Blue Sapphire Effects On Relationships

Blue Sapphire Effects On Relationships
Posted on April 10th, 2024 06:08 PM

Blue sapphire stone, called Neelam in Hindi, comes from the corundum family. The vivid blue colour of the stone symbolizes calmness, providing the wearer with a stress-free life. In Vedic astrology, this precious stone is associated with the planet Saturn. Wearing a Neelam ratna benefits the wearer in every aspect of life. One of these aspects is Blue sapphire effects on relationships. Sapphires mean a lot in a relationship. They are associated with love, romance, trust and commitment. People gift sapphire engagement rings to express their love to their partner. Astrologically, Neelam is good for marriage as it strengthens the bond and produces serenity and sentimental connection. Are there any disadvantages to wearing blue sapphires in a relationship? Yes, if it is not worn correctly or without proper analyses of your birth chart from the astrologer. Let's check out the impacts of this stone:

4 Positive Effects of Neel Mani on Relationship 

Rashis such as Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius are suggested to wear this blue gemstone. Apart from this, wearing a blue sapphire is helpful if your natal chart shows weak positioning of Saturn planet or you are undergoing shani sade sati. Let's see its positive impact on relationships. 

1. Enhanced Communication Skills 

Those experiencing conflicts in their love life can wear this Neela ratna. It will help provide serenity in their lives. Thus, couples can solve their issues with a relaxed mindset. Wearing the original neelam stone on the middle finger of the left hand can help females open up communication with their spouse. 

2. Strengthening Emotional Bond 

Emotional bonding is important in any relationship. It strengthens understanding and enhances love for each other, and neel mani helps you achieve that. Wearing this blue gemstone on the correct finger transmits the energy to the individual. The middle finger is connected to the planet Shani and represents wisdom and patience. Since this Neela Ratna is also linked to the same planet, it positively affects the body of the wearer. Hence, the middle finger is considered the favourable finger for wearing blue sapphire.

positive effects of neel mani on relationship=

3. Building Trust and Understanding

Whether it's love or married life, understanding is a pillar in a relationship. The Neelam gemstone expels negative energy, balancing emotions between partners. As per colour therapy, blue represents trust and reliability; thus, the sapphire engagement ring is a popular choice to gift your spouse. It encourages mutual understanding and respect between couples, making your relationship stronger. 

4. Bringing Harmony and Balance

Neel mani is known to maintain balance and energy between partners. Wearing this stone helps you overcome conflicts that might impact your relationship's growth. It stimulates the crown chakra, radiating cosmic energy from the associated planet Saturn. Unblocking this chakra leads to beneficial results. You will experience many changes after wearing blue sapphire, like better understanding and overcoming insecurities in your married life. 

Negative Blue sapphire effects on relationships

You might observe some negative effects if you have not consulted an astrologer and worn this stone. Let's see what are these:

1. A sudden increase in tension and conflicts 

Since Neelam Ratna is a fast-acting stone, it shows effects within 2 days of wearing. However, it also depends upon individuals’ energy as it takes time to adjust to the gemstone’s energy. Thus, waiting for a few months and observing the results is advisable. If you are experiencing negative changes after wearing blue sapphire, like heightened conflicts in your relationship, mood swings, or insecurity, it's better to remove the stone. It might be that neelam ratna doesn't suit you. You can always go for a test to know whether natural blue sapphire suits you or not. You can place the gem on a blue cloth and keep it under your pillow or inside your pocket. If you feel uncomfortable or observe things not going the way you wanted, this gem may not be for you. Consult an astrologer to get a proper solution for the same. 

negative blue sapphire effects on relationship=

2. Feeling sleepy after wearing blue sapphire 

Neelam Ratna benefits you in providing calmness in your relationship. However, in case you are feeling sleepy after adorning this gem, it might be a positive result. This is because, astrologically, this is one of the gemstone properties. But, if you have been experiencing this for a long time, first take the doctor’s advice. If everything seems fine, remove the stone for some time. Re-energize the stone and then adorn it on the correct finger. The best day and time for wearing Neelam stone is Saturday morning, 5AM to 7AM. Ensure the stone touches your skin, which directly transfers energy to you.

How to choose the right stone?

Pick natural gemstones only. In Vedic astrology, strong colour and high transparency matter a lot.

-Buy original neelam Ratna from reputed gem dealers like Navratan. We provide you with certified gemstones from recognized gem laboratories. Thus, ensuring you get authentic stones. 

Blue sapphire prices in India start from INR 5,000 to 10 lakhs per carat. They can extend more depending on the 4Cs. Hence, it's important to choose the right stone that serves your purpose.

-Since carat weight is an important factor in determining Blue sapphire effects on relationships. It's vital to go for the same. Pick 3 ratti neelam stone for a powerful impact. You can choose lesser carat weight gems for more minor issues.

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