15 Powerful Gemstones for Luck, Money, Success, Prosperity

Posted on February 24th, 2023 04:19 PM

Human beings are beyond blessed as they are endowed with intellect, consciousness, conscience, and emotions which facilitate the growth and extension of any civilization at an expeditious rate. Though we are still miles away to touch the pinnacle of civilization, the quest to become more successful and prosperous among human beings is the prime reason behind rapid advancement in every aspect of human beings.

Everyone craves success, prosperity, and acknowledgment but not everyone is lucky enough to have them all. However, by wearing the right gemstones one can effortlessly draw success, luck, money, and prosperity to their corner. This blog post completely revolves around crystals for good luck or gemstones for luck, success, and money that you can embrace to eradicate all obstructions coming on your pathway to success and grab the recognition and prosperity you deserve. The below-stated gemstones for luck can transform the quality of your life like nothing else if worn after consulting an illustrious astrologer.

List of Crystals for Good Luck & Money


Amethyst has grabbed the numero uno spot in our coveted list of gemstones for luck and money. Amethyst is one of the most in-demand and revered semi-precious gemstones that is also referred to as ‘gemstone for all purpose’. Amethyst stone is not only an exemplary option to inculcate in different forms of jewelry but also to bring luck and prosperity. 

It is strictly recommended by Astrologers to prefer only vividly saturated and deep purple colors of an amethyst stone if you swiftly turn the tides in your favor. Apart from consolidating your financial condition and pouring success and prosperity, this alluring gemstone will also help to plummet anger and stress by leaps and bounds.

amethyst Pendent


Labradorite is a feldspar mineral deeply enriched with calcium with an average hardness on the Mohs scale and miraculous healing properties. Only highly experienced gemologists and prominent astrologers are well-versed with the fact that by embracing Labradorite gemstone one can draw luck, money, and success in their life. However, you first need to energize the stone under the supervision of an illustrious astrologer if you seek to derive the maximum benefits from it.

Apart from being visually appealing, Labradorite is widely known for its mysterious healing properties as well as for pulling prosperity and good luck to your corner. Labradorite gives a major boost to your metabolism and quickly heal kidney-related problems which ultimately recuperates your whole being at a blazing pace. Labradorite is also known for cutting down unnecessary debt and acquiring lost wealth.


If there is any gemstone that resembles well with the word royalty or charm, it’s a sapphire. In the realm of astrology, blue sapphires and yellow sapphire are known to render the widest array of benefits to the wearer, be it financial, physical, metaphysical, or spiritual.  Embracing a sapphire stone during a time of distress and financial turbulence not only takes you out of that dire situation but also turns good luck in your favor. In addition to rendering success and prosperity to the wearer, sapphires also protect from vicious vibes and diabolical elements.

yellow sapphire Pendent

Smoky Quartz

Contrary to its intriguing and unique name, Smoky Quartz is widely believed to bring good luck and prosperity to your corner and deserves every bit to be on our list of the best crystals for luck and money. Smoky Quartz dwindles the strata of negative energy around the wearer and ensures to preserve only positive vibes that ultimately manifest success, prosperity, and good luck. Astrologers firmly believe that Smokey Quartz encloses potent vibes that can turn everything in favor of the wearer if the stone is worn at the right time by following all rituals staunchly.


Widely acknowledged as the perfect substitute for emerald gemstones, Peridot is one of the most prized stones with colossal healing and financial benefits. The word Peridot is derived from the Greek word ‘Peridona’ which means ‘plenty’. Embracing vivid green Peridot is one surefire way to pull outrageous wisdom, prosperity, and success in your life and also amp up your fashion game to a great extent by inculcating peridot in the different forms of jewelry. Moreover, peridot is also one of the most preferred choices when it comes to giving gifts to someone on occasions like engagements or weddings.

Tiger’s Eye

Another noteworthy stone in our list of gemstones for good luck. Tiger’s eye stone has always been revered for rendering colossal valor, strength, and zing to the wearer. However, only a smidgen of people are aware of the fact that embracing the tiger’s eye also catapults heaps of success, good luck, and prosperity in your life. Tiger’s eye renders ample strength to work relentlessly and turn all odds in your favor which ultimately brings recognition, prosperity, money, and success. Egyptians also used to believe that the eye-like design imbibed on the gemstone can connect a person with the angels of heaven.


