The Chameleon Alexandrite:- The June Birthstone

Posted on October 28th, 2021 04:48 PM

With June we witness the end of half-year and possibly the most chameleon season of the wether. With a tint of summer and a look for tiny drops of rain, June is said to be the month of reemerging hopes. June is one of those few months that carry three birthstones associated with them. Besides June, August and December also have three gems as their birthstone. The month of June has miraculous moonstone, pleasing pearl, and the queer alexandrite as its birthstones. While pearl and moonstone are said to be prescribed by ancient Vedic science, Alex, on the other hand, is endorsed by modern western astrology. If you are not a June born and wondering What is my birthstone, explore the definitive guide to birthstones and Find Your Perfect Birthstone by Month

            Today most of the modern lists comprise precious alexandrite gem as June’s birthstone. This stunning gem is named after Russian Emperor Alexander II as he was believed to come in the age of the very same day this mysterious stone was discovered. With the pleochroic color-changing effects, Alexandrite is an incredibly rare and sought-after gemstone in the global industry of colored gemstone. It is widely known for its sharp change of colors. Alexandrites are emerald by day and ruby by night and hence they are correctly designated to be the chameleon of the gemstones family. In general, you will locate a varied shade of green color with a tint of brown or blue under sunlight in this stone. Whereas, the uppermost range of natural alexandrite gems exhibits a deep green or blue-green color in sunlight which tends to change in red to purple hues under incandescent lighting. 

Few Interesting Facts About Alexandrite Gemstone

  • Although a real Alexandrite stone is still extremely rare and highly desirable amongst collectors, the gem is now also mined in several parts of Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. 

  • Owing to its charismatic red and green hues, which resemble the national military colors of imperial Russia, Alexandrite is titled the national stone of Russia. 

  • Sauer Alexandrite of 122,400 carats is measured to be the largest uncut gem-quality alexandrite rough. It was traced in Bahia, Brazil, in the year 1967, and to date, no other stone of this specimen is ever found in such a size. 

  • The largest registered faceted alexandrite stone that weighs 65.7 carats was mined out of Sri Lanka and now resides at the Smithsonian Institution. 

  • The largest Alexandrite gems of Russian origin (the founder country) weigh around 30 carats. 

  • Despite all the giant sizes, the majority of alexandrite stones weigh within a carat size of one carat. 

  • Premium quality natural Alexandrite stone can even cost more than $25,000 per carat depending upon its 4c’s and origin. 

  • Alexandrite comes from the mineral family chrysoberyl however its tremendous color-change qualities occur due to the presence of trace amounts of the mineral chromium, which is also found in the beryl mineral group and makes emeralds lush green in color. In fact, upon its initial discovery, alexandrite was actually mistaken for an emerald stone

  • On the account of excessive rarity, there are many types of fake alexandrite in the market since the beginning of the 1900s. Since the early 1920s, imitated and synthetics versions of this gemstone are made from corundum mineral and later on laced with chromium or vanadium to formulate the popular color-changing effects. 

Origin of Alexandrite Gemstone

Russia is entitled as the first place of Alexandrite deposits in the world. Fine varieties of Alexandrite are found in Brazil, Burma, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar. While the Ural region of Russia is the key origin of large-sized exceptional quality Alexandrites stones; Indian and Brazilian Alex gems are the second most sought-after specimens. They are relatively less expensive than Russian ones.

Healing Benefits of Natural Alexandrite Stone 

Ever since this supernatural stone does not carry a very long history with it, it has been strongly known as one of the best healing crystals out there. Wearing natural Alex is said to enhance the creativity level and focus the power of its owner. Besides the charismatic beauty, remarkable metaphysical properties, mysterious appearance, and high rarity, this natural stone is seen as a harbinger of affection, sound health, and good fortune, making it no surprise as a growing choice for engagement rings, especially for partners born in June. 

         Though people around the world wear this precious jewel just for fashion; it is known for carrying some exceptional benefits to its wearer on both personal as well as professional grounds. Revered for its strong cosmic powers and mystical properties, certified Alexandrite is extensively valued by astrologists and therapists in modern crystal healing therapies. It is not just fitting for the individuals born in June, but also to the natives of Cancer zodiac signs, and of course, there are always split personalities, right..! For more detailed astrological advantages of wearing a real Alex gem in our other piece of write-up naming Incredible Healing Benefits of Alexandrite Stone

Buy Alexandrite Gemstones Online 

Since Real Alexandrites are highly rare, they are a big deal to have. There are several con sellers in the market who are selling synthetic Alex stones in lieu of the real ones, so if you are also planning to purchase it, make sure you are up for a reliable gemstone dealer. For an authentic range of this exclusive stone, you may visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It provides you with a certificate of authenticity alongside every stone you buy. The gems here are all certified from the world’s renowned gemstone testing laboratories such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin regarding their originality. 

          Navratan has a phenomenal collection of original Alexandrite gemstones online that you should definitely check out. Especially if you are a June baby, your propitious stone is at its awaits, connect now..!

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