4 Carat Emerald Stone

A 4 ratti panna weighs 0.8 gms and is definitely a showstopper. The visual appeal of the gemstone depends upon the cut and finger size. These stones when given an oval or emerald cut look bigger on the finger. This shape combined with the explicit color makes it an amazing choice for engagement or cocktail rings. In Vedic astrology, higher ratti gemstones are believed to offer maximum benefits.

Its incredible size, fire, and brilliance make every head turn. These gemstones are valued for their beautiful color and astrological benefits. A 4 carat panna is an amazing stone that signifies growth, fertility, hope, love, and new beginnings.

Want success in your business ventures or job? Wear a 4 carat emerald stone to enhance your financial stability. Strengthen your decision power with this precious gemstone. This gemstone influences your professional and personal life positively. Buy 4 ratti panna stone from Navratan to provide an easy road towards a successful career.

The quality of a stone impacts its price. 4 carat emerald price in India starts from INR 10,000 and may extend up to INR 1 lakhs or more. The factors that determine the price are as follows:

  • Color: A pure green is desirable for natural emerald stone. The vibrant hue with high saturation and medium tone commands higher prices. The cost of 4 ratti emeralds sourced from Colombia is high. It features an intense green color. Zambian and Brazilian Panna stone of this carat weight comes further. The former shows overtones of blue whereas the latter features yellow overtone.
  • Clarity: Jardins are the common inclusions that can be seen within these green stones. The presence of these inclusions gives a garden or moss-like appearance from the inside. The 4 carat panna price is higher for eye-clean stones
  • Expert Buying Tip: If 4 carat Zambain panna features good color and eye-clean clarity compared to those sourced from Colombia, the price of the former can be higher. Thus, choose your gemstone wisely. Look for all possible C’s.

  • Cut: A proportionate cut accounts for a higher price. Emerald cut is the perfect cut as it trims the brittle corners and offers maximum brilliance. A 4 ratti emerald cut stone is an ideal selection for your unique engagement ring. However, an oval cut is perfect for astrological purposes. It offers a smooth and balanced energy flow, thus radiating the positive energy of the gemstone.
  • Carat Weight: The minimum carat weight of the stone for maximum astrological benefits is between 3-5 carat weight. The ideal weight of the stone is judged by: Weight of the stone/12. If the wearer’s weight is 55, 4.5 ratti panna is recommended by the astrologer. Subsequently, higher the weight higher is the price.
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