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Posted on September 20th, 2021 11:55 AM

With the charismatic crimson color and supernatural cosmic powers, Natural Rubies have captivated human interest for centuries. For ages, this precious red stone has not only been sought after by European royalties but also holds mentions in the auspicious Bible. Rubies are offered to the Hindu gods as a means for improving karma and living standards. They were largely used by ancient Burmese warriors on the battlefield. Being the king of all Precious gems, ruby is called Ratnaraj in Sanskrit. 

             Red Ruby, which comes from the mineral family corundum, is a prestigious stakeholder of the nine Navratna gemstones. It is widely used in statement pieces of jewelry as well as in Vedic astrological purposes. On account of its fascinating beauty and metaphysical properties, Ruby or Manik Stone commands the highest prices out of all the colored gemstones. The per-carat prices of the fine-quality rubies have been consistently breaking auction records every day. Let us explore the premium qualities of this stunning red stone. 



Burmese Ruby 

Burma, or present-day Myanmar, is known as the land of ruby stones. Not just quantity, Burma is the source of the world’s finest quality rubies for more than 800 years. When we talk about the best-quality rubies, Burma always tops the list. The prices and value of any gem tremendously vary, depending on the size and quality of the stone. Burmese Rubies, aka Burma Manik, are considered to be of the best quality on the account for one simple reason, their superior red color. So there is no surprise why these rubies are counted among the most coveted gemstones. 

                      Mogok in northern Burma is the oldest and prominent source of best-ever rubies out there. Though almost all the rubies that often hail from this region are of excellent quality, Mogok ruby mines are renowned for giving rise to highly saturated pigeon blood-colored rubies. These premium assortments of Manik stone boast a slightly purplish or pinkish hue with a glowing red fluorescence. Namya ranks second on the list of premium quality Burma Rubies. It comes up with transparent red-colored rubies. Mong Hsu mine is the next biggest mine in Myanmar that lies about 250 km east of Mandalay. It produces rubies with a little blackish tint. 

In the entire gemstone arena, Old Burma ruby gemstone is the most exclusive variety of ruby gemstones. Besides high astrological value, its remarkable deep red color and superior clarity make it largely popular around the globe. As they are exceptionally rare and exorbitantly expensive; they are synonymous with idiom terms such as ‘immense popularity, ‘uncommonly rare’, and ‘high prices’. Authentic and Certified Burmese Rubies commands an excessively high price in the global gemstone market. