Precautions after wearing Neelam

Posted on February 29th, 2024 05:40 PM

Neelam Ratna belongs to the planet Shani and is one of the popular gemstones among the nine navratnas. Individuals with zodiac signs such as Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn are recommended to wear original Neelam stone. This blue gemstone is auspicious to these zodiacs offering them good health, wealth, success, and emotional stability. Also known as blue sapphire in English, neela stone is worn on the middle finger. It is believed that this precious gem gives instant results within a day. If it suits you, it gives positive results, and if not it can be inauspicious to your life. Let us know what precautions after wearing neelam can be taken to eliminate its ill effects. 

What is Blue sapphire and its significance in astrology?

Sapphires belong to the corundum family and occur in different colors out of which blue is considered the most popular variety. An original blue sapphire stone features a deep blue hue which holds great significance in astrology. Gift neelam jewelry if you want to express loyalty, love, commitment, and dedication to your loved ones. As per Vedic astrology, wearing a blue sapphire ring in gold improves concentration and clarity of thoughts. It works as a talisman and ward off the evil influences of Shani. This powerful gemstone restores wealth, good health and brings fame to your life. But do you know there are also negative effects associated with this stone? 

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9 Rules to follow after wearing Neelam

Neelam ratna shows miraculous benefits during the sade sati period. It eliminates the negative effects of Shani and brings prosperity and improves metabolism. Since the sade sati period is considered a very crucial period in astrology, it is important to observe the after-effects of this blue gem. 

  • You can sleep while wearing a blue sapphire if you are finding a peaceful bedtime. If you get bad dreams in your sleep after wearing it, keep it away when in bed. 
  • Do not remove your neelam gold ring again and again as it will hamper the effectiveness of the gemstone. Once you have worn it after performing the energizing ritual, this Shani stone starts giving results. Removing it frequently hampers the flow of energy. For instance, you will start finding bad impacts on your relationships, career, health, and wealth. Thus, it is recommended to wear sapphire with full faith and belief. 
  • In case you remove it accidentally, perform the prana pratistha of gemstones before wearing it again. This Vedic pooja will activate the gem’s energy. Place it in a mixture of raw milk, honey, gangajal, and tulsi leaves. Recite mantras during the entire energizing process. 

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  • As per astrology, there are no suggested precautions after wearing Neelam regarding consuming food. But since Lord Shani is the deity of karma, discipline, and justice, it is believed that if you want to get blessings from him you should go as per his liking. 
  • If your gemstone gets cracked from any end it won't exude the energy perfectly. Thus, it will not be of any astrological use and should be opened immediately. 
  • Similarly, if it is your Neel mani, do not share it with other people, as it will mix with their energy once they wear it. 
  • The energizing process of gemstones is auspicious and thus precautions should be taken that you don't consume any non-vegetarian food or alcohol after wearing it. In Hindu scriptures, it is called tamsik food, and eating might mix their energy and disturb yours. Thus having lesser chances of benefitting from blue sapphire. 
  • If your blue sapphire stone shows signs of turning white, buy a brand new neelam stone. Because once the stone turns white the chance of showing its effect reduces. Thus, to get maximum benefits you should change it after a certain time, especially if it starts changing its color. 

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  • It is believed that the blue variety of sapphire doesn't go along with certain gemstones like pearl, Red Moonga, or ruby. Wearing neel mani with any of these can bring ill effects to your life. So, going for your horoscope check with your astrologer before doing so is suggested. 

invest in quality certified neelam

Things to consider when buying neelam stone

Always buy an original neelam ratna from a reputed gem dealer. It ensures you get natural and certified gemstones. Natural blue sapphire stones sourced from Sri Lanka and Madagascar are known for their explicit color and quality making them perfect for astrological use. 

Natural gemstones comprise powerful energy which is radiated around the wearer. The colored gem market is full of fake and synthetic sapphires. These imitations do not possess any energy and are thus of no use in astrology. You can always wear them as part of your regular jewelry per the trend. However, the astrological benefits of blue sapphire are maximum when it is original. 

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Wear sapphire as a ring, bracelet, or pendant, it works in either of the cases, provided the stone should touch the skin directly. A 4 ratti neelam is advisable to those looking for success in their professional lives. It improves communication, enhances dedication, and creativity, and offers clarity of thought. A high ratti stone when crafted in metal design touches the skin directly. Thus, it is said that wearing a higher-carat weight gemstone gives more effective results.

Do not wear gems on any day at your convenience. Each gemstone is worn on a defined date and time. Natural blue sapphire is worn on Saturday which is the day of Lord Shani, the planet associated with the gem. The ideal time for wearing it is between 5-9 AM and 5-7 PM during Shukla Paksha. 

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