Zambian Emeralds

Natural Zambian Emeralds are entitled as the Birthstone of May month. Following Colombia, Zambia is the second-leading producer of emerald gemstones in the world. Emeralds, here, were initially discovered by copper prospectors in 1928. Zambia started its sincerely determined emerald production in the early 1970s with mining nationalization. Zambian emeralds are among some of those few gemstones that are ethically sourced*.

*Ethically sourced gemstones are the stones that are mined while contributing to the society and community aligned thereby. Besides Zambian Emeralds, Mozambique Rubies are also ethically sourced.

With the Kagem Mines, Zambia holds the title of being the world's second-biggest producer of fine quality emeralds. Kagem mine, which is located at the bank of Kafubu River and in the southwest of Kitwe, is not only the richest emerald mine in the state but also the largest emerald deposit in the whole wide world. It lies in the Copperbelt region of the north and is counted among the biggest resource of gem-quality emeralds.

Unlike Colombian emeralds, most the Zambian emeralds are rich in iron content and hence, appear slightly bluish-green. However, a number of emeralds from the Kagem mine display a brilliant green color. Besides Kagem, the Southern region of Zambia also has some small yet prominent mines such as Pirala mine, Grizzly mine, and Twamipani mine. At Navratan, the online gem Bazar, you get easy access to shop for certified Zambian emerald gemstones online at the most reasonable and wholesale pricing.

Who owns Kagem Mine

In the year 2008, Gemfields, an eminent corporate mining company, headquartered in the UK, acquired the Kagem mine in a split ratio of 75:25 with the Government of the Republic of Zambia. In 2014, Kagem become the world’s single largest mine source of emeralds and had made Zambia the second-largest emerald-producing country in the world almost single-handedly. With this, Gemfields today holds a monopoly in standardizing and stabilizing emeralds supply from Zambia.

Natural Zambian emeralds are amongst the superior variation of emerald stones all over the world. Emeralds, aka Panna, of Zambia origin, usually arise in a cool to deep green hue with a slight bluish overtone in mixed grades. Though, together with their gorgeous green color, Zambian emeralds are renowned for their remarkable clarity, superior transparency, and high saturation. In a very small span of time, these emeralds grabbed a noted position in the international gemstone market owing to their distinctive qualities and traits.

In general, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are the 4 key parameters to analyze the quality of any gemstone, the same happens individually with Zambian Emeralds too. Underneath are the four factors discussed in detail.

Color – Color is by far the most crucial criterion for evaluating the quality and price of any emerald stone. The value largely depends on the beauty of the color. Generally, emeralds of Zambia come in deep green color with a slight overtone of blue. Although certain high-quality Zambian emeralds can be located in a pure green hue as well. These top qualities always fetch more value. Per carat price for Zambian emeralds reduces for too light or too pale colors.

Clarity – Most of the Natural Zambian emeralds are included and henceforth, the relatively cleaner pieces usually demand a higher cost. They fall in the category of Type III crystals with 2 phase inclusion pattern that denotes that the gem will never be loupe clean, minor inclusions will always be there to reduce the clarity. Though some of the Zambian emeralds come with relatively good transparency and fewer inclusions, most of the Zambian emeralds generally contain inclusions like tiny fractures, specks, black dots, and cube-shaped crystals, which serve as identification marks and are fairly acceptable in the respective category of gemstones. Highly included Zambian Panna gemstone containing dots, clouds, and feather inclusions are comparatively cheaper.

Cut – Fine cuts add more value to the aesthetic of any precious gemstone. Typically, lapidaries prefer gemstones that save maximum carat weight with their cut without disturbing the beauty of the gem. Emerald cut, oval cut, square octagonal cut, and rectangular cut are some of the highly preferred cutting styles in Emeralds. Since fancy cuts like trillion cut and princess cut involve more wastage of the stone, hence are more expensive but less common. The oval cut is regarded as an economical choice in the emerald clan as it retains maximum carat weight and emerges equally beautiful.

Carat Weight – Owing to the moderate hardness, Zambian Panna breaks off quite easily during its mining process. In such a scenario, large sizes are rarer in excellent quality. The cost of per carat Zambian emerald rises substantially with an increase in its carat weight (assuming the same quality).

Price of Zambian Emeralds

Zambian Emerald Value is primarily determined on the basis of its quality and quality is further set on the famous four C’s that includes cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The price of a loose real Zambian emerald stone generally begins from $20 per carat approx. and can reach as high as $5,000 for per carat depending upon the quality and rarity.

We, at Navratan, offer our customers premium quality colored gemstones along with an authenticity certificate at the best price segment. Explore the widest collection to buy Zambian Panna stones online at the most budget-friendly prices.

Emerald, also renowned as Panna Stone, itself is an extremely powerful astrological gemstone. In its natural form, it is known for delivering the utmost amount of benefits to its wearer. Since ancient times, Natural Zambian emeralds were highly appreciated for their beauty and cosmic powers. Ancient Kings, Moguls, Sagas, and Pharaohs use to cherish this origin Panna stones. According to Vedic astrology, Panna is associated with the planet Mercury or Budh Grah.

On the astrological ground, Mercury tends to rule our intelligence and orientation. Thus wearing a fine quality real emerald gemstone brings great results for the individuals who are driving under the influence of Mercury planet. Since they are highly clean and deep green in color, Zambian emeralds are highly recommended by astrologers, for fetching the desired results. So if you are also mainly looking out for astrological advantages, prefer to buy an original Zambian Panna stone.

Improves Intelligence and Creativity - Mercury is the karaka of wisdom and intellect. As Emerald is the stone of Mercury, it thereby bestows the owner with immense knowledge in a positive way. Thus, one of the many known benefits of weaning emeralds is improved vision and better brainpower. A fine quality, authentic Zambian Panna stone is considered highly beneficial in boosting an individual’s knowledge, enhancing memory, and rendering higher creative abilities.

Revitalizes Overall Health - In ancient as well as modern healing therapies, the emerald is regarded as an amazing healing crystal. It is considered highly serviceable for people who are going through any sort of skin or nerves related ailments. Original Panna is also best known for improving eyesight and resolving eye problems. Meanwhile, if you are dealing with any kind of mental issues such as depression, anxiety, or fear emerald aid you to recover and deal in a more mature manner.

Boosts Oratory Skills - Enhanced communication dexterity and vocal adroitness is another widely recognized perk of wearing Panna stone. Planet Mercury is also known for managing the Vaani-karaka of the native. Hence, astrologers place their deep faith in emerald gemstones for improving the self-confidence and communication skills of a person. The positive metaphysical vibes of a natural emerald gem not just improve the expression of thoughts but also stimulate the wearer’s thinking power and divulgence abilities.

Ameliorate Finance - When you have good intelligence and higher knowledge, you ultimately get higher social status and an upgrade in your finance. Since Budh is the planet of wisdom, it blesses the native with a righteous mind, when placed in a favorable position, that redirects him or her on the correct path to a career. So if you are also looking for a commending redirection in your professional life, opt for wearing a Natural Panna stone ring.

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Is my Zambian Emerald real or fake?

The wearing and purchasing of natural Zambian Panna gemstones are fraught with controversy. An emerald or panna stone benefits the wearer on one hand, but its effectiveness is disputed on the other. Even the most expensive gemstones are frequently the subject of imitations, forgeries, and scams. Customers are unable to tell the difference between synthetic and natural emeralds because so many sellers sell them as the same thing. This can occasionally lead to issues and dissatisfaction.

Since most gemstones are just imitations, the average individual is unable to tell the difference and people bring fake emerald gemstones home because of their numerous internal faults, low quality, and deceptive color.

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