Care and Cleaning of Red Coral Gemstone

Posted on October 21st, 2023 12:27 PM

Red Coral stone, popularly known as the Moonga Ratan, is a soft stone which is found in deep red hues. This bright red stone is very unique and appealing. It is formed underwater by the exoskeletons of the marine creatures called coral polyps. It is a delicate gem with only a hardness between 2.5 - 4 on Moh's scale. It is a beautiful gem with many benefits but you need to take excellent care of a red coral gemstone to maintain its shine and color. 

To protect the gemstone from damage, you should know how to care for the coral gem.

Why Red Coral Needs Extra Care

The Moonga stone is an organic gemstone which is formed naturally. The exoskeletons of the coral polyps are calcium carbonate. When they deposit in concentric layers, they build up over time to form the red coral. The process takes many decades. This mineral is very soft compared to others found in nature. 

The hardness is low, which means they are not very durable. These stones are lovely, and because of their astrological significance, they are highly recommended. However, wearing them on a daily basis will require a lot of care and precautions. 

These soft gemstones can break, get scratched, or even get damaged under the slightest pressure, so you have to keep them safe. There are a few points that you should keep in mind. If you follow these, your stone or red coral jewellery will last for years without any damage. 

Red Coral Stone

How to Care for Your Natural Red Coral Gemstone

With proper care and handling, a high-quality red coral stone will last for many generations; its beauty will be maintained and well-preserved. No gemstone will withstand the journey of time if it is not treated well, hence follow these tips:- 

Consult a Gemologist - The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you mount your gem in a metal that does not react with it badly. Please consult an expert gemologist to ensure it. Also, you can buy a cleaning kit and get some tips from an expert as well to keep your gemstone bright and shining. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals - Harsh chemicals will damage the gem; they can deform the shape or fade its colour. Your stone might completely lose its colour as well. So, you should remove the gem before engaging in any activity that might expose it to chemicals or acids, such as swimming, gardening, cleaning, etc. 

Exposure to Heat—Protect your stone from extreme heat or cold temperatures; any sudden temperature change can affect it. Keep it safe during cooking or remove it. 

Wear after Getting Ready—Wear the coral jewellery only after you are completely ready because cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, and detergents can also damage it, maybe not immediately, but over time if the gem keeps coming into contact with them. 

Don't use Ultrasonic cleaners - You should clean it every once in a while, but not with chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners. The high-frequency vibrations can crack your gemstone and cause fractures. 

Food items for cleaning - Do not use anything that you are not sure about. Some people use baking soda, vinegar or any food items as well, seeing on the internet. Please do not believe everything you learn and use it on your stone. 

Protect from Scratches - The Moonga is soft so it can get scratched from any other material that is harder than it. So, you should ensure not to get it in contact with other gems or minerals that can scratch it, like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. 

Store Properly - While you are storing your red coral jewellery, store it in a different box than your other jewellery. Other pieces might scratch it. You should keep them wrapped in a soft cloth like velvet or keep them in a pouch and then in a box. 

Get it Inspected - Every once in a while, you should get your gem inspected and make sure that it is well mounted and set in its metal and does not have any damages. 

All these tips will help you maintain the longevity of your original red coral stone. It will remain vibrant and stunning and will last long. 

Other than these, you should also clean your stone every once in a while. But do it gently; we have mentioned below how to clean coral jewelry properly. 

How To Clean Red Coral Stone?

If you want your gem to last long, it is essential that you know how to clean coral stones. Here are some cleaning tips:- 

You have to do a gentle cleaning of your soft coral stone with a cloth and water to remove the dirt and debris that can damage it. Please do not immerse the gemstone in the water, instead, take a bowl or a plate, keep your stone or jewellery on it and then cleanse it. Take some lukewarm water and mix a little bit of mild soap in it. 

With this mix, scrub your coral jewellery with a soft-bristled brush (you can use a baby toothbrush) or a soft, lint-free cloth. Gently remove all the dirt, oil and debris. You can use a make-up brush or paintbrush to clean the dirt from the sides and corners. 

Now, rinse with clear, clean, lukewarm water and pat dry with a cloth, preferably microfiber. 

Never use any chemical cleaners, or cleaning agents, or any abrasive pastes. 

You can also send your gem or jewelry to a lab to get it cleaned and tested through tried, tested, and verified methods. 

Red Coral Stone


To maintain the beauty and durability of the red coral gemstones, regularly clean them and take better care of them. Store properly, avoid contact with any harsh chemicals and do not be exposed to sudden temperature changes to keep looking elegant in your stunning Moonga jewellery. This red stone is the stone of Mars and will bring you confidence and courage. With these few tips, you can keep the gem bring its energies to you and flaunt its beauty flawlessly. 

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