Emerald vs Green Sapphire: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on January 8th, 2024 02:38 PM

Emeralds and sapphires are gemstones from different mineral families. While the former occurs in green, the latter has a variety of colors to display. Do you know sapphires also exist in green? Yes, green sapphires are also one of the popular color varieties of sapphires. 

Apart from the similar hue, both these gemstones significantly vary. This blog sheds light on these points of differentiation, bestowing the reader with knowledge that they might occur in the same color but differ in many perspectives. 

Emerald Stone Vs Green Sapphire: A Comparison To Know 

Here are the points comparing these two gemstones:

Unveiling the Difference in Formation and Origin 

  • These gemstones are obtained from two different mineral families, making the first point of differentiation.
    Natural panna stone comes from the beryl mineral family. This mineral is formed from the elements such as beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. The green gemstone is composed under the right temperature and pressure. These gems are found in metamorphic rocks and volcanic deposits. 
  • The exquisite green color of emerald stone is due to the presence of chromium. Other elements, such as vanadium and iron, give yellow and blue tints, respectively. These precious stones are found in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Madagascar, and Canada.
    Green Sapphire come from the Corundum mineral family. These gems are also formed in metamorphic, igneous rocks and alluvial soils. What element provides a green color to sapphires? Here comes the point of differentiation, where the green color is due to the presence of iron. These sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, and Montana.  

    emerald stone vs green sapphire

Color Distinction: Emerald vs. Green Sapphire

  • Both these gemstones feature an exclusive green color, but some differences exist.
    Natural Panna stone showcases vivid green to bluish-green color. The stone's color is analyzed by hue, tone, and saturation. These precious gems' primary colors are green, while the secondary colors are yellow and blue.
    Colombian emerald stone shows an intense green color. In contrast, Zambian emerald stone and Brazilian emeralds have bluish and yellow tint and green, respectively. High-priced panna gemstones exhibit medium tone and high saturation.
  • In contrast to emerald gemstones, the green sapphire color ranges from pale green to dark green. Like emeralds, they also show secondary hues like yellow and blue overtones. There are no major differences in the color of the two gemstones. However, green sapphire stones reflect high brilliance and luster. 

Crystal Clear: Navigating the Clarity Differences

Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions in a gemstone. The difference between these two gemstones based on clarity is as follows:

  • Emerald gemstone features type 3 inclusions. These inclusions are natural to these stones and are called jardin. The other common inclusions include crystal, fractures, fingerprints, and color zoning. Emerald enhancement and treatment give an eye-clean clarity to the stone and enhance its color and brilliance. 
  • Green sapphire stones contain inclusions known as rutile needles. Also known as 'silk,' these inclusions are removed through heat treatment. The point of distinction lies in the treatment process of the two gemstones.
    Emeralds stone are usually treated with oils. In this treatment, natural cedar oil is filled into the fractures or fissures of the stone. In comparison to this, green sapphires are heat-treated. 

Comparing Physical Properties: Emeralds vs. Green Sapphires 

Besides color, other physical properties differentiate between the two gemstones. 

  • Panna Stone is the green variety of beryl mineral. Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate with a chemical formula (Be3Al2Si6O18). These gems rank 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means they are fairly durable and are resistant to daily wear and tear. However, despite the fair hardness, they chip easily. Thus, lapidaries need to pay attention while cutting and setting these stones. The specific gravity of emerald stone is 2.76. The refractive index of this precious stone ranges between 1.577 and 1.583.  
  • Green Sapphires is a green variety of the corundum mineral family. It is aluminum oxide with a chemical formula (Al2O3). These gems rank nine on the Mohs hardness scale, higher than emerald gemstones.
    Thus, it can be inferred that green sapphires are highly durable compared to panna stones. The specific gravity of sapphire is 4.00, higher than that of natural emerald stone. This means that a one-carat panna stone appears larger in volume than a one-carat sapphire. The refractive index of the green variety of sapphires is 1.768. This is another point of differentiation highlighting that sapphires offer emeralds more brilliance and sparkle in compassion. 

    comparing physical properties emeralds vs green sapphires

Unveiling the Unique Meanings and Birthstone Associations 

Each gemstone is associated with a significant meaning, making it a wonderful gift for loved ones. 

  • The Emerald stone is the birthstone of May and signifies fertility, new beginnings, vitality, hope, and love. This beautiful gemstone features a lush green hue reminiscent of forest and green landscapes. These gems are embraced as engagement and wedding rings owing to their symbolism. 
  • The green variety of sapphires is the birthstone of September and signifies trust, loyalty, love, and integrity. Concerning the significance of the gemstones, they are often used as engagement and wedding rings. As emeralds, these gems are also popular non-diamond alternatives. These are durable stones with subtle hues that jewelry enthusiasts love. 

Uncovering the Astrological Benefits 

Both these gems are astrologically associated and are worn by individuals to get many benefits. 

  • Panna stone is associated with the planet Mercury. This gemstone can be worn by Zodiac signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, and Aquarius. The astrological benefits of original panna stone includes financial prosperity and good health. It also helps in enhancing creativity and improving memory and concentration power. 
  • Sapphires, on the other hand, are linked with the planet Saturn. It attracts wealth and prosperity. This gem benefits zodiac signs such as Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio. 

Emerald vs Green Sapphires: Difference in Prices 

The prices of these gems are governed by the 4Cs (color, clarity, carat weight, and cut). 

  • Panna stone price starts from INR 3,000 to INR 60,000 and can extend even more depending on quality. The cost of emerald stone can even surpass diamonds if these are natural and untreated. Moreover, if they show vivid color and high clarity, they also command higher prices. 
  • Green sapphires are a better alternative to those looking for green gems like emeralds. However, these stones with a rich green color command higher prices and fascinate gem lovers. 

    emerald vs green sapphires difference in prices

In conclusion, these gems offer captivating options for those seeking a lush green gemstone. While emerald gemstones are prized for their vivid color and historical significance, green sapphires provide a durable and more affordable alternative. Choosing between these two gemstones depends on personal preference, budget, and desired characteristics in a stunning green jewel.

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