Find Your Perfect Birthstone by Month

Find Your Perfect Birthstone by Month
Posted on June 2nd, 2021 04:59 PM

Birthstones are the Lucky Amulets that are established on the basis of the month of born of an individual. Not only does Indian Vedic astrology prescribes the power of these real gemstones but western astrological science also endorses the positivity and significance of wearing them as birthstones. Each month is assumed to carry its respective gemstone, which delivers the desired goodness and strength to the born wearer of that particular month and is eventually known as its birthstone. People born in a specific month belong to a specific sun sign and possess the traits of that respective Zodiac sign. 

                          Therefore, astrologers recommend the Birthstone, to a person, according to their birth month and also based on such traits that are owned by that particular Zodiac Sign so that they provide the best results and desired astrological benefits in the life of its wearer. Wearing your perfect Birthstone helps you to attain the required balance and success in life. Since nowadays you carry a great facility to buy gemstones online, you can now explore all the precious and semi-precious gemstones online too. Every gemstone is aligned with a different month and holds different metaphysical powers and healing properties.

So, if you are also having questions in your mind such as, ‘What is my Birthstone’ or if you are also wondering, ‘How to find your suitable Birthstone’ then this article is exclusively for you. Let us begin with the first month first, i.e., January. 

January Birthstone:: Garnet

Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone, which is primarily found in a variety of dark red shades. It is renowned as the stone of trust, loyalty, and kinship. The stunning red-colored Garnet Gemstone is said to upgrade and promote the characteristics of knowledge, responsibility, earnestness, and mindfulness, in the personality of its wearer. This birthstone of January month is best known for its extraordinary recuperating properties and is considered beneficial in health issues such as heart, blood, and lung infections. 

February Birthstone:: Amethyst

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that arises in violet color. It belongs to the Quartz mineral family and is widely known as an economical and astrological substitute for the precious Blue Sapphire. This birthstone of February month symbolizes nobility, serenity, wisdom, justice, and unbreakable valor. The purple-shaded Natural Amethyst gemstones help to overcome professional stress and financial instability. Besides bestowing desired mental peace, it also assists you to get rid of unhealthy addictions and gain the path of humility and spirituality.

March Birthstone:: Aquamarine

The beautiful light blue-colored Aquamarine gemstone is known as the birthstone of the month of March. This semi-precious stone of the Beryl mineral family is said to be an emblem of unending love and youth just like its resembling aqua-blue marine water. People wear it as an astrological substitute for Blue Sapphire gemstone. An unheated Aquamarine stone inculcates self-confidence and great leadership qualities in the possessor. Together with ensuring a sound immune system, it is considered extremely beneficial for your mental as well as physical health.

April Birthstone:: Diamond

The dazzling Diamonds are said to be the birthstones for those born in the month of April. The insignia of ever-lasting and true love, Natural Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones around the globe. It is best known for amplifying positive energy and good vibes in your ambiance. People who have a budget problem usually consider White Sapphire or White Zircon as an alternate birthstone substitute. Besides good health, a luxurious lifestyle, and blissful marriage, the owner gets immense clarity of mind and success in creative ventures, by owning a Real Diamond.

May Birthstone:: Emerald

Since it is associated with affection and fecundity, Natural Emerald or Panna Gemstones fosters good luck and truthfulness in the life of its wearer. This gorgeous green gem is said to be the birthstone of May month and one of the most prestigious members of the nine Navratna gemstones clan. This highly precious member of the Beryl mineral family is celebrated as one of the best healing gemstones that bless its possessor with great vision and intuition. It cures several contagious diseases and brings freshness and vitality to your spirit.

June Birthstone:: Alexandrite, Pearl, or Moonstone

Since time immemorial, Natural Pearls have always been a symbol of purity and chastity. It holds a huge significance in Indian Vedic astrology. Astrologers recommend wearing this June Birthstone to bring out the persona of an individual like knowledge, confidence, fearlessness, inner peace, morality, tranquility, and stability. Since Pearl is ruled by the planet Moon, the amazing healing powers of a real moti ratan help in de-stressing, mental clarity, diminishing tiredness, and avoiding heart-related ailments.

Natural Moonstone, also known as the Chandrakant Ratan in Hindi, is another popular birthstone for June Month. As the name signifies, this beautiful semi-precious stone, with a distinctive blue tint, is connected with the planet moon and is worn to pacify Moon in the birth chart of the wearer. Real Moonstone gem symbolizes serenity, intuition, & higher consciousness and brings calmness, good fortune, and emotional balance to your life.

Natural Alexandrite is also a June Birthstone. It is an extremely rare and one of the most sought-after gem varieties of the Chrysoberyl mineral family. Best known for its mysterious color-changing properties in different lights, the Alexandrite gemstone is held to be titled after Russian ruler Alexander II. This highly valuable gemstone carries some remarkable healing powers with it that not only help in curing nervous disorders but are also beneficial in promoting creativity and intellectual abilities in a person.

July Birthstone:: Ruby

If you are born in the summer month of July, Natural Ruby or Manik is your go-to gemstone. As per Vedic astrology, this stunning red-colored precious stone of the Corundum mineral family represents the most powerful planet Sun, also regarded as the father figure of all the nine planets. For the said reason, Ruby is also named the ‘King of Gems’. Natural Manik stone is worn to boost self-confidence, strengthen willpower, gain more wisdom, and add warmth to a relationship.
                  The well-known cosmic benefits of a real ruby gemstone also include success in businesses, growth in jobs, improvement in social status, and role of authority. Though ruby comes in a variety of red colors i.e., from light pink to deep blood-red colored ruby; unheated natural rubies are always said to be of the best quality. Among all the origins, Burma Rubies are the finest ones.

