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Emerald Stone (Panna)

Emerald stone, also known as Panna stone, is one of the precious gems considered an epitome of elegance. The freshness of nature, the divinity that is explored from history and still fascinates the modern genre, is the best option for investment. What is the Panna stone price? Revering to the fact that it is an investment of both beauty and value, the emerald stone price starts from INR 2,000 ($24.15) up to INR 20,000 ($241.45) per carat.

The price of emerald stone in India depends on color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Origin of the gemstone (Colombian emerald stone is high priced) and treatment (untreated natural emerald stone price is price higher) also account for the cost of the stone.

The emerald green stone hardness ranks 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. These two properties make these stones perfect for jewelry pieces. The elegance of emerald jewelry is not only confined to its exquisite color but is more than that. The astrological benefits of emeralds make these stones more popular.

Governed by the planet Mercury, natural emerald stone is popular for its astrological benefits. It serves as a remedy for those afflicted by the adverse effects of Mercury, bestowing the wearer with prosperity and success. Additionally, wearing a genuine Panna stone can enhance intellectual abilities, foster success in professional life, and enrich personal relationships.

Discover the Elegance of Emerald Stone

The mesmerizing natural emerald stones are the gemstones from the Beryl family. This highly precious gemstone, also known as Panna stone in Hindi, is popularly worn either as valuable jewelry or for astrological benefits. The history of this beautiful gemstone dates back to ancient civilization when it was adorned as jewelry by kings and queens. The popular emerald jewelry worn by Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, to the celebrities adorning it amazingly on the red carpet reflects how this green-hued gemstone has evolved in many folds. The use of original Panna stone is not only confined to jewelry but is also admired for its astrological benefits. This green natural emerald stone is available in various parts of the world, namely Zambia, Ethiopia, Colombia, Russia, Scotland, and Pakistan. Apart from being one of the most valuable stones, it also holds great significance, making it one of the most loved.

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How to Wear Emerald Stone?

Color: Bluish-green to a rich alpine green with a nice saturation of color
Finger: Worn on the little finger, with the gemstone touching the body (Vedic teaching)
Neck: Worn as a pendant with the gemstone touching the body
Metal: Yellow or white gold makes a great combination with the soft, unrivaled color of the emerald.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Virgo (Vedic), Cancer (Western)

The procedure to be followed to wear this gemstone and get maximum astrological benefits is given below:

  • Choose a vibrant colored gemstone that resonates with the gemstone's energy to the wearer.
  • Gold or silver are the best metal in which the stone should be crafted. The emerald ring for astrological benefits should be worn in the little or ring finger of the working hand. One can also wear emerald stone pendants, but each jewelry should be activated and energized.
  • The perfect day on which the gemstone jewelry can be worn is on Wednesday.
  • For activation and energizing, this green beryl stone should be dipped into Ganga Jal and raw cow milk.
  • What to remember when wearing an emerald stone? According to the Vedic astrology, the gemstone should touch the body directly. This direct contact helps the gemstone's energy resonate around your body, giving you positive results.
  • Always choose a natural gemstone free from any breakage or cracks. Is it okay to wear a cracked or broken emerald gemstone? Astrologically, wearing a cracked gemstone is not suggested as it might negatively affect the wearer.
  • Who should not wear emeralds? While wearing this gemstone, astrologically, make sure it suits you or not. The zodiac signs such as Aries, Cancer, or Scorpio should not wear the emerald green stone. The position of Mercury in a particular house, however, decides the relevancy of wearing the gemstone. Thus, it is suggested to consult an astrologer before wearing any astrological gemstone.
  • The ideal carat weight for the stone with maximum astrological benefits is 3-7 ratti. The emerald stone price 3.0 carat weight should be the minimum size of the stone that needs to be worn astrologically.
  • One of the popular big three, Emeralds radiates beauty with their color. A bold choice, these gems are popular with today’s modern and contemporary couples and are renowned for their healing effects. Representing the planet Mercury, natural emeralds are rare gems that are mined in select locations across the world like Zambia and Colombia.

    Richly colored with fresh green hues, the Natural emerald stone is also the birthstone for the month of May, colored by vanadium and chromium and is truly a prized gem.

Who Should Wear Emerald Stone?

Analyzing the birth chart, if the ascendants have Mercury in the first, second, fifth, ninth, or sixth house, they are suggested to wear this beautiful gemstone. Zodiac signs such as Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius are best suited to wear natural emerald stone. For Kumbh Rashi or Aquarius, the ascendant can wear this gemstone if Mercury dominates in the horoscope's first, fourth, fifth, and ninth houses. Before deciding to Buy Emerald Online, one should also take suggestions from an astrologer and consider the following questions.

