3 Carat Blue Sapphire

A 3 ct blue sapphire weighs 0.6 gms. The gemstone with this carat weight fits your jewelry while going well with your astrological purposes. Wearing a 3 carat blue sapphire can transform your destiny and bring wealth and prosperity. The results are even better if you purchase a genuine gemstone. Gold is the suggested metal in which this precious gemstone should be crafted astrologically. This perfect combination of blue sapphire and gold brings great benefits.

In Vedic astrology, higher-carat stones harness more energy from the related planet (Saturn in this case). So a 3 carat sapphire ring can bring you beauty and benefits. It also helps in bringing overall well-being to the wearer. A 3 carat blue sapphire ring crafted in gold brings immense health and wealth your way.

Sapphires are ruled by the planet Saturn which is linked with discipline and concentration. Wear a neelam 3 carat is believed to stimulate these qualities. Those who want positive changes in their career and personal life can wear this stone. A 3-carat blue sapphire features an impressive color that is associated with peace and calmness.

To gain maximum benefits, choose high-quality stones. Quality comes with a price, and when it's both, nothing is better than Navratan. Buy 3 carat sapphire online exclusively at our trusted gem store. Blue sapphire 3 carat price starts from INR 60,000 to INR 1 lakhs or can extend even more.

  • Color: A 3 carat sapphire price increases with its vivid color. Too dark or too pale colors decrease the value of the stone.
  • Expert Buying Tip: Neelam 3 carat sourced from Ceylon features a medium blue hue. Those sourced from Burma are violetish blue, whereas Australian blue sapphires have a darker shade. Look for a 3 ratti blue sapphire with a vivid hue, high saturation, and medium tone.

  • Clarity: In sapphires, needles, and feathers are common inclusions. Eye-clean or transparent sapphires are rare and charge high. The cost of a Royal blue sapphire 3 carat is high if it features an enchanting color.
  • Cut: From round to ovals or fancy cuts such as cushions or triangular, sapphires look good in every shape. A perfect cut reflecting color and clarity accounts for a high cost. Look for a 3 ratti neelam stone with a symmetrical cut and ideal finish.
  • Carat Weight: Indraneelam stone 3 carat price is high when compared to 1 or 2 carat sapphire. Along with the weight, other factors such as good color, clarity, and cut account for high costing.
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