Garnet is a fabled gemstone with paramount astrological significance and bewitching deep red hues that are sufficing enough to mesmerize anyone at a glance. Those who are struggling hard in life to achieve their desired goals must embrace garnet stone wholeheartedly to recuperate strength, instill a positive mindset, and grab success and prosperity. Garnet stone is packed with formidable and enigmatic vibes that blend well with your persona and put you on the track to success and prosperity. Whether you seek good luck in your personal or professional life, Garnet is the stone that can favor fortune for you.


In our list of crystals for luck and success, Tourmaline gemstones deserve a firm spot as they are hailed across the world for enclosing a myriad of astrological, emotional, and financial benefits. Out of all the color variants of tourmaline stone, black tourmaline is the most effective and sought-after as it brings happiness, success, and good luck expeditiously. Moreover, embracing black tourmaline makes your personality more Charismatic which helps to influence the people around you. Tourmaline stone also protects you from pernicious situations and devilish vibes.

tourmaline Earring


Malachite is one such gemstone that can spellbind even the not-so-interested-in-gemstone person with its swirling green patterns. When you embrace Malachite, you get untold promises of resurgence from past failures, financial setbacks, and unprecedented growth. Malachite is also known as the heart Chakra stone as it protects your heart as well as the organs around the heart from negative vibes and keep negativity at the bay. By embracing the Malachite stone wholeheartedly, one can reach the highest level of his potential and have luck, love, and success in the palm of his hands. 


Citrine is another potent stone in our comprehensive list of crystals for good luck, money, and success. Citrine embodies qualities like passion, positive energy, and is widely believed to bring prosperity to your corner. Apart from the healing properties of amazing citrine stone which includes amp-up endurance, improved digestion, and augmented blood circulation, Citrine incites waves of energy inside you which helps you to work on your goals with all might and turn luck and success in your favor. Citrine is also known to recover a person from immense depression and despair.

citrine ring

Rose Quartz

Though rose quartz is widely believed to evoke virtues like compassion, self-love, and benevolence, it is also recommended by Astrologers to grab success and wealth. That’s why we have jotted down Rose quartz in our list of crystals for luck and money. Many ancient civilizations firmly believed that if a person desires to be successful without being envious of others, embracing rose quartz was the best possible solution to that problem.


Nothing exemplifies the Majestic ocean better than Aquamarine gemstone. Aquamarine is by leaps and bounds one of the most alluring and gorgeous gemstones in existence with a multitude of gobsmacking benefits. Embracing Aquamarine stone at the right time establishes serenity, trust, and loyalty in your life. Moreover, people who direly and desperately need to bring good luck by their side must embrace Aquamarine to allow the flow of success and prosperity along with oodles of money.

aquamarine ring

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is one of the most sumptuous gemstones in existence that is equally hailed for its exhilarating metaphysical and healing properties. The soothing lush blue color of this stone renders so much calm and composure that is inexplicable in words. Blue Topaz must be embraced by those who are deeply involved in meditation and spiritual activities. Moreover, one who wants to taste success and prosperity should also consider embracing Blue Topaz to amplify the current status of wealth a multitude of times. Blue topaz stone also makes your nature more humble and forgiving, however, it is suggested to wear this robust gemstone only after consulting an experienced astrologer.


By many renowned astrologers, the Opal stone has been labeled as the stone of transformation and psychic energies. Embracing opal stone can bring some noteworthy changes in all facades of your life as it is strongly linked with the crown Chakra and helps to tap the higher levels of consciousness. Opal stone not only establishes peace and humility but also.

Opal ring


If you seek drastic transformation in life, Kyanite is the right stone for you as it can pull good luck, a ridiculous level of success, and unprecedented prosperity into your life. When you embrace Kyanite, you directly or indirectly get in touch with the higher level of consciousness which ultimately manifests all your desires expeditiously. Moreover, embracing Kyanite also helps you open the third eye chakra which brings positivity, clarity, and makes it easier for you to find the true purpose of life. If you want to go to higher states during meditation, Kyanite can be a game changer for you as it is a par excellent meditation aid and also rectifies hearing ailments. 

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