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Posted on July 24th, 2021 12:27 PM

A career is one of the most important phases in one’s life that not only defines his or her present but also the forthcoming future. Though professional success is not everything, it surely plays an important role in your life. Every that thing which is important does not come easily in our lives. Be it partner’s love or career goals, we need to work hard to gain all the vital pieces of stuff in our living. However, primarily you have to strive hard to get to the peak and achieving your professional achievements, next is the luck factor that makes a huge difference in your accomplishments. 

                Whether you are preparing for competitive exams, looking out for the desired job, or running your own business venture, besides lots of hard work, at times you require a stroke of good luck. Since the planetary alignment of stars and planets in your birth charts hold a deep impact on all aspects of your life; a career is never an exception. Natural colored gemstones came into the picture when it comes to your long-term career growth. These Zodiac gemstones act as an amulet in the way to a successful career. 

These supernatural crystals have the potential to regulate the movement of the nine astrological planets in your house of the horoscope and can create an affirmative impact on your personal and professional lives. In order to fetch love, success, health, wealth, and contentment, astrologers recommend these precious stones according to the zodiac sign of the native. Here we are presenting the list of suitable gemstones as per your zodiac signs, give it a look. 

Gemstones for Career Growth as per Your Zodiac Sign 

Career Gemstones for Aries Zodiac Sign 

The ascendents of Aries sign or Mesh Rashi are believed to be brave, enthusiastic, and extremely ambitious by nature. They always excel in everything they plan and aim high for their career graph. Individuals born under this sun sign are known for the great amount of mental strength that helps them to take strong life decisions. Whenever these natives need luck and confidence, Red Coral is always there. Similarly bloodstone and yellow sapphire are beneficial to this sign. 

Career Gemstones for Taurus Sun Sign 

Since Taurus or Vrishabh sign is owned by the planet of love and prosperity, Venus, natives of this Vedic Rashi sought beauty, comfort, and luxury. These people are intensely driven towards their career goals so that they can attain a comfortable lifestyle. If you are also a descendent of the Taurus zodiac sign, you can rely upon Real Diamonds and succeed in the journey of career growth. You can also opt for natural sapphire and emerald (Panna) gems. 

Career Gemstones for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Owing to their sharp mental acuity and exquisite imagination of the Gemini sign or Mithun Rashi, these descendants are generally observed to be extremely career-focused. Mercury rules this Zodiac sign and Emerald is believed to be the stone of this planet, so wearing a Real Panna is said to be extremely beneficial for these individuals. It provides you with various opportunities in your career track. Other astrological gemstones like Natural Pearl, blue sapphire, and agate are also favorable to Gemini owners.

Career Gemstones for Cancer Zodiac Sign 

Great intelligence with little anger and stubbornness are inborn nature of the owners of Cancer sun sign or Kark Rashi. They may sound sometimes arrogant but they have a clear state of mind and strong decision-making skills, which assist them in triumph even in the most challenging choices related to their career. Pearl is regarded as immensely beneficial for giving good luck, mental peace, and emotional support to such natives. It fortifies clarity of mind, strength, vitality, and positivity to its wearer. 

Career Gemstones for Leo Sun Sign 

Leo aka Singh Vedic Rashi denotes strong innate powers and great leadership qualities similar to the king of Jungle, Lion. Ruby is considered to be the auspicious gem for the natives of this Zodiac sign. Wearing of a real ruby, also renowned as Natural Manik, awakes your root chakra and establishes better stamina and self-control in you that prepare you to face every life challenge and make all the tough decisions prudently. In general, such people are seen to be viciously passionate and creative and if they can’t afford precious ruby, they can go for Onyx, Opal, and Garnet

Career Gemstones for Virgo Zodiac Sign 

People born under the Virgo sign are considered to be extremely sensible and meticulous. With the help of in-depth planning and analysis, these natives lookout for precision and perfection in everything they get or do. The primary gemstone for such persons is Emerald. Though Sapphire and Carnelian are also worn to achieve success in the career lane. They aid you to stay grounded and lend you with an extreme amount of inspirational vibes and positive energies that tend to be extremely beneficial for your academic growth. 

