Which Type of Shape Suits Your Emerald Jewelry?

Posted on July 27th, 2023 12:37 PM

Emeralds are the green variety of the beryl mineral family. Beryl is beryllium aluminum silicate, and chromium impurity in trace amounts leads to the vibrant green color of emeralds. This amazing green color has fascinated people throughout history. Many green-colored gemstones are available in the market, but only emerald stone have been associated with lush green landscapes. This beautiful gemstone was admired by royals in history and even today.

Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt, had passion and love for emeralds and used these stones for royal ornaments. Besides the irresistible beauty of these green stones, there are many physical, financial and mental benefits associated that govern the popularity of these stones. 

Panna gemstone

Colored gemstones, apart from gemstone astrological benefits, are also a great choice for jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, pendants and more. Regarding the same, emerald engagement rings, emerald pendants, emerald earrings, necklaces, and more are getting popular for the verdant hue of emerald. When buying an emerald or any other gemstone, it is important to notice the most known 4 C's (color, clarity, cut and carat). Out of these four, 'color' is the most important factor; the 'cut' also plays its part, preferably when choosing an engagement ring. In this blog, we will talk about the types of shapes for emerald gemstones(Panna stone) . 

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Types of Gemstone Shapes: An Overview

The fire and brilliance of any gemstone are also impacted by the cut it features. The precise cutting with symmetrical facets reflects the light perfectly, giving sparkle to the stone. Who won't like sparkling stones catching the eyes of the onlookers? Certainly, everybody would. Here are some of the popular cuts and shapes for emeralds.

Types of Gemstone Shapes

Round Shape: The most common shape preferred by those looking for an engagement ring is the round one. These timeless cuts feature a circular shape with a flat top and rounded bottom. The modern round cut features 57 or 58 facets adding maximum sparkle to the stone. 

Cushion Shape: The cushion shape features a squarish-rectangular look to the gemstone with curved sides. Modern cushion cut features eight kite-shaped facets between the girdle and its culet. There are many versions of cushion cuts allowing the stone to offer more fire and brilliance. 

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Heart Shape: Nothing is more appealing than a heart shape emerald. A symbol of love, the heart shape is always idealized. The heart shape features seven different parts, namely, the cleft, two lobes, a belly, two wings and the point. Symmetry is an important factor for this cut, and gem cutters have to precisely shape the stone in order to get the desired look. A green color emerald heart cut looks amazing either in a solitaire or with accent sparkling stones. 

After discussing a few shapes, examining what the gem cutters should look for while shaping the emeralds is important.  

Pear Shape: A pear shape symbolizes tears of joy and raindrops. The pear shaped gemstones are sure to catch an eye with rounded shoulders and curved wings that meet at a point. This shape is also quite popular among engagement rings. Though the pointed end is more susceptible to chipping but with precise setting it could be prevented.  

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What Makes Emerald Cutting Difficult? 

The factors that need to be considered while giving a defined cut to emeralds are:

Presence of fractures or fissures: Emerald gemstones have prominent fractures that need to be filled to improve the overall clarity and color of the stone. The gem cutters have to analyze these fractures and then precisely cut the green stone. 

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Brittle Corundum: Emeralds are brittle stones and are subject to damage in any process, from polishing to setting it in any of the jewelry pieces. Thus, it is important to select the best cut that could minimize the vulnerable corners of the stone. 

Maximum Color: The color of any gemstone is measured on parameters such as hue, tone and saturation. The gem cutter can provide a darker shade or optimum shade to green emeralds by adjusting the number of facets. 

Skilled artisans knows how to intensify the color of emeralds by giving the right cut. Other than the emerald cuts mentioned in this blog, there are more cuts like marquise, oval, cushion, pear, trapeze and trillion. Let's find out the best cut for this amazing gemstone. 

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Best Cut for Emerald Gemstone: Emerald Cut  

Emerald cut is indeed considered the best cut for emeralds. This classic cut displays a rectangular shape with linear facets and step-cut corners. As mentioned, emeralds are brittle; thus, the cropped edges or corners of the cut help add stability to the stone. Moreover, the emerald cut gives a bigger look to the stone.

Best Cut for Emerald Gemstone

Emerald cut well displays the gemstone's color and clarity. Emerald cut was first used on emeralds and hence named so. This cut became popular for other gemstones after this and followed the same name since then. Emerald cut goes gentle and thus is considered the perfect cut for emeralds. This cut protects the corners of the stone from damage as they get faceted. These faces get further protection from any suitable setting style, prong or bezel. Another advantage of this popular cut is that it provides emerald stone with even color distribution and fewer inclusions. After all, those looking for a regal adornment appreciate an emerald engagement wedding ring with these features. 

Whatever the cut style, it must be precise, enhancing the beauty of any adornment. 

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When it comes to pricing point, though the color matters the most, the cut also makes a difference. At Navratan, the online gem bazar, the prices of octagon cut 1.44 carat and oval cut 2.31 carat emerald varies. Though many factors lead to such variation, for instance, the color intensity, the number of facets and more. One can choose the stone following the type of occasion, a center stone, or just accented with other highly precious stones. Lastly, the emerald stone purchased should be certified by an authenticated laboratory, just like Navratan provides with each of its stones. This certificate is a token ensuring you have purchased the premium quality emerald. 

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