Emerald Stone Buying Guide: What You Must Know

Posted on July 12th, 2023 06:26 PM

Emerald's brilliant green color needs no introduction. This Venus gemstone portrays the goddess of love. Starting from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, these wonderful actresses famously portrayed their beauty by flaunting these mesmerizing jewels. For decades, these sought-after gems have been known as stunning jewelry pieces. In this article, we will discuss some significant factors to buy emeralds.

How to Buy Vivid Green Emeralds Stone

Unlike diamonds, Emerald stone aren’t graded by the GIA. These colored gemstones are based on lab reports for identification of the origin, carat weight, and treatment. But the most significant and simplest factor that determines its quality is the emerald’s color. For this, find a fresh green, just like green grass after a rain. The mined natural emeralds' colors range from bluish green to vivid green, with relative saturation and a flawless tone that’s not very dark. Let's read an elaborate list of factors other than color you must know:

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Emerald Hues 

Emerald color with bluish green is the most sensational and ideal color. The strength and depth of the color come from its saturation. This can be as low as muted or as high as pure vibrant. Therefore, you probably will not be very fascinated by a medium-dark stone that has a bland, dull saturation. On the other hand, if you come across a light green emerald that sparkles with intense saturation, it will catch all your attention.

Emerald Tone

The tone is limited, much like the emerald's hues. To be classified as an emerald rather than a green beryl, it needs to have a medium-light tone. While dark emerald stones don't have this criterion, they're no longer emeralds once they go too dark. It's also important to remember that extremes of light and dark can alter our perception of color.

Emerald Saturation

Saturation is a measure of how true a color is. Desaturation can cause green gemstones to look grey or brown, but they are mostly not traded anyhow. When compared to their vibrant counterparts, they don't sell as well.

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Emerald Clarity

The clarity of an emerald is not crucial. The jardin (from the French for "garden") that develops within a natural crystal is characterized by several visible inclusions. Because of their inherent flaws, most jewelers avoid using mined natural emeralds in engagement rings. Even more, ingenious settings—like the secure halo setting in our emerald ring—protect the emerald’s edges and corners, defending it from daily bumps and knocks.

While emerald stone (Panna stone) as a whole is quite tough, its crystal structure can have inherited liquid, solid, and gas inclusions. These inclusions can be treated in an emerald, thanks to a technique called fracture filling. These natural emeralds have oil, resin, or polymer-filling surface-penetrating fractures, turning the stone into flawless beauty in different ways. This treatment for emeralds can hide flaws like cracks and voids that make them more susceptible to damage.

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Emerald Cuts

The cut of an emerald stone should be evaluated based on whether or not its brightness sparkles uniformly across the entire emerald. Cuts fix the clarity of the gem, preventing any dull or lifeless areas. The emerald cut is unique among gemstone cuts in that it is named after the gemstone it was originally used to shape. The emerald cut and an octagonal step cut were developed to make the most of the emerald's natural shape, which could be damaged with wear and tear. The cut was milder on frequent brittle gems, giving them an ultimate durable shape. Emeralds can be categorized as either light or dark, depending on their overall tone. The color range of a natural emerald spans from very light to very dark.

Most people mistakenly feel that the darker the tone of an emerald, the nicer it is; therefore, they tend to select stones with a medium to very dark coloration. However, this is not always the case. The emerald's saturation is crucial to its visual appeal.

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Final choice

While most people declare Colombia the source of the "ideal" emerald, for others, Zambian emerald stone produces more evocative, gem-quality emeralds on par with that country. What matters most is what makes you happy. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to emerald stones because color preference is so subjective. Remember, there are many different shades of green that effortlessly add beauty to any setting!

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End Note

Navratan serves as a top-notch destination for mesmerizing hues and attention-seeking emerald stone jewelry collections. Thus, creating one-in-a-million ethical jewelry is our only goal. Our new designer gemstone range promises to add luxury to jewelry enthusiasts collections. Start a journey of visual delight with these celestial wonders now!



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