Different Types of Gemstone Cuts

Different Types of Gemstone Cuts
Posted on May 19th, 2023 03:55 PM

Gemstones can be cut into many facets, and there are many combinations to style them. These days, gemstone jewellery is at its peak. Hence, particular shapes and cuts are also very much desired—some of these, like the Princess cut and Emerald cut, have gained popularity over the years. 

It needs a lot of precision to cut a gem into a particular shape. Accurate cuts are very polished and require high skills because it increase the beauty of a gem. The cut improves the clarity and enhances the distribution of the colour. 

If you are looking for a ring for yourself or your loved ones, you might be looking for a cut that will best complement your choice and taste. Knowing your way around the various shapes and cuts will help you choose the perfect option for your precious gemstone.

Here are different types of stone cuts that are the most desirable. You can choose from them as per your preference. However, keep in mind the type of jewellery you want and how you want to design it.

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Types of Gemstone Cuts

There are two significant categories of gemstone cuts - Faceted and Non-faceted. The stones, which are facets, are cut into edgy that reflect light. They are not shapes. Meanwhile, the non-faceted cuts are rough or smooth. They are familiar shapes like oval, round, etc.

They have dimensions; modifications are made to get these facets into an equal smooth surface and arrangement. 

Here are some of the most common and most loved gemstone cut types:-

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Round Brilliant Cut

Out of all the gemstone cuts, the round brilliant cut has always been the simplest and is adorned for its simplicity. It is known for its everlasting charm and the one that will lose the least weight of the gem. 

The brilliant cut resembles two pyramids placed base to base. Mostly this is seen in diamonds, the round shape with myriad facets which enhances the innate optical properties of the fem, making it look stunning and fiery.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is one of the most magnetic and breathtaking cuts of gemstones. It takes the form of a square or a rectangle as an outline and have pointed corners. It have a series of parallel facets that bring out the sparkle of the gem. It is modern and popular, known for its appeal and allure. Indeed, is used highly to make engagement rings. Princess-cut gemstones are very much in demand these days because they are mesmerizing.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut have an elongated rectangular shape, which enhances its beauty with non-pointed corners. The cropped corners and the shape are designed with step-cut facets parallel to the girdle, which is the widest part of the gemstone. It is famous by the name Emerald cut because it was first used in emeralds only, though slowly, it started to be done on other gems as well.

Cushion Cut

The next one on our list of types of gem cuts is the cushion cut, which is known for its larger facets. It have round corners and a deep pavilion and is either square or rectangular. It looks like a cushion or pillow, which is why it is named the Cushion cut. It gives a long silhouette, and the curved edges make it soft and sparkly. This provides the gem with a vintage charm and showcases better clarity, making it a popular choice.

Oval Cut

The oval cut, as the name suggests, is an oval with soft and rounded ends. It's basically a round cut with a long silhouette—like an egg. Its stretch gives it an illusion of length and makes it look graceful. It is penetrated in balanced proportions and primarily used with a symmetrical design.

Rose Cut

As the name of the cut suggests, it is inspired by the spiral of petals of a rosebud. It resembles a rosebud as well. It have a flat base and a rounded top with a series of triangular facets. They are arranged in a symmetrical pattern, which brings out the maximum brilliance of the gem. It have fewer cuts but is highly known for its aesthetic.

Radiant Cut 

A Radiant Cut is a true marvel that blends the allure of a rectangular or square shape with numerous facets. It is mainly known as "cut-cornered rec ", angular modified brilliant". Every facet is "arranged to allow the light to infiltrate. It combines the emerald cut with a brilliant round cut. The trimmed corners and pleasing arrangement of facets spark fiery shine. It is a perfect facet, balancing the classic with modern style.

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Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is another of the different gemstone cuts. It is named after its creator, Joseph Asscher. It have a refined stepped square shape with the corners cropped and straight lines drawing to the center. It looks like a maze of straight lines, but moreover, you will see a Hall of Mirror-like effect in this cut. It increases the finesse of the gemstone.

Heart Cut

A heart cut is one that is shaped into a heart, which requires a lot of precision and skill. It is difficult to shape a gem into a heart and requires accuracy to reach a symmetrical shape. However, it looks beautiful, is often used to show love and affection, and is a favoured choice for engagement rings

Pear Cut

In many types of gemstone cuts, pear cuts are mostly used to make necklaces and earrings because of their brilliant shape. It is also known as the teardrop cut because of its shape like a tear or a pear. One end is round, and the other is pointed. It can be set using the face-up or down, so earrings are often loved in this type. It's graceful and eye-catching.

Trillion Cut

The trillion cut is also known as the Trilliant or Triangular cut because it have a regular triangular shape with pointed corners. Like an equivalent triangle, it have three equal sides. The sides are often straight or slightly curved, which creates a geometric appearance. Mostly they are used as accent stones or side stones to complement the central gemstone. This cut enhances the color and clarity of the gem.

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