Career Gemstones for Libra Sun Sign

The zodiac sign of Libra aka Tula Rashi belongs to the Planet Venus. Natives of this sign are distinguished art lovers and have amazingly creative and artistic abilities. The stone of Venus, Diamond, immensely helps these descendants in gaining success in every field they operate. Astrological stones like emerald, peridot, opal, and topaz also bless Tula Rashi with new opportunities and unprecedented success in their career.

Career Gemstones for Scorpio Zodiac Sign 

Passion and intuitiveness are natural traits of the individuals born under the Zodiac sign Scorpio (Vrushchik Rashi). Academic or career success in the career field is never a distinct dream for such people. However, alike everyone else, there arises hurdles in their path too, but zodiac gemstones like Natural Moonga (Coral) and aquamarine aid them to overcome life barriers with more confidence. These supernatural gems soothe the intense emotions of the wearer while making judicious career decisions.

Career Gemstones for Sagittarius Sun Sign 

Since those people born under Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi, are said to be extremely adventurous and risk-seekers who are always willing themselves to put out for any new or exciting adventure. They are highly focused towards their careers. However, the best crystal for the career development of Sagittarius descendent is considered to be Real Pukhraj Gem or Manik. Those who can’t afford these precious stones can also go for their substitutes like Pukhraj or Red Garnet, which assist the natives to stay grounded and take practical judgments in professional life. 

Career Gemstones for Capricorn Sun Sign 

The meticulous and overly disciplined nature of Capricorn (Makar) ascendants often requires a balance for their conflicting tendencies. Natural Neelam came here in the picture. Blue Sapphire gemstone provides an internal as well as external passion and the ability to gain success in every career decision. By transform your luck in favor of your professional success, this cosmic stone helps you assist fulfill your ambitions and evokes a sense of positivity.

Career Gemstones for Aquarius Zodiac Sign 

Those who are under the Aquarius sun sign, also known as Kumbha Rashi, have a free-spirited mind that holds dreams to change the world around them. These natives are full of novel and creative ideas but they usually don’t have a clear vision about how to implement them on the ground. That’s where supernatural gemstones such as blue sapphire, Amethyst, and Garnet come to rescue. Neelam works wonders for Kumbha natives. It boosts your intellectual capabilities and promotes progress in numerous professional aspects.

Career Gemstones for Pisces Sun Sign 

Owners of the Pisces Zodiac sign are hyper-sensitive and of an imaginative mind. They need soothing gemstones to calm their mind and bring stability to emotions. The best crystals for comprehensive development as a Meen Vedic Rashi are Yellow Sapphire, amethyst, or red coral. They deliver some exceptional benefits to their possessors. Besides improving your psychic, it assists you to meditate, enhance focus, and make better decisions on the right perspective of your career growth. So if you are also born with Pisces as your Zodiac Sign, give it a try wearing this bright yellow gem in its natural form. 

Buy Gemstones Online 

The abovementioned are some cosmic gemstones for different zodiac signs or Vedic Rashis. Though you can go for your piece of gem according to your sun sign; it is not all. One should always select his or her perfect gem after consulting an expert astrologer who will provide suggestions depending upon the ongoing planetary position in his or her horoscope. For positive impacts, be awarer to only buy original and unheated gemstones from a reliable gemstone store because gemstones result at their best level only when worn in their natural and pure form. 

                Henceforth always opt for buying Real Gemstones. You can visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar that offers a wide variety of natural and authentic gemstones sourced directly from ethical mines around the globe. Here you get a facility to buy gemstones online along with an authenticity certificate that guarantees quality and purity. Avail of safe worldwide shipping along with a 10 days hassle-free return option. Shop your luck now…!

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