Blue Sapphire - The Life-Changing Stone

Posted on November 28th, 2022 02:57 PM

The Blue sapphire stone is one of the prestigious stones among the nine Navratnas. In Hindi, it is called Neelam stone, meaning blue stone. It is one of the most valuable stones with the power of Lord Karma's energy and the educator Saturn. The shade of this gemstone varies from light to dark blue in color. Since, it is one of the strongest affecting gemstones, which should always be worn by asking an astrologer. This gemstone has the strongest positive impacts as well as negative impacts. One needs to be aware that it suits them or not, and should wear it then only. You may also check your suitability in Astrological Advantages of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone. Let us learn more about this gem in detail. 

Properties Of Sapphire 

The natural blue Sapphire belongs to the variety of corundum mineral family, and it consists of aluminum oxide with traces of iron, magnesium, chromium, and titanium. The stone rates at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is one of the hardest gemstones. Thus, one can easily wear it on a daily basis. 
Astrologically, Blue Sapphires aka Neelam Ratna, hold an association with truth, loyalty, joy, and wisdom. These are actually the celestial stones with mysterious power and regal history. It has changed the life of the people who have worn them as this is one of the best gifts that nature has provided to humans. It has connections with the powers of the atmosphere, serving as a symbol of heaven. In addition, sapphires were used by Greeks to garner favor with God Apollo. There are endless stories related to these mystical gems. 

Let Us Learn The Benefits Of This Stone

If you are wearing the Real Blue Sapphire, then you can see its instant success; it will bring you rewards in your professional career. Your business will grow, or you will get a promotion if you are doing a job. The losses are a turnaround in no time. It will empower and encourage you to fulfill your dreams, as it will help you improve your ability to concentrate and focus on your goal. This stone removes all the negative energies by filling your life with positive vibes. 

Additionally, it helps you to stay fit and healthy. If you are facing any major illness, then it helps you to recover as fast as possible. Your immune system gets stronger, and your metabolism increases. It eliminates many diseases, preventing your body. You may read out the detailed benefits of wearing this blue gem in Incredible Health Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone

If you belong to the creative field, then this gemstone will surely take you to reach the heights of success, as it will increase your ability to think creatively. You would be filled with innovative ideas for performing differently and uniquely every time. Especially if you are a writer, musician, singer, or painter, then this gem is for you. Try wearing the Blue sapphire ring or pendant and see the results. 

Fashion and Blue Sapphire

Many fashionistas can be seen wearing a statement necklace or earring made with Blue sapphire stones over the red carpet and magazine covers. Basically, these stones are fit into platinum metal or in white gold. They have a magnificent appearance, and it enriches the aura of the person. If you choose to wear this gemstone jewelry, then you can surely flaunt it over your social media, as this jewelry piece will gain a lot of attention from the gem lover. You would be getting many likes, comments, and shares over your post, and you would become an influencer for many. 

How Are Blue Sapphires Priced?

A natural Blue Sapphire gemstone is known for its durability, rarity, energy, and beauty. There are primarily 4 C's that you we consider while buying any gemstone, and they are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Although, the color of the stone ranges from medium blue to dark blue. The intense blue color stone is most preferred, as the higher the saturation level, the better sapphire is. Talking about clarity, the natural gem will always have some inclusions. Moreover, if seen from magnification glass, you would surely see those inclusions if not seen from the naked eye. Few inclusions or bubbles are considered, but more of such inclusions and impurities, can drastically affect the price of the stone. 

The stone's cut is the shape and finishing, which imparts the shine and the sheen to the gem. The cut of the stone affects the Price of a Blue Sapphire to a high level. Last, the carat is the weight of the stone. On the astrological ground, it is also measured in Ratti. In general, a higher-carat stone grabs a higher price than the less-carat stone if all the other value factors are the same. 

Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Alive For Forever
Always keep your jewelry away from chemical substances, as they can harm the mineral and appearance of the stone. Never take your stone to swimming pools, as their color can be affected. Taking off your stone while doing any household chores would be best. Although it is a hard stone, so it won't be scratched easily, safety is always better than the problem. 
Always keep your jewelry away from chemical substances, as they can harm the mineral and appearance of the stone. Taking off your stone while swimming and doing any household chores would be best. 

Always Buy The Certified Stone

Buy the Certified blue sapphire gemstone from Navratan, the gem Bazar, as it is the most reliable source of buying real and authentic gemstones. They have been in this industry for more than 80 years. Buying the certificate along with the stone will help you get the assurance of the money you have paid. You will always be sure about the penny you spend. Explore the website, read more about this stone in detail, as there are many blogs written and then find the best gemstone you want to buy while checking the color, shape, and budget you have for the stone. Don't forget to write your valuable feedback after shopping with them. 

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