Most Powerful Gemstone Combinations for Healing

Best Gemstone Combinations to boost your healing
Posted on April 4th, 2024 05:33 PM

Gemstones have been known for their astrological benefits and healing powers. They can work individually but, when combined with others, can do wonders. Today, when stress and diseases have become a part of life, these gemstone combinations prove to be effective healers. Powerful stones since ancient times were used as amulets, protection and health. Egyptians used gems and crystals for cosmetics. Green stones were kept in burials to signify the heart of the deceased. Moonstone in many cultures is worn during weddings as it is related to fertility. Let's see how the most powerful gemstone combinations can help you in healing: 

The Science Behind Gemstone Combinations

Gemstones and crystals are believed to have positive energy when worn or kept aside, flow into the body of an individual and remove negative energy. They work as per their vibrational energy which comes from their molecular composition. This energy remains with you and benefits your mind, soul and body health and happiness. It is believed that powerful crystal combinations interact with the body's chakras and enhance your mental and physical well-being. You can place crystals on your hand and meditate with it. Wearing gemstones as a pendant, bracelet, or ring can help you get relief from many diseases. Whether it's powerful crystal combinations or gemstone combinations, it should be noted that their energy vibrates along with the body of the wearer only. Thus, it is said that gemstones should touch the skin directly. 

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How Gemstones Work Together

The science of most powerful gemstones stresses that the energy is based on their colour, composition and structure. When two or more paired stones with complementary energies are worn, their vibrations interact with each other. For example, the benefits of wearing Neelam and panna together are one of the most powerful gemstone combinations for healing. The planets governing these two gems are compatible with each other and hence amplify benefits to the wearer. It is believed that some gemstone combination balances the yin and yang energies within the body. Balancing both Yin and Yang energies is essential for the overall well-being of an individual. Two gem combinations, one with powerful energy like that of the Sun and the other with soothing power like that of the Moon, blend effectively. Natural gemstones are associated with chakras. By combining crystals or gems that correspond to different chakras, one can balance these energy centres. Let's see which combinations can benefit you the most. 

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Common Gemstone Combinations and Their Benefits

common gemstone combinations and their benefits=

Aligning the energies of the most powerful gemstone combinations astrologically can help an individual create harmony and balance in their lives. Each gem is related to a specific planet and it harnesses the energy of the same. Incorporating them into our daily lives can enhance our overall well-being. Some of the gemstone combination benefits are as follows:

Emerald and Diamond 

If you are facing issues in your business, you should wear emerald and diamond together. Both of these gems have a great significance in astrology. Panna, known as emerald stone in English, represents prosperity, growth and abundance. Diamond is related to success and wealth. If you are facing stagnancy in your business and due to which you are suffering from anxiety and depression, wear panna and heera together. Emerald is linked to the heart chakra, whereas diamond is associated with the crown chakra. Wearing them together stimulates both the chakras and helps the wearer with emotional healing. 

Blue Sapphire and Panna 

Neelam stone is the most powerful gemstone in astrology. It is associated with the planet Saturn and is believed to remove the malefic effects of the same. Wearing it with natural emerald is considered the most powerful gemstone combination as it provides individuals with spiritual healing. You can wear them on different fingers of the same hand and get yourself protected from negative energies. Apart from astrological benefits, both gemstones have a great contrasting colour combination. Colour therapy also plays an important role here. One has the tranquillity of the ocean, whereas the other has the calmness of nature. Thus, the blue sapphire emerald combination together amplifies emotional healing. You are bestowed with inner peace, compassion and empathy.

Yellow Sapphire and Ruby 

Wearing pukhraj and manik stone together brings great health benefits. Yellow sapphire is related to the solar plexus chakra and supports digestive and metabolism processes. Ruby enhances the root and the heart chakra, aiding in blood and heart-related issues. When worn together, they enhance overall physical well-being. For Leo, Sagittarius and Aries this proves to be an effective combination. This is because the original Pukhraj stone is related to the planet Jupiter, whereas the Manikya stone is ruled by the planet Sun. Both these planets are friends to each other and, if aligned in a favourable position, bring spiritual growth, health and wisdom. You can wear them in a pendant or as separate rings in the same hand. 

You can also wear manik and moti together, Read our blog: Benefits of Wearing Ruby and Pearl Together and learn more about this wonderful combination. 

Amethyst and Black Tourmaline 

Amethyst is the most powerful gemstone that helps you connect with divine energy. In ancient times, this purple stone was used to get rid of drunkenness and promote mental peace. Amethyst and black tourmaline are the best crystal combinations that help stimulate inner strength. Other paired stones that can go well with this purple gem include citrine, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and clear quartz. For emotional healing and increasing your intellect and wisdom, you can place these crystal combos at your workplace or home. If you don't want to wear them as jewellery, you can meditate with them. These crystal healing benefits in increasing your focus and clarity. 

Choosing the Most Powerful Gemstone Combinations For Healing

Gems or crystals align with your energy only when they are natural. This is because only original stones extracted from Mother Earth possess vibrational energy. Thus, only natural gemstones work effectively, not fake or synthetic ones. Let's see how you can choose these powerful combinations. 

Look for Gemstone Properties 

Consider factors such as colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Doing so helps you determine the stone's overall effectiveness. Vivid colour gemstones with high transparency have great vibrational energy. It flows continuously around the wearer. Thus, it is important to get an eye-clean stone for smooth energy flow. 

Your Goal towards purchasing the gem

Identify your intentions while purchasing these healing crystals or gems. What is your purpose in buying the most powerful gemstone combination for healing? Are you seeking protection, love, serenity, prosperity or spiritual growth? Clarify your intentions and then go for the purchasing process. If you want to know how you can buy them online, read our blog 

How To Decide The Best Place To Buy Gemstones Online?

get certified natural gemstones delivered to your doorstep=

Understand the Most Powerful Gemstone Combinations 

One should know which paired stones work well with them. For example, the most powerful gemstone combinations amplify their powers and provide the wearer with great energy. They work together and harmonize the energy, chakra associations and planetary alignment. Thus, one must first consult an astrologer. Wearing any combinations without seeking advice from an astrologer can impact your overall well-being. Not every gemstone combination suits you. 

Quality Always Matters

Purchase gemstones from a reputed source as it guarantees authenticity. Look for certifications that state the origin and properties of the stone. When buying the most powerful gemstone combination for healing, consider natural gems only. This will benefit you in receiving maximum energy that resonates around your body and help you achieve your desired goals.

Activation and Cleaning

After purchasing the original ratna combinations:

  1. Make sure you energize them first. This will activate their internal energy.

  2. Perform the prana pratishta ritual with clear intention.

  3. Make sure the desired mantras are read by you, along with setting your intentions. Read our blog: 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider

Cleaning these gemstone combinations is equally important. It will help in the continuous flow of energy around you. Activate stones or crystal combos by placing them in sunlight or moonlight. This way, you can get the best results with the most powerful gemstone combinations for healing.

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