Ideal Kanya Rashi Stone Colour That Brings Luck

6 powerful gemstone colours: Connect with your Virgo power
Posted on March 26th, 2024 05:30 PM

Kanya rashi individuals are those born between August 23 and September 22. Also known as the Virgo moon sign in English, Kanya rashi is ruled by the planet Mercury. When choosing gemstones based on birth, astrologers suggest green as the best color virgo stone to wear. This is because zodiac signs and colours have a strong connection. It reflects the personality of an individual. 

Some gemstone hues are pleasing, while others are bold, indicating the person's trait. Thus, you can choose a virgo gemstone according to your zodiac sign that suits your personality and style. In this blog, we will discuss the kanya rashi stone colour that will help you enhance your personality more. 

Significance of Stones in Astrology

In astrology, each gemstone is associated with a concerned planet harnessing its positive energy that resonates around the wearer. Some are worn to remove malefic effects of the planet, whereas others are worn to strengthen the positive traits and improve negative ones. For instance, if Saturn is on the weaker side of your horoscope, wearing a blue sapphire can strengthen its position.

In case you are finding issues in terms of wealth, health, professional, and personal spheres of life, wearing a natural gemstone can help improve the same. Since zodiac signs and gemstone colour are related, knowing the personality traits of individuals born under the zodiac is important. This is because of the energy of the stone's colour that circulates to the wearer. But Beware If You Are Still Wearing a Stone without Identifying Your Birth Chart

Understanding Kanya Rashi's Characteristics

Kanya Rashi individuals are known for their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. They have a practical approach to life, seeking efficient and tangible results. Virgos are perfectionists who pay close attention to whatever they do, striving for excellence. They have a creative approach, are health conscious, and are highly organised. Hence, Virgo gemstones must align with zodiac characteristics as they help the energy of the gem to sync with the personal trait of the wearer. 

Popular Kanya Rashi Stone Colour

Colours and astrology have a close connection. It is believed that colours have energetic properties that influence the body's centres. Astrologers suggest that by using or wearing coloured stones for virgo, one can balance the positive energy flow within the body. 

Colour therapy in astrology also relates to other factors, such as bringing emotional balance and improving health. For instance, the red colour is for Mars, and the suggested gemstone is red coral stone. Similarly, zodiac signs are related to the planets, which is further related to their colour. Thus, zodiac signs, colours, and planets are interrelated. Let's check out the popular stone colours and their importance for kanya rashi:


The most recommended stone colour for kanya rashi individuals is green, i.e., emerald stone. Because it signifies prosperity, nature, renewal, growth, and harmony. Virgos are associated with the earth element making them more precise, stable, balanced, well-mannered, committed, and organised. Since the colour and traits of individuals match, green gems like emerald, peridot, Tsavorite Stone, and tourmaline are Virgo lucky stones. 


The colour of the sun or the yellow sapphire symbolises intellect, wisdom, focus, prosperity, and wealth. This colour is related to the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom and intellect. The yellow colour significance aligns with the traits of Virgos, such as their analytical and practical nature. Hence, all yellow colour stones like citrine, pukhraj ratna, and yellow topaz are also considered lucky stones for kanya rashi. 

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It is associated with purity, clarity, and spiritual awakening which enhances Virgo's individual traits, such as improving their focus, balance, intuition, and inner peace. Moon is associated with the colour white or silver, stimulating the crown chakra, which regulates the spiritual connection. Thus, the moonstone is considered a perfect kanya rashi stone. If you are a professional born between August 23 and September 22, who is stressed out with office work, or a student who is not able to focus on studies, you also opt for natural Pearl stone. Wearing a Kanya rashi ring stone with moti or moonstone can bring peace to your life. To know more how gemstones can be worn to give effective result read our 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider


Blue stones like aquamarine, blue sapphire, and lapis lazuli can be the perfect virgo gemstones for emotional balance, calmness, and strong communication. Blue colour enhances self-expression, mental clarity, and calmness. It is connected to the planet Saturn and the root chakra. The neelam ratna, as a kanya rashi stone colour, helps eliminate the malefic effects of Saturn. 


This colour resonates with the earth's elements, promoting stability and protection. Wearing original gemstones like brown zircon, alexandrite stone, smokey topaz, tiger eye stone can help Virgo rashi individuals stay calm and face life's challenges with ease. 


Golden hues signify abundance, self-confidence, and prosperity. Natural Pukhraj with a golden yellow colour is the kanya rashi ka nag that helps individuals enhance personal power and motivation. This gem stone for virgo aligns with the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for strengthening inner wisdom and confidence. 


The colour pink is related to love and compassion. Gemstones like pink tourmaline, ruby stone in pinkish shade, and pink sapphire are suitable for Virgo individuals. The reddish pink colour of these stones is related to the planet Sun, signifying strength, fame, and success. Thus, individuals born under Kanya rashi seeking love in relationships, good health, and improved financial conditions should go for pink sapphire stone for virgo. 


It relates to spirituality and intuition. Wearing a Virgo stone ring that features a purple sapphire, iolite, or amethyst can help individuals get inner wisdom and better understanding. 

How to Buy a Kanya Rashi Stone?

Whatever gemstone you pick according to the colour that aligns with the personality trait of your Rashi, make sure you consider the following points.

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  • Choose a natural stone 

Only choose an original gemstone, as it carries the energy that moves around you when you wear it. Fake and synthetic gems should not be considered as it doesn't carry any energy. These stones are of no astrological use. Read on How to Tell if a Gem is Real to identify the original ones. 

  • Look for Vivid Colors 

A bright colour is important as it astrologically benefits you. Kanya rashi Nag, with vivid colour, reflects more energy compared to stones with dull colours. A vivid Kanya Rashi Stone Colour is an awesome choice if you are looking for maximum astrological benefits. 

  • Check for Inclusions 

The presence and absence of inclusions determine the clarity of a stone. If the gemstone has many inclusions, the colour brilliance is not reflected. Thus, one must look for inclusion-free kanya rashi stones so that the vibrant energy associated with the colour is highly reflected. 

  • Buy Virgo Stone Online  

Choose gemstones from a trusted gem dealer online. At Navratan, we have segregated every natural gemstone according to colour, origin, carat weight, and more. Buy natural certified Virgo stone for proven authenticity

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