Feeling Sleepy After Wearing Blue Sapphire? This Could be the Reason

Posted on March 12th, 2024 05:25 PM

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with the powerful planet Saturn. It is known as neelam in Hindi and provides the wearer with enhanced health, wealth, and many other astrological benefits. A blue sapphire can change the life of a wearer. However, it comes with its cons that some get through and others have to wear some other time. One of the biggest is feeling sleepy after wearing blue sapphire. So let us understand why this happens and what could be the possible ways of coming out of it. 

5 Reasons you might be Feeling sleepy after wearing blue sapphire

  1. Mostly, the neelam ratna helps in getting rid of insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Hence, it is possible that the chances of sleep increase.
  2. It is meant to provide a soothing effect to the wearer, making them worry less and stay stress-free.
  3. The blue sapphire stone balances the nervous system, hence impacting the hormones related to sleep and dreams. 
  4. Sleeping more is a common factor that can occur because of the feeling of contentment in life that Indraneelam provides. 
  5. It relieves depression and anxiety, providing mental peace to the wearer and helping them to go into a state of relaxation naturally. 

Hence, if you are getting more sleep after wearing a blue sapphire, it might not be a problem. It could just be the neelam ratna working its wonders. However, if you have other issues along with sleepiness such as headaches, bad dreams, vomiting, or any other health-related issues, then this stone is not suitable for you. One should observe the correct reason and decide whether to wear it. Also, it is possible that the blue sapphire can suit you if you follow the Precautions after wearing Neelam. So again try a patch test after following proper guidelines. 

How to understand that it is impacting you negatively? 

Neelam is the stone of Lord Shani which in itself is the powerful planet. It is believed that this gemstone shows its results in a day if worn correctly. Read Who Can Wear Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone and understand whether it should be worn or not. You will see positive changes after wearing a blue sapphire such as an increase in wealth, fame, and prosperity. In case you see any following negative changes, you might have to consider wearing it:

  • Headache, fatigue: If there is pain or tiredness along with sleeping late, it might be that your body is taking time to adapt. However, if it doesn’t get well even after a month or more, it is better to change.
  • Loss in Wealth: If in a patch test, with more sleep you also find losses of income, health, or fitness, it is better to remove it.
  • Anxiety and Depression: While sleeping longer is a common trait in blue sapphire, it is known to bring peace and calmness. So if along with more sleep, you have anxiety or depression, remove it for some time to see if things get better again.
  • Loss in Reputation: There can be more sleep but there should never be loss in reputation. Hence if this is the case, then it is better to get away from it.

Thus, it is always suggested to test a neelam stone before wearing it. For this, you can wrap nila sapphire in a blue colored cloth and tie it around your left arm before you go to sleep. You can also keep the stone in your pocket the entire day and see the results. If you face negative effects remove the stone or wear it. There are also substitutes that you can wear in place of Neelam ratna. Read on top substitutes of Neelam to know which one can suit you better.

Estimated time to consider the effect of blue sapphire

If it has been two days or two weeks that you have been feeling sleepy after wearing blue sapphire, and not seeing any above-mentioned side effects, it is probably your body taking time to get used to it. However, if it has been more than two years and still you face this problem then there are chances that the blue sapphire is not meant for you. Here is the guide on how can you tell if blue sapphire suits you

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