4 Carat Blue Sapphire

Are you a working professional in need of enhancing your personality? Besides focusing on yourself, you can expect an instant transformation after wearing a 4-carat blue sapphire. This powerful blue gemstone carries the energy of the planet Saturn (Shani). If present in the right position of your birth chart, it helps you achieve your desired goals. And 4-carat sapphire gives a boost bringing all your stars together.

A blue sapphire 4 carat weighs 0.8 gms (800mg) and the stone is big enough for the centerpiece of a ring, pendant, or bracelet. The beautiful Neelam stone is perfect for jewelry and astrological purposes. A 4 carat blue sapphire ring is mainly suggested to individuals going through the malefic effects of Saturn.

Note: Many recommend wearing astrological gemstones in Ratti. This unit has been an ancient way of measuring gemstones and differs from 1 carat by some numbers. So, 4 carat blue sapphire would be 4.38 ratti in actuality. There is not much difference in the weight as much as the names have. It is just that Carat is internationally preferred, and ratti is used mostly by Indian astrologers.

There are numerous astrological benefits of the neelam ratna. It offers wealth, good luck, prosperity, professional and personal stability. 4ct blue sapphire is widely recommended to gain these benefits. It is an ideal size that touches the skin directly. Thus, as per Vedic astrology, it radiates more energy to the wearer.

The quality of a gemstone is evaluated based on the 4 C's. Origin and treatment also define the quality of a stone. The price of a neelam stone 4 ratti starts from INR 70,000 to INR 1 lakhs or more.

  • Color: The cost of 4-carat blue sapphire is high if it features a vivid blue color. The spectrum of this precious gemstone ranges from pale to deep blue. The high-quality 4-carat sapphire with a blue hue, medium tone, and high saturation is difficult to find. Thus, its price also increases.
  • Expert Buying Tip: A vivid neelam stone starting from 4 Ratti is difficult to find. Kashmir blue sapphire 4 ratti features a velvety blue hue. Such exclusive colors are rare to find and thus are highly desirable.

  • Clarity: Inclusions present inside the gemstone blur its clarity. Neelam stones with high clarity and transparency are desirable.
  • Cut: A sapphire exists in hexagonal crystal and thus can be cut in various shapes. The popular cuts are cushion, oval, and round. A finished cut showing good color and brilliance demands a high cost. So, consider a precise-cut gemstone.
  • Carat Weight: Neelam 4 Ratti price increases with increased carat weight. Choose sapphires with stunning blue color, high clarity, and defined cut.

Buying Tip 1: Blue sapphires sourced from Sri Lanka are priced higher. These are followed by those obtained from Kashmir, Burma, Thailand, and Australia.

Buying Tip 2: Prefer untreated 4 ct blue sapphire for astrological purposes. Treated sapphires are available in the market, but they have lower prices. Treatment is done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone.

Buying Tip 3: Get Certified 4 Ratti neelam stone from Navratan.com. A trusted gemstone company in India.

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