The Remarkable Color Changing Stone - Alexandrite

Posted on July 11th, 2023 02:33 PM

To be unveiled like a royal or to have color-changing beauty, you must choose an Alexandrite. Famous for the nick-name  ''Emerald by day, ruby by night." Alexandrite's greens and reds can take you away to a sophisticated celebration. However, the beauty of the stone will continue to enchant throughout the seasons.

Alexandrite Gemstone

What Makes Alexandrite Special?

  • Curious as to how Alexandrite is different? The most unwavering technique is to look for a shift in color. In ordinary daylight, an Alexandrite gemstone will appear green or blue-green. However, under artificial lighting, it will take on a red or magenta hue. Because Alexandrite is the most remarkable stone known for captive phenomena, it is often called the "Alexandrite effect." Let's know more about the unmatched facts of Alexandrite:

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  • In terms of chemistry, Alexandrite showcases similar properties to chrysoberyl. These enchanting stones are created with the elements beryllium, aluminium, and oxygen. Alexandrite is chrysoberyl, with some of the aluminium replaced by chromium.
  • In fact, an Alexandrite engagement ring would be more preferable to a diamond. We all know that traditional engagement rings made of diamonds stone have been the evergreen choice. Recently, according to consumer trends, consumers are inclining towards more unusual settings for engagement rings. As more and more data is accessed, the average consumer looks for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd.

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  • Because of its tendency to boost confidence and gratitude, Alexandrite's are also good for emotional health. They channel the "inner energy" that comes with getting older and wiser. Alexandrite's are said to help people find themselves. According to metaphysicians, Alexandrite crystals can be used to recall one's own beginnings and reconnect with the very beginning of time. 

Alexandrite stone

  • However, it is more renowned than a pearl stone and is also a birthstone for June babies. A Gemini born in June would benefit more from wearing a necklace with a combination of pearls and Alexandrite. If you wear both stones, you'll evoke prosperity and embrace your style to the next level.
  • Weddings are another popular event that takes place in June. You can give or wear an Alexandrite stone to honors the event. To mark the milestone of their 55th wedding anniversary, this meticulous gift of Alexandrite can be given to them for lasting happiness.
  • The outstanding features of the Alexandrite stone just don't end there. With a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, only diamond and corundum are harder than this Alexandrite. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness indicates its extreme toughness. Because it is so rare, the Alexandrite can be among the most expensive gems in the world. 

Alexandrite stone

Care regime for your Alexandrite Jewelry's 

While Alexandrite is considered "excellent" for daily use, it still requires special care to prevent damage from things like chemicals, heat, and scratching. Using a soft toothbrush, a little dish soap, and warm water is the best approach to cleaning the stone. 

End note

Navratan, an heirloom gemstone direct-to-consumer brand, presents a wide range of Alexandrite jewelry collections that blend authenticity and artistic expression. We are dedicated to a holistic approach to providing bold gemstones with complementing elegant settings. Each piece portrays a unique design, capturing the imaginative minds of jewelry enthusiasts. Explore more to own an Alexandrite gemstone now!

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