Unveiling the Healing Properties of Alexandrite Gemstone

Posted on September 8th, 2023 12:08 PM

The color-changing properties in gemstones are very rare, and those exhibiting them form an impressive category of fascinating gem aficionados worldwide. Alexandrite stones are one of these beautiful gemstones. A rare variety of the chrysoberyl mineral, this rare stone showcases a mesmerizing green color in daylight and a brown, purplish red color in the lamplight. The phrase that perfectly describes this unusual yet fascinating property of the stone refers to "emerald by day, ruby by night." The chemical composition of the stone defines its color, where a trace element of chromium lends a different color to the stone. 

Historical Significance of Alexandrite stone 

Before moving to the properties of this fascinating color-changing stone, let's explore its history. In 1830, when Russians discovered the stone deposit in the Ural Mountains, the stone got attention for its imperative balance of two colors. The red and green colors resembled the national military colors of imperial Russia, and thus, the stone got wide recognition. The gemstone soon became pride and prestige for the country and thus was named after the young Alexander II, the apparent heir to the throne then. The alexandrite gemstone signifies good luck, fortune, and love.

 If the dramatic color-changing property of the stone entices you, then this blog is for you. It's not only the physical appearance that makes this gem a wonderful one but also the healing properties that popularize it. 

alexandrite historical significance

Physical Healing Properties of Alexandrite 

This incredible gemstone is known to impact the body positively. The gemstone is a good talisman and helps recover from a long illness. It enhances healthy blood circulation and cleansing of internal organs. This wonderful gemstone benefits the smooth working of organs like the pancreas and spleen. It also detoxifies the body's chemicals and helps in the proper functioning of the body. 

alex physical healing

Emotional Healing Properties 

The power of emotional healing imbues the overall enlightenment of an individual. This beautiful color-shifting gemstone enhances emotional maturity and processes the wearer's feelings. Positive thinking improves overall well-being. It also affects the individual's decision-making process. Individuals with low self-esteem tend to make wrong decisions. Alexandrite healing properties include rendering perfect decision-making skills. 

emotional healing with alexandrite stone-374038.jpg

Harmonizing Chakras with Alexandrite

Along with emotional and physical healing, this stone of joy is also a spiritual healer. Alexander stone is related to the heart chakra enduring love and compassion. Unblocking the heart chakra helps in enhancing more love for self and others. The stone helps the wearer overcome fear and face challenges in life. This powerful stone also unlocks the Crown Chakra. It is believed that the person possessing the stone can access the healing energies of the universe. This connection of the individual to the universe helps enlighten the inner self. 

Alexandrite harmonizing chakras

Alexandrite Gemstone and the Three Elements 

This color-changing gemstone exhibits the properties of three elements of nature: water, earth, and fire. Water, the element of prosperity and longevity, helps eliminate the negative energy. This stone from the Chrysoberyl family thus harnesses the energy of the water element and offers love and friendship to the wearer. The fire element's energy in the stone helps increase the vital energy, purifying and strengthening the intention of the wearer. The earth element of the stone helps in attracting money and success. Thus, alexandrite stone brings abundance, prosperity, luck, and growth. 

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The Mesmerizing Birthstone Aligned with Zodiac Energy

This awesome gemstone is perfect for those born in June. Along with the June birthstone, this stone benefits the Gemini zodiac sign. This color-changing gemstone is also associated with the zodiac sign Leo in some countries. The alexandrite gemstone helps the wearer with the Gemini zodiac strengthen traits such as being joyful, flexible, and friendly. This impressive gemstone also helps the Gemini with their decision-making skills. Apart from being a birthstone favorable to the Gemini zodiac sign, this rare color-changing stone represents the 55th wedding anniversary. 

alexandrite zodiac energy

Significance of Alexandrite Stone in Feng Shui 

Feng Shui relates to different colors, and for this glorious stone, the affinity is for two colors. The color range of the stone varies from bluish-green to reddish-purple. This range of color is depicted by the fire element that represents the inner warmth of a person. This energy brings strong and supportive energy to your home. The wood element of this gemstone reflects growth and vitality. The south bagua area of the home specifies this color and signifies wealth and prosperity. 

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How do you Buy the correct Alexandrite Stone? 

There are several things one should look for when buying the alexandrite online. The color of the gemstone is the foremost thing you must consider. The exclusive part of this particular stone is that it has a high color change property. The ideal color for the stone is a dark greenish-blue hue when seen in incandescent light and golden red color when observed in daylight. The clarity of the stone should be considered. The stones with no or few inclusions are considered premium quality alexandrite gemstones. High-carat weight stones impact the stone price. The higher the weight of the stone, the higher the price of alexandrite. 

The above factors govern alexandrite stone prices in India. Apart from this, certification of the stone matters a lot. A certified alexandrite stone is pricey owing to its authenticity for being untreated and rare. 

At Navratan, the Alexandrite stone price of 2.86 carat is higher than the 3.01 carat. The color intensity of the stone is more elevated for high-carat-weight stones. The high-carat weight gem exhibits a considerablel and remarkable color change. The prices for alexandrites with high carat weight displaying the mystical color change are high. 

To conclude, the allure of color change alexandrite is fascinating. Throughout history, the significance of the gemstone has been analyzed and associated with it. Apart from the unusual color-changing property, gem enthusiasts are also inclined towards the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. The stone's true value lies in its rarity and color-changing intensity. Shop for this color-changing stone at Navratan, the best online gem bazaar.  

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