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Pacha stone

Emerald, panna or pacha stone has been enchanting us for years with its mesmerising hue. Also known as the birthstone of May, the colour of pacha stone symbolises rebirth and renewal. This beautiful colour of the gemstone is due to the presence of elements like chromium, vanadium and iron. Mostly found in Zambia, Brazil, Colombia and Zimbabwe, pacha or emerald has gained popularity for its rich history as well. This beautiful gemstone’s colour was long associated with relieving stress and eye strain.

Emeralds are one of the most known varieties of stones from the Beryl family.These green coloured stones are known as Panna stone in Hindi, Pacha or maragantham stone in Tamil, Pachu stone in Marathi. Other names include Azamgarbh, Buddha Ratna, Budh Mani, Parnaya, Markat, Maha Markat, Margadam, Nilu Pannu, Zumurrud Margaj, Maragatham, Garuda Pacha stone and Jathi Pacha stone. Based on the origins, emerald or Pacha stones are named as Colombian emeralds, Zambian emeralds, Brazilian emeralds, African emeralds, Burmese emeralds, Ethiopian emeralds. Pacha stones mined in Columbia exhibit the most saturated and finest colour.

Here are some of the benefits of the beautifully hued stone- Emerald, or the Pacha stone:

  • The Pacha stone is known to enhance the intellect and wealth of the wearer.
  • It is believed that this amazing stone activates the important Chakra of the body which is none other than the heart chakra.
  • Individuals dealing with communication issues, pacha stone helps in improving communication skills of the wearer too.
  • Those dealing with financial issues, pacha stone is known to offer wealth and prosperity.
  • Panna or Pacha stone helps people get relieved from skin related issues or those associated with eyes or ears.
  • The birthstone for Kanya Rashi- Pacha stone helps in treating allergies in the body.
  • For those struggling in studies, panna stone is preferable as it helps in increasing focus and concentration.

How to wear Pacha stone:

Follow easy steps to wear a Pacha stone:

  • For getting maximum benefit, the carat weight of an emerald or Pacha stone should be in between 3 to 7 Ratti
  • The ideal finger for wearing emerald is the little finger of the right hand and the ring should be crafted in gold or silver.
  • It is important that the ring should touch the skin of the finger so that maximum energy of the gemstone resonates in the body.
  • The gemstone should be worn on Wednesday.
  • Before wearing the stone, it should be dipped into gangajal or cow’s milk for 10 minutes.
  • After wiping the stone gently with a soft cloth, the gemstone is ready to be worn.
  • The two things that should be remembered before wearing the stone is that it should be purchased from a certified gem dealer. Secondly, one should consult an astrologer before wearing the gemstone.

Pacha stone price:

The natural Pacha stone price varies from INR 2,000 ($24.15) up to INR 20,000 ($241.45) per carat. Factors such as origin, colour, carat weight, and clarity impact the prices of the stone.

Colour: Bright and lustrous colours are preferred and the prices vary subsequently.

Clarity: The bright and smooth surface of emeralds determines its clarity. Panna prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous and flawless.

Origin: Depending on the origin, pacha stone prices differ. For instance, those from Brazil and Colombia differ as they are amongst the finest quality.

Cleaning and care

Emeralds, the birthstone of May born, should be kept separately from other stones or jewellery avoiding any kind of scratches with other objects. Clean the stone with detergent soapy water using a soft brush.

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