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Emerald in the Ring
Posted on December 24th, 2022 06:45 PM

The most alluring gemstone, Emerald is a precious gemstone and is one of the rare gemstones that carries inevitable aesthetic qualities. Panna stone celebrates the divine emblem of tenderness and revival. It is a highly-noted member of the Navratan family, which comprises the 9 best gemstones. It represents warm and pure love. Let us discuss its properties in more detail. Read the full blog and make your decision worth buying this gemstone.

Properties of Emerald: A pure green emerald gemstone is one of the real gemstones that has been loved all across the world. The metaphysical qualities of this gemstone are being cherished by several cultures of the world. The fine and untreated quality of real emerald is more expensive than Diamond. The stone traits around 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and is a durable gemstone that can be worn on a daily basis. The stone is known as Panna in India in the Hindi language and is formed of chlorine or vanadium, which brings out the intense green color of the stone, and it is in the purest form.

Where Does The Stone Come From? The original Pachu Stone are found under the earth's crust and avail the right pressure and temperature and put in place with the aid of elements like beryllium, oxygen, silicon and Aluminium. The best place to find the stone is Columbia, and therefore they are also found in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Zambia.

Original Emerald stone Ring

Worn For Healing Energies? The Panna Ratna got its name from the Greek word Samrat which actually denotes the green color. This gemstone has been a sign of royalty since ancient times. The real Emerald has supernatural, mystical powers and is one of the best gemstones to attain mental and physical healing. Astrologers even say that this stone is used to even see the future. Apart from being the traditional birthstone of May babies, it is also the zodiac stone for the ones having cancer as zodiac signs.
Wearing This Gemstone At Parties?

The beautiful and elegant gemstone emerald can be a perfect choice of gemstone to be worn at events or parties. If you are going to the red carpet events or the black ties events, then the necklace made with these stones can make you the show stealer. Everyone would be watching your necklace, and you will get the attention of all the media.
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It can be a perfect gift to your life partner, as the beauty of this gemstone will leave them stunned. For birthdays or anniversaries, Certified Emerald jewelry can be a perfect fit, as it adds an asset value and makes women feel the happiest. Wherever she goes wearing this gemstone, she will rock, and she can easily flaunt it in front of her friends and family. Even the pictures of them wearing this gemstone can be shared on social media, and she can be an influencer, as she would be gaining a lot of likes, comments and shares.

Original Emerald stone Gold Ring

For Bridal Jewelry?

The heavy Emerald (Panna) gemstone, which is set into platinum or gold metal, can be worn on wedding days as well. It will look unique and incredible, and there will be no comparison to it. The green color matches the pink or red color dress, enhancing the look of the woman. She can be the prettiest bride, as jewelry plays an important role.

To enhance the Men's look

Men can even wear this gemstone for occasional and everyday purposes. It will enrich their personality and make them look handsome. With formal attires, the ring and watch will complete their look.

Real Emerald Sapphire Stone silver Ring

Where To Get This Gemstone From

You can order this gemstone from Navratan, the online gem bazaar. It is one of the most authentic gemstones that sells the gemstone at the most affordable prices. They even provide a certificate of authentication for every gemstone. Explore the website and order the gems from them today.

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