Yellow Stone Names: List of 12 Yellow Gems

Yellow Stone Names
Posted on April 3rd, 2023 03:11 PM

The Lost Soul is found in the warmth of the Sun, the yellow-golden glaze is heart-warming and gives a purpose to life. Such bright sunny colors, deep golden hues, and yellow stone names are exactly what you are looking for. 

The most valuable yellow gemstones have hue, tone, and saturation, and most important of all, should be yellow. In yellow stones or pukhraj stone secondary hues are green, orange, or brown. Green secondary hues are undesirable; however, they add a “neon” quality to the stone when slight. Orange secondary hues are preferable; for example, popular “golden” colors have slight orange hues. 

Unlike other stones, yellow hues reach their gamut limit at light tones. This means a bold, highly saturated yellow color with a tone, or darkness, with 20-30%. Still, they are light yellow tones that may appear as off-color white stones. 

The most popular yellow gemstone is Citrine, this variety of quartz to orange or brown, and because of the abundance of quartz in the Earth’s crust. It is a durable jewelry stone, and though natural-color Citrine is rare, heating can turn smoky quartz into a vibrant shade of yellow-orange. Additionally, it combines irradiation and heat treatment to turn colorless quartz into bright lemon quartz.

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Let us get straight into it; here’s the list:

Yellow Diamond

One of the most expensive gems has a little yellow hue. It is because of the nitrogen content in the carbon crystals that causes the yellow color. Some have bright “canary” hues; if you love yellow diamonds and want to save money, consider an irradiated or high-pressure and high-temperature treated (HPHT) gem. They are safe for wear and less expensive than a natural fancy diamond. 

Yellow Sapphire

Most people associate sapphire with blue, but sapphire can be of any color except red. It is because of the mineral corundum. Yellow sapphires are far less expensive than their blue and green counterparts but still attractive. The iron content imparts lovely yellow hues; heat treatment can enhance the color. Although irradiated, they may still fade in sunlight; heat treatment creates a long-lasting color. 

yellow sapphire

Golden Beryl

Golden beryl is emerald’s less famous sibling. Because they are both varieties of the mineral beryl, and some dealers market them as “yellow emeralds.” These gems can be highly saturated and bright and often receive unusual cuts. They undergo radiation treatment to improve their yellow color. 

Yellow Chrysoberyl

It is best known for its color-changing variety, and most chrysoberyl has fantastic yellow hues. These beautiful gems are also quite tough and make excellent jewelry stones. Moreover, they can display a stunning cat’s eye effect when cut as cabochons. Although some cats’ eyes are irradiated to enhance color, a few chrysoberyl gems may be enhanced. 

Yellow Garnet

Garnet is one of the most fantastic yellow gemstones; because of its reddish-brown hues, it can have almost any color in the rainbow. The hessonite variety of grossular garnet is yellow-hued, and another stone with a golden glaze is topazolite, the yellow variety of andradite garnet. It has a dispersion higher than diamond, causing multicolored “fire” in the gem; however, topazolite is rare and may take some searching to find the gem you’re looking for. Another form, mali garnets, form through a mixture of andradite and grossular chemistry and are equally breathtaking. 

yellow garnet

Yellow Tourmaline

Although tourmaline stone occurs in every color of the rainbow, this gem is rare. Known for its multicolored stones, a bi-colored tourmaline with a yellow hue is a real rarity. Thus these stones have higher inclusions and can have high prices. The yellow color arises from manganese in the crystal structure. 

Yellow Topaz

The traditional November birthstone is an excellent option for yellow gemstone jewelry. With a hardness of 8, it can resist scratches and remains prone to chipping. It also goes by the name “precious topaz” because of its peachy-orange hues. Although heat treatments can enhance the color of these gems, much yellow topaz naturally comes from their color. 

Yellow Zircon

Normally associated with blue, this December birthstone shows nearly any color. The bright sparkle of zircon makes it an excellent and common diamond replacement. The yellow hues can be bright and attractive and are often the result of the heat treatment. Though it has a hardness to resist scratching, zircon is somewhat brittle and chip. The trade names for yellow zircon include “Melichrysos” and, for pale yellows, “jargoon” or “jargon.”

yellow zircon

Golden South Sea Pearls

With beautiful and golden South Sea pearls grow large, the typical sizes near 13 mm, and are some of the largest pearls. However, they’re quite rare and expensive; fortunately, a special heat treatment has been developed to make these beauties available and well-matched strands of Golden South Sea Pearls.

Fire Opal

The “fire” in the fire opal ranges from yellow to red. This opal stone is transparent and may or may not show a play of color. Mexico is the major producer of fire opal; the term Mexican opal itself means fire opal. The natural color of these gems is often attractive. 

Yellow Citrine

Another popular yellow gemstone that gets its name from the French word citron, which means lemon, is known for its refreshingly light yellow-brown hue. The striking color of crystal healers recognizes it as a symbol of positivity, happiness, and contentment. It is considered a healing gift from the Sun because of its warm color. 

Citrine stone clarity is quite high, and it rarely has visible impurities. This transparent and durable stone makes it the best yellow crystal name. If this yellow stone name is ever to be damaged, it can be replaced at a quite reasonable price, as it is quite affordable. 

yellow citrin

Yellow Moonstone

Moonstone is known for being a glowing white gemstone; interestingly, it comes in other colors too. The yellow moonstone displays a golden-yellow to pinkish-yellow hue, with the yellow-to-pinkish-orange variety known as peach moonstone. 

You will see the layers of orthoclase and albite; these layers create the signature blue-to-white adularescence, with a soft glow appearing from within that resembles moonlight. They can also show chatoyancy and asterism, with an optical effect in the shape of a four-ray star. 

These moonstones connect to divine femininity, aid fertility, and provide nurturing support to bring out your best. They help you sleep soundly and avoid nightmares and are also called the “stone for women” who wish to embrace feminine strengths to benefit from moonstone. 

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The Takeaway

We are grateful to be surrounded by such great gems and live in a world where the golden glaze of these stones surrounds us. Just look at these stones, and your thoughts are filled with sunshine and bliss. Now imagine how great it will be to let this stone fill with brightness and warmth. 

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Whether you are on the edge of burnout or want to attract new love, welcome the power of these yellow stone names to regular meditation or spiritual practices. 

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