A Redefining of Elegance and Purpose with Moonga Stone

Posted on October 6th, 2023 06:01 PM

In the enchanting world of gemstones, each possesses the captivating allure and rich history that adds to their exclusiveness. In context to the same, the vibrant crimson hue and a legacy steeped in tradition, moonga stone stands as a testament to the timeless elegance and purpose found in nature's creations. From ancient civilizations to contemporary fashion, this gemstone has adorned the beauty of many, offering aesthetic appeal, spiritual significance, and healing properties. This blog explores the multifaceted facets of red coral stone, redefining the boundaries of elegance and purpose in the world of gemstones.

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Moonga Stone: Unveiling the Majestic Legacy

With many precious and semi precious gemstones known since history, red coral stone or Pavalam stone is known for its astrological benefits and beautiful jewelry. This fantastic gemstone showcases a striking luster with phenomenal cosmic energies and metaphysical properties. The occurrence of this gemstone, unlike others, is not inside the earth's crust. This beautiful gemstone is obtained from corals (marine animals) deposited deep inside the sea. Since the formation of the stone involves the skeleton of marine animals, it is considered an organic gemstone. The other names for the Moonga stone are Havala stone, Mangal Grah stone, Pagadam stone, Marjan stone, Pavla stone, Prabal stone and Rakta Prabal stone

Historical and Cultural Significance of Munga Ratna 

The coral stone has a long history associated with ornamental jewelry, sculptures and carvings. The timeless appeal of these gems has lasted for years and has continued even today. Coral comes in shades like red, orange, cream, pink, gray and white coral. Red coral stone or Lal Moonga stone is the most popular. The popularity of the stone begins with its rich mythological lore, according to which the stone was a result of a demon's blood. Persues, the demigod, slayed Medusa, the monster woman with hairs of venomous snakes. According to Greek mythology, Perseus set her head down, and the sand near the ocean turned into red coral. In many cultures, the moonga stones were worn as amulets warding off evil spirits, whereas, in others, they bestowed the wearer happiness, health, wealth and success. 

red coral gemstone

Physical and Spiritual Properties: Defining the Purpose of Pagadam Stone

Besides the elegance this red-colored gemstone features, other features also define the popularity of the stone. The planet Mars governs Red coral gemstones. The planet of energy or the God of warfare plays an essential role in the Kundali of an individual. Those with a weak presence of Mars in the kundali or horoscope are suggested to wear a Moonga stone ring. 

Who should wear red coral stone? Individuals with zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces should wear pavalam stone for maximum benefits. Wearing a red coral gemstone helps rectify issues in married life and relationships. The stone stimulates spiritual alignment with cosmic energies, making the wearer feel positivity in all aspects of life. Moonga gemstone paves the way to boosting the confidence and willpower of the wearer. An original red coral stone is perfect for individuals in creative fields like music, art and writing. 

moonga gemstone

Unlocking the Healing and Symbolic Powers of Red Coral Stone

Munga stone is the stone of determination, courage, confidence and energy. The stone has been associated with healing several ailments, such as asthma, bone maladies, bronchitis, and blood-related diseases. The stone helps boost the immune system, protecting the individual's body from numerous infections. How to wear red coral stone? To gain maximum benefits, one should wear a natural gemstone of excellent quality. The moonga stone should be worn on Tuesday. Before wearing this stone, it should be activated and energized. In context to the same, dip the red-colored gemstone in holy water, then in raw milk and again in holy water. After wiping the stone with a soft cloth, chant the mantras (as suggested by the astrologer), and the stone is ready to be worn. The red coral ring for astrological benefits works best when crafted in yellow or rose gold. 

red coral gemstone

Moonga Stone and the Chakras 

The two chakras associated with the Pagadam stone are the root and sacral chakra. The root chakra, or the Muladhara chakra, signifies stability, confidence, energy and strength. Located on the base of the spine, this chakra is responsible for removing toxins from the body. It regulates the earth element and inhibits positivity and happiness in life. A blocked root chakra stimulates digestive disorders, lethargy, insecurity, anxiety, depression and lack of ambition. The red coral gemstone helps unblock this chakra and balances it for effective physical and emotional work. 

Another purpose for wearing a moonga stone is to unblock the second energy center, the sacral chakra. A blocked chakra leads to anxiety, lack of creativity, kidney disorders and more. Wearing a red coral bracelet or pendant helps properly function these chakras, maintaining the body's overall functioning. 

The triangular moonga stone is perfect for relieving depression and anxiety. It brings wealth and happiness as it is considered a sign of the goddess Lakshmi. 

red coral stone

Where to Buy a Rakta Prabal Stone Online?

When purchasing a Moonga Stone, also known as Red Coral, several reliable options exist. It is essential to look for a smooth, lustrous stone with a vivid red color. Apart from this, the other factors that define the price of Moonga stone are its clarity, cut and carat weight. The stone must be natural if you are considering a red coral gemstone for astrological purposes. Apart from this, it should not be broken from any side as it impacts delivering positive results. It's essential to look for the certificates of authenticity and verify the stone's quality before making a purchase, ensuring you acquire a genuine stone for your jewelry collection or astrological benefits. 

In the gemstone realm, Moonga Stone is a testament to timeless elegance and purpose. Its rich history, cultural significance, and captivating red hue make it a unique and cherished gemstone. This stone has transcended time and culture, from adorning beautiful jewelry pieces to symbolizing vitality and energy in metaphysical practices. Whether worn as jewelry or treasured for its metaphysical properties, Moonga stone redefines elegance and purpose in the modern world. 

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