August Birthstone:: Peridot, Spinel, or Sardonyx

If you are also an August-born, the soothing, lime green-colored Peridot is your birthstone. Natural Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone and one of the most popular birthstones of August month. This astrological substitute of the precious emerald belongs to the Olivine mineral family and is worn to gain influence, and authority in the administration. It not just encourages power and promotes intelligence, but also improves your communication skills and eradicates rage and envy.

          Spinel is another famous gemstone for those born in the month of August. It is found in almost every hue ranging from colorless to gorgeous green, intense blue, brick red, pink, purples, orange, brown, and even black. Owing to its availability in endless color shades, Natural Spinel is extremely coveted among the global gemstone lovers. This August birthstone is counted among one of the most wonderful healing gemstones across the world of astrology. While some people also consider Sardonyx as the birthstone of August month.

September Birthstone:: Sapphires 

Natural Sapphires, also known as the ‘stones of beauty and wisdom’, are said to be the birthstones for the month of September. Now it depends on you, which sapphire you prefer to wear. Though you can wear beautiful
blue sapphire (Neelam), astonishing yellow sapphire (Pukhraj), stunning Pink Sapphire, novel peach sapphire, gorgeous green sapphire, mysterious Bi-Colour Sapphire (Pitambari), or a simple divine white sapphire according to your personal choice and budget, however, it is highly recommended to always consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone. It is judicious to choose wearing an unheated real sapphire for the best astrological results. 

October Birthstone:: Tourmaline or Opal

Opal is said to be the gemstone of creativity and inspiration. This white-colored semi-precious stone comes from the silicate mineral family and is known as the birthstone of October month. This astrological substitute of the precious diamond is extensively recognized for showcasing a brilliant rainbow-like resemblance and is thus renowned for its wonderful ‘play of colors’. Natural opal gemstone brings out beauty, courage, confidence, and conjugal harmony in an individual and bestows him or her with good health, a luxurious lifestyle, high social status, and matrimonial bliss.

Natural Tourmaline is also a popular October birthstone. This semi-precious gemstone is a member of the Cyclosilicates mineral group and is found in a variety of colors going from being colorless to pink, purple, brown, red, yellow to green, and even black. These colors are widely used as a substitute for very popular and precious gemstones, for instance, Green tourmaline is said to be an astrological substitute of the expensive emerald gemstone. In addition to detoxifying the body and reducing stress, the strong metaphysical properties of a Real Tourmaline gemstone also protect you from nightmares, and evil eye, and boost your immunity power.

November Birthstone:: Golden Topaz or Citrine

The semi-precious Citrine gemstone or Sunela Ratan is the birthstone of November month. This golden yellow to brown colored stone belongs to the Quartz mineral family and holds a strong position in Vedic astrology. Natural Citrine is worn as the substitute of the precious Yellow Sapphire gemstone or Pukhraj Ratan. Astrologers suggest wearing this miraculous stone to gain higher knowledge, enhanced social status, progeny bliss, good health, and more wealth. Upon wearing, Real Sunela Stone infuses a strong sense of affection, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness into its wearer.

Golden or Yellow Topaz is a yellow-colored stone of the topaz mineral family. In Vedic astrology, it is seen as the substitute (upratna) of Pukhraj or yellow sapphire stone as it delivers similar benefits as a precious Pukhraj does. While as per western astrology, this beautiful gem is also regarded as an alternative birthstone for November month. By deterring evil energies, negative flow, and vibes, a natural yellow topaz embodies morals, peace, and harmony in the life of its user.

December Birthstone:: Turquoise, Tanzanite, or Blue Zircon

Turquoise, also known as Firoza in Hindi, is renowned as the ‘stone of heaven’ because it is believed to bring the best fortune and prosperity around the owner. If you are born in winter and the last month of the year, the light blue to deep bluish-green colored Natural Turquoise is said to be your birthstone. By strengthening Jupiter (Brihaspati) in your house of the horoscope, a Natural Firoza Ratan blesses you with knowledge, wisdom, well-being, and riches. It absorbs all the negatives from your surroundings and assists you to relax your mind and stay optimistic.

Tanzanite, another December Birthstone, arises in a violet-blue hue. Tanzanite gemstone is named after its place of origin i.e., Tanzania. This marvelous gemstone of the Zoisite mineral family displays the unique magic of colors when viewed from different angles. Owing to this phenomenon called Pleochroism, Natural Tanzanite stone is extremely popular when it comes to jewelry selection. While Natural Blue Zircon is also a semi-precious gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family, which is worn as a December Birthstone too.

Why are there two or more birthstones for some months..? 

Conventionally each month is associated with a single birthstone but there come more options when we watch it from two different perspectives i.e., traditional astrological science and Modern astrological science. In general, both of them carry different opinions regarding gemstones, their aligned months, Zodiac signs, and many more. This is the key reason why some months do have 2 or more birthstones. 

            While another purpose of having multiple birthstones is to serve more affordable options to people. You can buy birthstones online as per your budget and choice. This concept of two birthstones is extremely helpful for those who have a budget constraint as it allows them to purchase and wear an economical stone in comparison to the traditional more expensive gemstones.

Buy Certified Birthstones Online 

With endless options available in the market, you can now easily buy certified precious gemstones online. Regardless of whether you are buying gemstones online or offline from your local market, you should always ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller so that you can ensure that the gemstone you are paying for is genuine and of that much worth. Call Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the certified collection of real gemstones online at the best price. 

           Though anyone can wear their suitable gemstone according to their month of birth in order to fetch good luck, sound health, professional success, and personal prosperity. They usually do not have any side effects. However, it is extremely prudent to consult an expert astrologer, before wearing any piece of gem, because if you would have to wear an unsuitable stone, it can result adversely instead of benefiting your life, career, and health. Have a Happy and Safe Shopping. 

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