Can individuals with the Taurus Zodiac sign (Vrishabh Rashi) wear Panna stone?

The planet Mercury is associated with the Taurus ascendant. Mercury in the second house of the Lord Venus (friend of Mercury planet) is associated with wealth and communication. In contrast, the placement of this planet in the fifth house accounts for name and fame. The placement of Mercury in the first, second, ninth, and tenth house of the individual's horoscope should wear original emerald stone.

Can individuals with the Gemini zodiac sign (Mithun Rashi) wear emerald stone?

Yes, the emerald birthstone is suitable for the Gemini ascendants. The first house in the horoscope is related to most of life's affairs, whereas the fourth house is related to the other pleasures in life, such as fixed assets, property, land, and vehicles. Those with weak mercury placement in the horoscope should strengthen this by wearing emerald gemstones. If individuals have mercury placement in the eighth house of their birth chart, they should tie gemstones on the right arm of the hand. If adverse effects persist, one should take off the stone; if not, one can wear the stone with confidence.

Can individuals with the Libra zodiac sign (Tula Rashi) wear natural Panna stone?

Yes, Libra ascendants can wear green emerald stone. As per Vedic astrology, the ninth house of fortune and twelfth house is for an opportunity to visit a foreign place. If you have these houses well placed in your horoscope, you can wear the fantastic emerald stone. Individuals, those having import and export businesses with the placement of planet mercury in the twelfth position of their birth chart can wear and opt to buy emerald stone.

Can individuals with the Virgo zodiac sign (Kanya Rashi) wear emerald stone?

Yes, Virgo ascendants, the panna gemstone is for you. Mercury in the first and tenth house is for career and profession. This green-colored gemstone should be worn by individuals with the placement of Mercury in the first, second, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses of the birth chart. Ideally, one should wear an emerald with at least three carats of weight. In our next section, one can check for the natural emerald stone 5.25 carat weight price.

Can individuals with the Capricorn zodiac sign (Makar Rashi) wear emerald stone?

Yes, the Makar Rashi ascendant can wear the emerald green stone. The ninth and sixth houses in the birth chart of any individual are associated with diseases and enemies, respectively. Wearing an emerald stone helps face life challenges, building confidence and blessing the individual with good fortune. Such astrological benefits also relate to the buying intent and thus the panna stone price is increased.

Can individuals with the Aquarius zodiac sign (Kumbha Rashi) wear emerald stone?

Yes, buying a Panna stone is fruitful for this zodiac sign. Kumbha Rashi is ruled by both Saturn and Mercury planet. What does the fifth house in astrology relate to? The fifth house is related to creativity and individuality and is the house for planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, and Moon. Wearing this gemstone helps offer individuals with higher knowledge and profits.

Benefits of Emerald Stone

Part of the navratna (9 gemstone grahas), the Emerald stone (Panna stone) is a powerful gemstone that soothes, heals, and is believed to be a messenger from the gods. Do you know these green-colored stones are also known for their astrological significance? The astrological benefits of emerald stone include the following:

  • Stone of Prosperity and Abundance :

    Panna is believed to be the gemstone of prosperity, wealth, and success. Who should wear emerald stone? Astrologically, it is suggested that Gemini (Mithun Rashi) and Virgo (Kanya Rashi) are suitable zodiac signs for wearing Panna Ratna. According to Western astrology, individuals with the Cancer zodiac sign should ideally wear this gemstone.

  • The stone of Mercury :

    This beautiful gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury (Budh Grah) and is thus called Budh Ratan. Wearing this Ratna helps the individual gain maximum planetary benefits, which might be one reason one should buy emerald stone. The benefits of this gemstone highlight financial prosperity, fantastic health benefits, compatibility in married life, and success in all spheres of life.

  • Offers Wisdom and intellect :

    This astrological gemstone is related to enhancing intellect and wisdom. Students preparing for competitive exams or facing issues in their studies should wear original panna gemstone.

  • Health Benefits of Emerald Gemstone :

    This gemstone has been famous for its soothing effects. It benefits those suffering from eye, ear, or skin-related diseases. The healing properties of Panna gemstone include relief from skin allergies, respiratory problems, and issues related to the nervous system. For those who have speech-related issues, this gemstone helps in healing these.

  • Career-related Benefits of Emerald Gemstone :

    People with which profession should wear green emerald stone? This stone benefits Those working in business, public speaking, accountants, artists, and writers. This gemstone helps in enhancing one's communication skills. Moreover, if Mercury is in a favorable position in your birth chart, you can achieve success in your life. If this suitable planet is not in a clear position, one must wear the emerald stone. Yes, this May birthstone (as it is the gemstone for May month) brings success and good fortune.

