Amazing Tanzanite Stone Benefits & Healing Properties

Tanzanite Stone Benefits
Posted on March 29th, 2023 01:25 PM

Tanzania is renowned for giving the world some of the rarest, most alluring, and undeniably the most marvelous gemstones we have ever seen and one such gemstone is Tanzanite. One of the eminent varieties of Zoisite mineral, earlier Tanzanite was known to the world as Blue Zoisite and later renamed to Tanzanite by Tiffany & Co jewelers.

Tanzanite striking glitter and lush blue hues can make any gemstone lover go weak on their knees. Apart from exhibiting outrageous beauty and shimmer, Tanzanite is also hailed for its oodles of astrological and spiritual benefits, and healing properties. The ravishing tanzanite stone encloses utterly potent and transforming vibes that can rectify the severest issues of the different aspects of your life expeditiously as well as provide par-excellent physical, mental, and spiritual healing. 

Due to intense and brilliant blue hues, Tanzanite is often mistaken as blue sapphire by numerous gemstone lovers. However, tanzanite and blue sapphire differ massively in terms of physical benefits as well as rendering benefits to the wearer. Let’s explore all the best possible Tanzanite stone benefits and jaw-dropping healing properties it encapsulates.


Benefits of Wearing Tanzanite Stone

Extraordinary Physical Healing

When it comes to treating minor to major physical ailments, Tanzanite gemstone is second to none. It is considered one of the most brilliant sources of boosting immunity and ensuring your body is always ready to fight against all kinds of unwanted and unexpected diseases. Moreover, embracing tanzanite stone gives a massive push to the skin regeneration process as well as halts the dreadful hair-falling issue.

When you embrace Tanzanite, the formidable vibes of the gemstone infuse with your aura, and swiftly begin the treatment of minor physical ailments and detoxify the whole body. In addition to that, tanzanite cut down unnecessary stress and despair by leaps and bounds and also help with migraine and other severe mental issues.

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Metaphysical Benefits

Here comes the pointer where Tanzanite stone stands apart from the rest. Tanzanite gemstone has a strong link with the third eye chakra, thus, it allows you to connect with collective consciousness or to achieve  unprecedented levels of superconsciousness without much of a hitch. Moreover, this revered gemstone also has a subtle connection with Throat Chakra. Embracing Tanzanite will take your communication and oratory skills to the highest level and make your personality more impactful.

Tanzanite propels you to adopt authenticity and become the best version of yourself. It opens the coveted gateways of wisdom, knowledge, and opulence for individuals and also renders unbelievable psychic abilities that may have been unknown or suppressed within the wearer in the past.

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Mental & Emotional Benefits

One of the most sought-after virtues among human beings is tranquility. If you have divine peace in your corner, you can live a frisky life despite the dearth of sheer opulence. Tanzanite truly excels when it comes to providing mental peace and stability to the wearer. The eye-pleasing radiance of Tanzanite preserves immense peace in the mind of the wearer and makes sure unnecessary worries never come back to life.

If you are struggling with past issues that make you feel anxious all the time, Tanzanite is an exemplary stone for you as it gobbles all your worries and reminds you that you are solely responsible for making your life a heaven. Embracing tanzanite slowly and steadily instills heaps of self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and complete authority and ownership. It will keep reminding you all the time that you don’t have to linger on past issues anymore and accelerate toward growth and development.

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Creativity Boost

Individuals who are associated with artistic and creative professions like writing, painting, or music must embrace Tanzanite to eradicate all the creative blockages and incite the stimulation of creativity and give a major boost to rusting artistic abilities. Tanzanite will amplify your imagination power and help you tap the untapped dimensions of imagination. You will be able to come up with the most whimsical and creative ideas that will entice the entire world.

Useful in Meditation & Recreational Activities

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to go into the deeper states while doing meditation as a lot of hurdles and setbacks come to your way that halt your progress. Embracing the right tanzanite stone that resonates with your body weight and under the supervision of an experienced astrologer can help you to master the art of meditation and crumble all the obstructions.

Uses of Tanzanite Gemstone in Different Verticals

So far we have dwelled into the never known before benefits as well as healing properties of Tanzanite gemstone. However, things don’t halt here. Apart from providing umpteen benefits to the wearer, Tanzanite stone implications in the different industry verticals are quite extensive and commendable. Below, we have stated the major uses of Tanzanite gemstone in the different industry verticals that will lucidly define the value of this thumping gemstone.

Jewelry: Tanzanite is one of the most fabled gemstones when it comes to the jewelry segment, particularly in engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Its rich blue-to-violet-blue vivacious color hues make it an attractive, alluring, and highly sought-after gemstone for high-end jewelry pieces. Moreover, Tanzanite jewelry is also embraced by top-notch celebrities and style icons and is an integral part of their wardrobe.

Fashion: Only a smidgen of individuals know that Tanzanite is sometimes used in fashion design, specifically in high-end couture pieces. It is majorly used to add a touch of class, glamour, and luxury to clothing and accessories. However, one has to be quite meticulous in taking care of couture pieces enclosing tanzanite to ensure their brilliance and charm don’t dwindle.

Investment Purpose: When compared to immensely popular precious and semi-precious gemstones, tanzanite is a relatively rare gemstone and its value has been increasing steadily over the years. Some people purchase tanzanite as an investment, with the sheer hope of selling it for a profit in the future. In a nutshell, investing in Tanzanite is a sagacious decision as it will deliver sure-shot returns.

Healing: As we have already discussed above, many prominent astrologers and people firmly believe that tanzanite encloses dazzling and unprecedented healing properties, particularly in relation to the crown and the throat chakras. It is said to help with improving communication, self-expression, and creativity. Moreover, embracing Tanzanite also boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Spiritual Realm: Tanzanite is massively used in generic spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga and also in esoteric activities. It is widely believed to help with spiritual growth and awareness and open the doors of other spiritual dimensions to the wearer. 

Collection Purpose: Many gemstone enthusiasts collect tanzanite as a hobby and for its fine aesthetic value. As Tanzanite deposits were found in the late 90s, it is a relatively new gemstone compared to precious and semi-precious gemstones, and its rarity makes it an attractive addition to any gemstone collection.

Industrial Applications: Tanzanite is sometimes used in industrial applications, particularly in the manufacturing of high-precision optical equipment, such as cameras and telescopes, due to its incisive optical properties. However, the usage is quite limited as Tanzanite is quite an exorbitant stone and it can imbalance your cost analysis sheet.

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