Different Types of Gemstone Cuts

Posted on May 19th, 2023 03:55 PM

Gemstone cut and shape combinations are practically limitless. Styles like the princess cut and emerald cut have gained popularity in the Great White North due to their timeless beauty, but there are plenty of other unique and breathtaking designs to explore. Gems are skillfully faceted, cut, and polished to accentuate their inherent beauty—a craft that calls for true artistry, a deep understanding of gemology and physics, and years of honing one's skills.

Now, understanding the various gemstone cuts is a piece of cake, eh? Just familiarize yourself with the distinctive characteristics of different styles. Whether you're on the hunt for an engagement ring or seeking out custom jewelry, knowing your way around the various shapes and cuts will help ya choose the perfect option for your precious gemstone.

When it comes to cutting gemstones, you'll come across two main categories: faceted and non-faceted. The sparkly stones you often find adorning jewelry these days are most likely faceted to reflect the light like nobody's business. On the other hand, non-faceted gems can be either rough or smooth. Their shapes will probably remind you of those familiar shapes you've encountered before, like ovals, rounds, and the like. 

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Types of Gemstone Cuts:

While an individual considers gem cuts, people also consider the dimensions and cut of a gemstone, as well as "how to cut gemstones." While a few modifications pertain to the arrangement of the facets, other cuts affect the general shape of a particular gem.

Some of the most common cuts include:

types of gemstone cuts

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Round Brilliant Cut:

This illustrious and special gemstone cut, known for its resplendence and everlasting charisma, unveils a world of brilliance and timelessness. The round shape, adorned with myriad facets, is meticulously positioned to unleash the stone's fiery nature, stunning sparkle, and overall magnificence. This cut is an art that seeks to enhance the innate optical properties of the gemstone, embracing the ideal of a ravishing and stunning glow that catches every eye.

Given its widespread acclaim and adaptability, the round cut finds its place in an array of gemstones, extending beyond the realm of diamonds. In a spectrum of colors and sizes, the round brilliant-cut gemstones offer an invitation to immerse oneself in the grandeur and elegance of this cut, encompassing a diverse selection of gemstone options. Conversely, "Round Brilliant" inserts epitomize symmetry, meticulous polishing, and impeccable translucence, ensuring an enchanting and flawless vision.

round brilliant cut

Princess Cut:

Esteemed for its ageless magnetism and breathtaking elegance, this regal princess cut takes the form of a square or rectangular outline, adorned with pointed corners that crown its majestic presence. It emerges as an attractive centerpiece, gracing engagement rings, earrings, and pendants with an enchanting and irresistible charm. The meticulous arrangement orchestrates a harmonious dance of light, igniting an unparalleled radiance and enchanting luminosity that leave beholders intrigued and captivated.

The Majesty Unveiled Cut epitomizes unmatched versatility, seamlessly bridging the realms of timeless grace and contemporary panache. Its sleek lines and modern charisma render it an exquisite choice for both traditional and avant-garde jewelry designs, embracing the full spectrum of creative expression. Be it adorning a sleek solitaire ring or adorned with complementing gemstones, the princess-cut gemstone reigns supreme, imprinting an indelible mark upon those fortunate enough to behold its splendor.

princess cut

Emerald Cut:

Among the myriad of captivating gemstone cuts, the Emerald cut stands tall as a testament to elegance and sophistication. Its unique charm and distinctive characteristics have made it a cherished choice for jewelry enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Unlike other cuts that focus on maximum brilliance, the Emerald Cut embraces a different kind of allure, highlighting the gemstone's clarity and natural elegance. 

One of the remarkable features of the Emerald Cut is its ability to reveal the inner world of gemstones. Its clean lines and understated beauty make it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a classic and enduring style. Its large, open facets create a mesmerizing play of light and shadows, showcasing the gemstone's internal characteristics with unparalleled grace.

emerald cut


In the realm of gemstones, few cuts possess the enchanting allure and timeless elegance of the Cushion Cut. This exceptional gemstone cut combines classic charm with a touch of romance, captivating the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados alike. With its distinct rounded corners and larger facets, this cut showcases the gemstones natural brilliance and color in a unique and captivating manner. 

What sets this cut apart is its combination of large facets and a deep pavilion, which enhances the gemstone's brilliance and fire. The Cushion Cut possesses a unique ability to evoke a sense of romance and vintage charm. To ensure the lasting beauty of a Cushion Cut gemstone, proper care is essential.

cushion cut


With its elegant elongated shape and brilliant faceting, the Oval Cut gem has captured the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts around the world. The Oval Cut stones showcase a classic elongated shape with softly rounded edges, reminiscent of a delicate and graceful egg. Its elongated silhouette creates an illusion of length, making the gemstone appear larger than it is. The balanced proportions of the Oval Cut contribute to its versatility, allowing it to be the focal point of various jewelry designs. 

Similar to the Round Brilliant Cut, the Oval Cut maximizes the gemstone's brilliance and fire by incorporating a series of meticulously placed facets. The elongated shape of the Oval Cut allows for a larger table surface, enabling the gemstone to exhibit a delightful play of light and vibrant scintillation.

oval cut

Rose Cut:

The rose cut, with its romantic and vintage charm, holds a special place in the realm of gemstone jewelry. The Rose Cut gemstone derives its name from its resemblance to a blooming rosebud. Unlike traditional faceted cuts, the Rose Cut features a flat base and a domed crown adorned with triangular facets that resemble the petals of a rose. This intricate arrangement of facets creates a captivating play of light and shadow, evoking a sense of depth and dimension within the gemstone.

Unlike other cuts that showcase a high level of brilliance, the rose-cut gemstone exudes a more subdued and gentle sparkle. This unique play of light enhances the gemstone's natural color and showcases its inner radiance. The rose-cut gemstone's versatility extends to its ability to be used in various jewelry designs.

Radiant Cut: 

Prepare to be dazzled by the awe-inspiring Radiant Cut gem, a true marvel that seamlessly blends the allure of a rectangular or square shape with the mesmerizing brilliance of numerous facets. Aptly named the "cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant," this cut reigns supreme among those in search of a gemstone that exudes unparalleled radiance and sophistication.

Witness the spellbinding artistry of the Radiant Cut as it unveils the natural color and clarity of the gemstone with unrivaled finesse. Every facet is meticulously arranged to embrace the play of light, allowing it to infiltrate and dance upon the gem's surface. A mesmerizing spectacle of sparkle and fire ensues, transcending the ordinary and captivating the senses with its bewitching radiance.

radiant cut

Asscher Cut: 

Each gemstone brings its unique color and character to the Asscher Cut, allowing for a personalized and captivating jewelry piece. Named after its creator, Joseph Asscher, this cut has fascinated jewelry enthusiasts with its distinctive octagonal shape and mesmerizing facets. This cut showcases the gemstone's clarity and color with exceptional precision, allowing its natural beauty to shine through.

asscher cut

The square shape of the Asscher Cut gem adds to its charm, giving it a regal and refined appearance. With its distinctive cropped corners and geometric symmetry, this cut exudes a sense of timeless elegance. The Asscher Cut gem is a true testament to the harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design, making it a versatile choice for various jewelry styles.


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