  • Stone for Love and Promise :

    Emerald green gem is the stone for eternal love. This stone is linked to the heart chakra and is said to enhance the power of love, romance, and commitment in a relationship. Emerald crystal is known to possess mystical powers that promote friendship and equality. This gemstone holds excellent importance in Feng Shui.

Quality of Emerald Stone

The quality of the gemstone determines the real panna stone price. Emerald stones are part of the beryl mineral family. The formation of the gemstone takes place inside metamorphic and igneous rocks. The vivid green color of the stone is due to trace elements like chromium in the crystal lattice.

To buy emerald stone online, one should consider the following factors.

Emerald Stone Color and Quality

  • An evenly distributed and saturated green hue is the most prized color one should look for when buying emerald stone online. Although available in a range of greens, finding the right color is most important for these opulent gems. The more the presence of chromium, the more intense the green hue of the stone, thus making them more desirable.

    Clarity and its Impact on the Stone's Quality

  • The quality and natural emerald price also relate to the gemstone's clarity. As per GIA, panna stone comes in a 'type 3' grading system. This type of grading means that inclusions are natural to the gemstone.

  • The Panna stone exhibits common internal inclusions such as jardins, fissures, and fractures. Two and three-phase inclusions in Brazilian stone and dendritic oxide in Zambian stone are some inclusions that usually appear.

  • Finding a Natural Panna Stone with eye-clean clarity is rare and thus is highly desirable.

  • Origin and Quality of the Stone

  • The amazing May birthstone has been discovered worldwide, including in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, the United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Australia. Colombian emerald stone features a highly saturated and perfectly balanced pure green hue. These emeralds sourced from Colombia are superior to other origins, such as Zambian emerald stone.

  • Treatments and Quality of the Stone

  • Enhancement of emerald stone is a common process done to improve the quality of color and clarity of the stone. Treated emerald stone are available in the market. The price of untreated panna stone is higher as these are rare. Compared to untreated stones, treated panna stone are priced lower.

  • Certification and Quality of the Gemstone

  • A certified emerald stone provides authenticity in that it is natural and free from any treatment. Whether looking for these gemstones for jewelry or astrological purposes, you should always go for certified gems only.

  • An emerald's origin can speak for the gem value itself. The emerald stone price in India ranges from INR 2,000 to INR 20,000 per carat. The price of Panna stone per carat depends on the 4'C's and the gemstone's origin.

    Panna stone are found worldwide, but the most prized gemstones are from Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. Columbian emerald stone, renowned for their saturated pure green colors, make up one of the most unique and highly prized gemstones. Zambian emerald stone features a spectacular, rich green hue that makes up a fine selection.

    Natural green Emerald stone is associated with Mercury, enhancing intellect, wisdom, communication, and logical and business skills. For maximum astrological benefits, it is suggested to wear an original Panna stone. The gemstones should be pure green in color, with eye-clean clarity, and should not be enhanced in any way. Colombian Panna stone is thus largely preferred as it fulfills all the criterias for a perfect gemstone for astrological benefits.

    Jewelry Emerald Stone

    The fresh green hues of the real emerald (Panna) stone have a mesmerizing beauty, making them popular in all forms of jewelry. This vividly colored green beryl stone exhibits a hardness of 7.5 on the Moh's scale of hardness.

    This property of these gemstones makes them suitable for jewelry. The beauty of the emerald stone ring is admirable, and is a popular jewelry for both engagement and weddings.

    Emerald pendant, emerald stone bracelet, and earrings are good additions to an everyday wear jewelry collection. These green gemstones have great durability and thus are the best options for daily wear jewelry. Natural emerald stone is brittle and possesses internal inclusions.

    These stones must be placed in secure settings with the least exposure to chemicals and heavy detergents. It is, however, the beauty of fine craftsmanship that goes into making an intricate and elegant piece of jewelry.

    The gemstone placed perfectly in the center held properly in a prong, bezel, or any other setting strengthens the durability of the entire jewelry.

    The original Panna stone price per carat varies with the size of the stone. Buying an emerald online (high-carat weight) for the ring's center gemstone or pendant might cost you more. Contrastingly, if you buy panna stone (small carat weight) to incorporate it as an accent stone in your adornment, the prices of the stone may be less.

    However, other factors also decide the cost of natural emerald stone for jewelry. For instance, the prices of small-carat weight gemstones with vivid green color and clarity may also be high. It is important to know the criteria for the price if you are seeking a genuine panna gemstone for jewelry purposes.

