahadasha from one’s Kundli. It is also said to be the fastest-acting gemstone. 

This precious gemstone will suit well to Kanya Rashi, making it easier for them to focus and helping them achieve their goals. 

The gem will improve your communication skills, give you mental clarity and help you make better judgments for yourself. Bringing you luck and soothing vibes, it will remove stress or worries from your life. Also, the Neelam will increase your intuition powers as it will open your third eye chakra so you should trust your instincts before taking any further steps. 

Other than this, there are blue sapphire health benefits as well such as it will boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and provide relief from migraine. 

Blue sapphire is also the Virgo birthstone of September, so people born in this month should definitely wear the gem. 

blue sapphire stone for virgo sign


Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the silicate mineral family, known for its red hues but it is also found in other colours as well like black, green, orange, etc. This Virgo gemstone will have a grounding effect on you, and make you feel more rooted or connected to the Earth, making you more aware. It will enhance your self-awareness, helping you be more analytical or practical, and more decisive. You will be able to understand yourself better and express your true self. 

Virgo crystals and garnet can be kept at home or worn in the form of a ring or pendant to gain positive energies. The many benefits of the gem will fill your life with happiness and growth. It will strengthen your heart and bones, boost your metabolism and immunity system as well as will aid in curing any ailments related to the lungs. 

Garnet Stone


The next gem stone for Virgo is the Zircon, the beautiful gem is found in many hues such as white, green, blue, red, green, etc. These gemstones have a rich history and are known since ancient times for bringing beauty, luck, fame, and luxury to their wearer.  

This Virgo stone enhances focus and determination, it gives clarity in thoughts and increases motivation. It is also believed to bring wisdom and help with spiritual enlightenment. You will find the purpose of your life with original zircon gemstones, get a better understanding of yourself and find motivation within. Increasing your memory, the zircon will also instil confidence and a positive attitude in you. 

As for physical healing, the gem is known to cure muscle problems, help with better digestion and better regulate your respiratory system. It will boost your immune system and cure muscle problems. 

zircon Stone


Peridot is another Virgo stone, it is known for its bright green hues which represent growth and rejuvenation. This August birthstone is often referred to as the Evening Emerald as well because of its olive-like green hue. 

The gem is known to provide comfort and coolness to its wearer. It will instil peace and tranquillity in your life, along with its many other advantages. It will attract success and enjoyment into your life, Bring equilibrium and aid in psychological well-being. 

Mostly, natural peridot stone are known to help break bad habits. It will provide you with emotional stability by reducing stress and worries, curing anxiety and depression and bringing you soothing vibes. 

Physically, it will help with better digestion, boost immunity and cure ailments related to the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen.

Peridot Stone

Tourmaline Gemstone for Virgo

Tourmaline is another beautiful gemstone that Kanya Rashi people can wear to increase optimism and calm in their lives. This gem will enhance your intellect, and inspire creativity. It will broaden your mind and increase your imaginative powers. Hence, it is often recommended to artists. 

The gem is also known to reduce anger, help find composure, bring happiness and maintain a calm mind. It will help you interact with your inner self, clear your insecurities and help you find satisfaction. 

Indeed, tourmaline stone relaxes the muscles, providing relief from muscle or nerve pain. It also cures back pain and neck pain as well as is helpful for migraine. Treating chronic heartburn is also a health benefit of tourmaline. Strengthening your immune system and detoxifying the body, the gem will help you stay fit and maintain your overall well-being. 



Mostly Virgos are recommended to wear a citrine stone. But, can Virgo wear citrine?

Or Is citrine good for Virgo? Yes. Citrine , the warm yellow-hued gemstone can be worn by the Kanya sign individuals. This November birthstone is the best for a scorpion zodiac sign but astrologically Scorpions and Virgos share the same ruling planet hence the suitability of citrine for Virgo-borns is good. 

The Earth sign Virgo will receive warmth, happiness and liveliness through this bright Yellow gemstone, known for its healing properties and protective powers. The gem shields the wearer from negative energies like black magic and creates positivity around them. It also heals the person physically as well as emotionally. 

Citrine Stone

It relaxes the minds of the were emotionally and helps them sleep better. Physically, the gem will remove the toxic substances from your body, minimise the effects of diabetes and will cure any ailments related to the lungs, stomach and kidneys.

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