Guide to Exquisite Blue Gemstones Varieties

Posted on June 8th, 2023 02:35 PM

Inspire, heal, and move along with a purpose in your journey of the world with blue crystals. These blue sapphire stone are so much more than a pretty piece of glittering rock; they are loaded with life and power to sail your boats to achieve bigger and brighter things.

Let's read how these blue gemstones bring sincerity and authenticity through their cooling properties:

Blue sapphire

blue sapphire

Most people recall a blue gemstone when they hear the word "sapphire". Neelam stone Sapphires actually can be found in an array of colors, including traditional blue, but rainbow, green, white, black, purple, pink, and yellow. Sapphires are captured with riches and royalty by their sweet serenity. These velvety are known to attract abundance and prosperity. They have been used to shield against evil, bring peace of mind, and bring enlightenment.

These blue gemstones nurture royalty and are connected to the throat chakra. The vital third eye chakra resembles royal blue sapphire, which increases one's sense of personal accountability of one's emotions and thoughts. It transforms your vibes of insight and moral compass. This September birthstone is also associated with learning and personal development in feng shui.  Famously, the engagement ring used by England's Prince Charles, proposed to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 and which is currently worn by Princess Diana ring contains the most famous royal sapphire today.




These blue gemstones belong to the same beryl family as morganite and emerald. Natural crystals of aquamarine naturally form hexagonal columns. Aquamarine blue gemstones contain iron, which gives them vibrant blue color and can make them highly blue when heated. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and represents youth and happiness. When used for healing, the aquamarine's therapeutic properties are balanced with the stones like rhodonite, green opal, chrysocolla, and green calcite.

To no surprise, aquamarine is incredibly important in the chakras' alignment. It improves communication because of its balancing properties with the throat chakra. Another advantage of aquamarine crystals is that it welcomes higher states of awareness and connects us to our higher selves, making them excellent meditation aids.



Tanzanite is a one-of-a-kind of zoisite with hues ranging from ultramarine to sapphire blue. Under artificial light, it can also appear as amethyst and occasionally even yellow undertones. This alluring blue gemstone is produced using a heating procedure from a regular brownstone. It is often confused with sapphire, but the key distinction between these two stones is the dazzling array of purple and blue found in tanzanite.

According to ancient beliefs, tanzanite promotes a higher awareness and strengthens perception. Some people believe that it helps the body to cleanse and upsurge youth. It is recommended to wear it in circumstances when you require calming and soothing presence. It is believed that the stone can stimulate the throat and brain chakras through its high vibration rate.



The fluoro-silicate mineral topaz is made of aluminum and is colorless. It can also be sought after by white, yellow, light grey, swiss blue(light blue), London blue(dark blue), orange, brown, green, and pink. In contrast to other gemstones, topaz isn’t necessarily derived from crystal imperfections. Topaz crystals possess two predominant colored centers caused by a gap in the crystal structure or by an additional electron.

Topaz balances and aligns the body's chakras to transfer energy to the areas where it is needed most. It also relaxes and cures the body.  It encourages joy, generosity, abundance, and health. It is known as a stone of luck and love.  It eases stress and promotes relaxation. Topaz promotes openness as well as self-awareness.  It also helps with problem-solving, stabilizes feelings, allowing you to accept love from all directions.

Benefits of wearing blue gemstone:

Blue crystals are heavenly made. Because of their high frequency and uplifting vibrational energy, they have a therapeutic effect. Simply having a blue crystal can calm you down and nurture assurance that encourages truthfulness without worrying about being judged. Let's read how these blue gemstones have healed with  loving and mild properties

  • Blue crystals resolve all complexity in the mouth, throat, thyroid, neck, and shoulder. We often overlook the importance of our neck and larynx, upper body, and the interconnection of the entire system. Blue gemstones work wonderfully for sore throats, tension, and migraine headaches. It loosens up knotted neck and shoulder muscles and lowers your chance of contracting colds and fevers.
  • Our fifth chakra, which is located in the middle of the throat, has a connection to the color blue and serves as a platform for speaking the truth. Having a problematic throat chakra can be quite frustrating. It could set boundaries to express our wants, feel heard or understood, and take charge of our lives. An open-throat chakra lets us express ourselves clearly both inwardly and publicly. It gives assurance, clarity, and harmony.
  • Aquamarine crystal is a boon for feng shui practice as it promotes calm and balanced qualities. Additionally, aquamarine crystals' blue-green hue has the capacity to protect a house from negative energy.
  •  In feng shui, the color blue represents the wood element and fresh starts. If you want changes in your life or want to begin a new project, this shade is a great choice. You can strengthen this intention by keeping a sapphire gemstone or other blue stone in your home.
  • There is no surprise that blue gemstones play a significant role in connecting relationships to a completely next level because the throat chakra and communication play such a vital role to nurture relationships. These blue gemstones hold serenity and honesty, which can strengthen your bond and enable you to create beautiful experiences with the people you care about. Relationships can be calmed and peaceful by blue gemstones. These jewels quickly emotionally charged conflicts. They can assist you in improving your communication with your partner and allowing more intuition in relationships.
  • Blue crystals always ensure clear decision-making and are divine to reaching clarity in financial matters. These stones possess supernatural charisma of leadership abilities that encourage comprehension and communication which foster original thought. As a result, you will be more versatile at selecting choices that benefit your finances and nurture results. Blue crystals improve motivation, whether it is business or creativity. These stones have mystical vibrations that can be used in daily use.

Wrap up

Considering all these aspects, we can say blue crystals gemstones emerge as sublime. Representing beautiful meanings like freshness and energy is calming in many ways. These blue crystals are all about acceptance of the balancing act just like the tranquillity of the ocean. At Navratan, you will find a wide range of blue gemstones at reasonable prices, which will uplift you from the struggle for self-expression. Our bespoke team will assist you to choose the most extinguished game changer gemstones that your soul deserves. Our magnificent blue gemstones and jewelry make meaningful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

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