    Emerald Stone Price (Panna Stone Price)

    The Emerald (Panna stone) price starts from INR 2,000 ($24.15) up to INR 20,000 ($241.45) per carat. However, Panna stone price depends on several factors, including clarity, color, carat, weight, and even treatments.

    When understanding the price of a Emerald (Panna) Stone it is important to understand the correlation between the following factors.

    How Color Impacts Their Price and Value?

    The color of the beryl emerald is a crucial factor in determining its value. The most desirable color is a vivid, intense green with a slight bluish or yellowish undertone. Emeralds with a pure green hue, excellent saturation, and medium tone are the most valuable. Any presence of color zoning or undesirable undertones can lower the stone's value.

    The Price Spectrum of Stone Based on Clarity

    Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions (imperfections) within the gemstone. Emeralds in nature have inclusions known as jardin. The presence of these inclusions affects clarity and, consequently, price. Stones with minimal, less visible inclusions that don't significantly affect beauty or durability are considered higher quality; thus, the cost of genuine/original emerald stone is higher.

    How Does Cut and Shape Define the Value of Gemstone?

    The cut and shape of the gemstone are also essential in determining its price. Precise cut gemstones exhibit excellent symmetry and well-defined facets, which enhance their brilliance and beauty. Shapes such as oval, round, pear, and more are popular, but the emerald cut is the most desirable for these green-hued gemstones. This type of cut captures the best beauty of the gemstone. The dark green oval cut loose emerald 4.02 ratti price is higher than the price of round panna stone 4.02 ratti.

    Unveiling the Worth of Emeralds by Size

    Carat weight refers to the size of the gemstone and is a significant consideration in pricing. High-quality emerald stone with high carat weight are rarer and, therefore, more valuable. However, it's crucial to consider other quality factors like color and clarity alongside carat weight to assess the stone's overall value. As carat weight increases, the price of natural emerald stone in India increases significantly. Colombian Emerald stone price 3.04 carat weight is less than the Colombian Panna stone price 3.04 carat weight. The difference in the price is due to the carat weight difference.

    The Gemstone Origin Effect on Pricing and Rarity

    The origin of the gemstone can have a substantial influence on its price. Green Emeralds stone from certain regions are highly sought after and can command premium prices. For instance, Colombian Emerald stone have been considered some of the finest due to their exceptionally vivid green color. This is followed by gemstones from the origin, namely Zambia and Brazil.

    Unraveling the Impact of Gemstone Treatment on Price

    Gemstone Enhancement is another critical factor affecting the price of natural emerald stone online. The stone is treated or enhanced to enhance its clarity and color. Oil treatment is a common treatment given to emerald stones, which minimizes the visibility of inclusions and improves transparency. No Oil Emerald stones at Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is priced higher owing to the no treatment given to the stone. Thus, these minimal or no-treatment gemstones are generally more valuable than heavily treated stones.

    Color: Natural Columbian emerald and Afghan emeralds generally set the benchmark in terms of color. The rich sparkling greens are pure and vivid making them truly unmatched gems. Zambian Emeralds  are available at good prices that have a good blend of color and clarity.
    Clarity: Fewer inclusions in emerald are incredibly rare and translate to higher values in relation to its color and size. For a good investment ‘eye clean’ gemstones are always at the top of the chart.
    Size: With each factor intrinsically linked, larger emeralds might not have great color and transparency, although when they do they are very valuable and rare, often even sold at the auctions. Smaller gems with impeccable clarity and color can sometimes even sell for high values compared to larger gems that have lower qualities.

    Emerald stone have fair hardness, but these stones are naturally brittle. They are thus more prone to chipping. The price of emerald stone can range from affordable to exceptionally valuable. Hence, it is important to clean and care for these gemstones. Proper cleaning and caring of the stone may help in The best way to clean emeralds are as follows:

    • Keep the gemstone or emerald jewelry in soapy water for a few minutes.
    • Drain the water and wipe the gemstone or jewelry with a soft cloth.
    • Do not soak the adornment or the gem in soapy water, as harsh detergents affect the quality of the gemstone.
    • Do not soak these green gemstones in solvents like acetone, alcohol, or paint thinner.
    • Do not expose Panna stone to excessive solar radiation or other heat sources. This exposure will damage the gemstone.
    • It is important to retain the metal shine for cleaning emerald rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Thus, avoid using excessive chemicals on the jewelry.
    • Check out the settings. Loose settings might result in the dropping of the gemstone.
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  • Emerald gemstone is also known as, Panna, Emerald, pachu stone, Marakata stonemarathakam stone, panna ratna, etc.

    Full of character and Sophistication, the verdant green Emerald is known to bring Renewal.

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