Benefits of Wearing Citrine as a Jewelry

Citrine's Sunshine Power: Benefits You Need to Know
Posted on March 21st, 2024 11:36 AM

Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz with a chemical composition of SiO2. The word citrine is termed as ‘lemon’ in French. The color of citrine ranges from yellow to orange or orange-red. It has a fair hardness and thus is a perfect stone for everyday jewelry. This yellow gem holds significance in astrology. It offers the wearer prosperity, wealth, success, protection, and positive energy. Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Libra are suggested to wear citrine stones to get protection from negative energy.

Top Benefits of Wearing Citrine Stone 

Citrine meaning in astrology relates to abundance, success, and prosperity. Professionals looking for success in their careers are recommended to wear this gemstone. Citrine is used as a substitute for yellow sapphire owing to its physical properties and significance. But they have their own benefits which are as follows.

Planet Alignment and Significance

In Hindi Citrine is also called Sunela stone and it is associated with the planet Jupiter which is the ruler of wealth and prosperity. The vibrational energy of this yellow gem combined with the planet’s energy enhances the wearer’s focus and clarity of thought. 

Healing properties of Citrine Stone

This gemstone has been known to offer many physical benefits. It helps boost metabolism, encourages tissue regeneration, and improves the working of the endocrine system. Wearing a natural citrine also helps to improve your nervous system. Overall, this gemstone greatly contributes to overall well-being. 

Maintaining emotional and mental balance

The benefits of wearing citrine stone include its ability to encourage joy and happiness. It calms down anger and protects the wearer from negative feelings. Wearing a genuine gemstone helps boost self-confidence, creativity, and self-expression. People in professions involved with creativity and innovation are suggested to wear a Sunela stone. 

Aids in Pregnancy and Fertility

Yellow citrine stone benefits women during pregnancy and enhances fertility as well. The bright energy of this stone allows you to stay calm and positive during the entire pregnancy period. The benefits of wearing citrine bracelet includes balancing hormones, and regulating the menstrual cycle and reproductive system of the body. Read more on Gemstones for fertility that you must know of!

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Citrine gemstone benefits in Spiritual Healing

It is connected to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra promoting power, emotional balance, and creativity. The color of the stone resembles that of the sunrays signifying hope, positivity, and inner strength. Wearing a citrine ring benefits an individual by providing success and abundance to an individual. 

Aiding in Personal Growth and Development

This powerful stone has healing abilities and those who want to enhance their spiritual growth are suggested to wear it. Meditating with a citrine crystal helps stimulate your positive energy and balances your energy centers. Place this crystal on your Sacral or Solar Plexus for overall well-being. You can either keep this crystal in your home or office or incorporate it into any jewelry form. This will help uplift positivity in your surroundings and promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

Brings Academic Success 

Sunela stone is beneficial for those in the field of education. If you are a student who is not able to focus on your studies, wearing an original citrine benefits you in several ways. It enhances focus and clarity of thoughts, improving your brain power so that you memorize faster and get good results in your exams. For maximum astrological benefits, wear a citrine stone ring in silver or panchdhatu. It can be worn as a ring, bracelet, or pendant. The gemstone should be of 7.2 or 8 ratti. Wearing a Sunela stone ring on the index finger provides you with maximum benefits. 

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Increases Wealth and Prosperity 

The benefits of wearing citrine include abundance, success, and progress. It is known as Merchant Stone and is beneficial for drawing wealth. Hence, business persons or professionals working in the trade, and banking sector are suggested to wear this stone. 

How to Buy Citrine Stone for Maximum Astrological Benefits? 

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Citrine gives you astrological benefits if it is natural. Hence you should look for the following characteristics while purchasing a natural gemstone.

Finest Color 

Natural citrine color ranges from yellow to reddish-orange. Yellow is the primary hue for the stone whereas a tint of red, brown, or orange overtones is also found in some varieties. The valuable ones are those with bright yellow color with medium tone and high saturation. 

Eye Clean Clarity 

Gemstones with eye clean inclusions are highly recommended. Sunela stone with no or less inclusions makes color reflection more easy, thus allowing more energy to radiate around the wearer. Pale colored gems with high inclusions are low quality citrines. 

Choose a Stone with Finished Cut 

Sunlea stone can be cut in various shapes such as round, oval, marquise, octagon, pear and more. A well-finished cut enhances the color and clarity of the stone. An enhanced color and clarity allow maximum energy to flow resulting in maximum astrological benefits to the wearer. 

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Look for Higher Carat Weight 

For higher benefits, natural citrine with a higher carat weight such as 7 or 8 is recommended. High-carat weight gemstones with bright color and great clarity are desirable astrologically. It is believed the more the carat weight of the stone, there are more benefits of wearing citrine. It will provide you in terms of attracting more wealth or success in life. 

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