Birthstone by Month and Their Meaning

Birthstone by Month and Their Meaning
Posted on June 1st, 2024 05:42 PM

In Vedic astrology, gemstones are generally worn according to an individual's zodiac sign. However, in Western astrology, birthstones are more popular. Are these stones relevant to a person's luck, or are they just worn for jewelry? The answer is yes; they have a strong symbolism. The history of the birthstone goes back to the era when Aaron, the priesthood of Israelites, adorned the twelve gemstones on his breastplate. Each of them represented the twelve tribes of Israel. These gems represented the culture and beliefs of each tribe. In the modern era, each birthstone by month is different and has a specific meaning. Lets explore all of these.

What Do Birthstones Signify?

It relates to the gemstone that relates to the person's birth month. These stones signify many things. For instance, some gems represent calming power, while others bring health benefits. Wearing them as jewelry offers the individual luck and good fortune. It is believed that one should wear birthstone jewelry to unblock the chakras, protect them, and expel negative energy. You can wear them every day as they maintain positivity all day long.

Birthstone By Month

Birthstone by Month

There are twelve zodiac signs, and each has a gemstone. Likewise, each birth month has a related stone that an individual can wear. These stones have a symbolic meaning that influences every aspect of life. Let's see how each birth stone influences a person's life born that month. 

January Month 

Garnet is the birthstone for January month. It comes in various colors, out of which red garnets are common. It is derived from the word "granatum," which means seeds or grains. The birthstone color for January is red, and the gemstone is garnet red. These gems have been cherished for centuries for their lovely color and were used as jewelry. The symbolic meaning of garnet birth stone refers to protection, purity, truth and friendship. 

February Month 

The birth color of this month is purple, which is well displayed by the amethyst stone. It is a semi-precious stone from the quartz mineral family. Amethyst comes from the Greek word "Amethystos," which means not drunk. In ancient history, this gem was considered a stone of protection against drunkenness. It is regarded as the "stone of spirituality." It is worn as jewelry or kept as a crystal at the workplace or home to get positive vibes. 

March Month 

Aquamarine is the March birthstone. It is from the beryl mineral family and gets its color from iron as trace elements in the crystal. The name comes from "aqua, "meaning "water." It was believed that this stone prevented sailors from mishaps during their journeys on the sea. Today, aquamarine is considered a lucky stone that brings love, peace, and happiness to married life. Wearing an aquamarine ring on the middle finger of the right hand is believed to attract money.  

April Month 

This month is for diamonds, the stone that represents love, passion, and commitment. It is considered the lucky stone for April's birth, bringing luxury, clarity, and strength to the wearer. Diamonds are one of the hardest birthstones, making them suitable for jewelry. They are widely worn as engagement and wedding rings, so if your spouse's birthday falls this month, this is the best gem you can gift. Spiritually, diamonds signify the balance of mind, body, and soul. 

May Month

Green emerald is the birth stone for May born. This is one of the precious gems from the beryl mineral family. It holds significant symbolic meaning and bestows the wearer with hope, friendship, loyalty, and faith. This May birthstone has an important spiritual meaning. It is connected to the heart chakra. Wearing an emerald ring on the little finger stimulates the energy of this chakra and bestows the wearer with feelings of love and compassion. 

June Month

June is the month of three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Each of these gems has its own meaning. Pearls are the most subtle gems, representing beauty, happiness, love, and wealth. Alexandrite is the rarest birthstone due to its unique color-changing property. The dramatic shift from green to red makes it an appealing stone.

Moreover, alexandrite, meaning luck, positivity, and wealth, make it more desirable. Moonstone is famous for its appearance. It features a moon-like sheen on the surface. This birthstone by month for June brings balance, strength, and protection. 

July Month

The most precious of all, Ruby stone, is your lucky stone. It represents love, wealth, energy, and passion. It comes from the corundum mineral family. The ruby birthstone color possesses strong power and has been related to health benefits. It is believed that this stone prevents the wearer from heart and blood ailments. Ruby is also a durable gem and is perfect for everyday jewelry. So, birthstone jewelry featuring durable stones like these can be worn every day. 

August Month

Peridot is the gemstone for August. It is the only gem that occurs in olive green and is hence considered the rare birthstone color. It symbolizes beauty and represents power and healing. This green gemstone provides you with good health. Wearing peridot jewelry can help you overcome fatigue and mental stress in your personal and professional life. It regulates the endocrine and adrenal system and helps in tissue and cell regeneration. 

September Month

The most powerful birthstone by month for September is sapphire. It comes in various colors like yellow, blue, pink, green, and more (except red). Sapphires come from the corundum mineral family and are the hardest of all, next to diamonds. This September birthstone meaning in love life is prevalent. It symbolizes loyalty, commitment, and true love. Wearing a blue sapphire pendant enhances your mental clarity and brings in confidence. Wearing a 2 carat sapphire stone crafted in a pendant can benefit you if you are a working professional. Moreover, it can be a great style statement. 

October Month

Opal is the best stone for those born in October month. The iridescence on its surface gives a stunning look to your jewelry. It is a famous healing stone for those undergoing the trauma of break up in their love. Opals bring clarity of mind, so this gem can be helpful for those in dilemmas about what to do in difficult situations. October comes with two birthstones. The second one is tourmaline, which is the most beautiful birth stone. It is associated with protection, luck, and positivity. The beauty lies in its color, especially the bicolor tourmaline. It is a fascinating stone with two or more different shades. 

November Month

Citrine is the gemstone for those born in November. It features a pale yellow to golden orange color. This stone comes from the quartz family and is a semi precious stone. Citrine is referred to as "Merchant Stone" and is said to be the luck stone for those in business and trade. So, if you are in business, wearing citrine jewelry can benefit you. The powerful energy of the stone attracts wealth and prosperity.  Know more about : Benefits of Wearing Citrine as a Jewelry.

December Month

Tanzanite is the stone for December month. It features a blue-violet color and is found in only one area in the world: Tanzania. This scarcity makes it the rarest gem. Tanzanite is the lucky birth stone for love life. It is preferred as a modern engagement ring as it induces love, trust, and harmony in married life. This gemstone is also a good healer. You can read more about this in our blog: Amazing Tanzanite Stone Benefits & Healing Properties.

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