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Two Alexandrite Stone on the white background
Posted on January 3rd, 2023 05:55 PM

The exceptional gemstone Alexandrite is the stone that changes its colour from lush green to deep raspberry red with a change in the source of illumination. This stone shows an emerald green colour in the daylight and a red Ruby colour at the night. Alexandrite stone can give you the feel of the two most amazing gemstones together. It is a stone that is a highly sought after gem and is one of the most cherished gemstones. Let us get into this blog and learn everything about these gemstones.

Properties Of Alexandrite Stone: The Natural Alexandrite Stone belongs to the prolific chrysoberyl mineral family. The change in colour of the stone depends upon the nature of the ambient lighting. The stone shows striking colour-changing phenomena, and it is called the Alexandrite effect.

Alexandrite Stones on the colourful background

History Of The Stone: This stone was first discovered by a Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld in the year 1834 while he was mining in the hearts of the Russian Ural mountains. Firstly he thought that this stone is an Emerald Stone, but during sundown, he felt that it was a ruby stone as it was changing its colour from vibrant green to red. This stone was given the name Alexandrite in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Therefore, this stone was found on the day he was celebrating his 16th birthday. The stone has an association with nobility, and it even retains the exclusive status of this day.

Where Is This Stone Found? When this stone was discovered, it was only found in Russia. With time, this stone has been found in various locations of the world, which includes Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Bangladesh, Spain, Australia and Myanmar. It is even more rare than the Diamond stone. Alexandrite is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world because of its rarity. It has different elements such as beryllium and chromium, inside it. Therefore the best way to get this gemstone is to Buy Alexandrite Online. Now let us learn about the four C's of this gemstone.

Alexandrite Stones on the black and yellow line background

4C's of Alexandrite:

Always buy Alexandrite crystal after knowing its 4C’s.This stone is all about its colour-changing property as already told that it shows green colour in the day and intense red colour at the night with a touch of brown colour. Moreover, some pieces of this stone have a medium-dark tone and intense saturation. The stones with blue, green, or purple-brown colours are less valuable. The higher the intensity of colour contrast between the two colours, the higher the value of the stone. Now coming to the clarity, this stone has some visible inclusion such as needles or fingerprints. Otherwise, they are transparent and found with minimum flaws. Majorly, they are found in round, pear, oval and marquise cuts. It becomes difficult to give the perfect cut to the stone as it shows the strongest colour change and retains the maximum weight. The Alexandrite price per carat is quite high because it is extremely rare and most valuable. The stone with fewer carats is even very expensive.

What Advantages Does It Have?
Original Alexandrite gemstone has many healing properties, such as it has the ability to bring luck to the ones born in the month of June, fastening the creativity, imagination, and intuition of a person. The stone inspires the person wearing the stone to seek happiness and joy in their life. Alexandrite is the stone of the travelers as it becomes the shield of a person protecting them from night Travel and unsafe areas. It will also help them to adapt to the new environment and understand the unusual way of life. It will strive the person towards excellence, making them a legend in life.

Two Alexandrite Stones

Beauty And Styling:
Alexandrite is such a beautiful stone that can be worn over any grand event, whether it is a red carpet event or a wedding event. This gemstone will always glam up the look of the person and every spectator would stare towards them. However, you would have seen this gemstone worn by many celebrities during the award shows or over the magazine covers. It has some special power, which can be felt. So, if you want to buy Alexandrite gemstone, then surely go for it.
The ones who are very active over social media must wear this gemstone and flaunt their accounts. This stone will help them to gain more audience and followers. This gemstone can also be used as an engagement ring, as you can set this stone into platinum or white gold metal. This would surely amaze your partner with its stunning beauty. However, if you are already married then it could be a perfect gift for your wife for the upcoming anniversary or birthday. She would surely be the happiest person after wearing this gemstone. Also, it could be used for proposing to your girlfriend, as the magic of this stone would bring your partner closer to you.

Caring Tips For Alexandrite:
Nothing matters if you buy a really expensive gemstone and you can't keep it safe and secure. The value of the stone will automatically decrease if it has scratches. So it is really important to take care of your stone, and as the stone lies at 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a durable gemstone that can be worn every day but with care.
The stone can be cleaned using ultrasonic and steam cleaners, but care should be taken properly while cleaning as well. Moreover, the easiest way to clean this gemstone is to use mild soap and water and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Also, you should keep your stone away (in a different box when not worn) from the other hard gems as this stone can be scratched or chipped with other hard stones like Diamonds, Ruby, and Sapphires.

 Certified Alexandrite Gemstone

Steps Of Buying This Gemstone:
We would always recommend you buy Certified Alexandrite Gemstone from an authentic website. Buying the stone from Navratan, the online gem Bazaar will provide you with the benefits of authenticity and purity. Here you will get the certificate of authentication, as all the gemstones have been verified through government-based laboratories. You need to select the gemstone you want to buy from the gemstone option, then you need to put the filter according to your choice, then select the product into the cart and order your stone. Therefore, if you feel any problems while buying the stone, feel free to reach out to us. Have an amazing shopping time!! Remember to write your valuable feedback after your purchase.

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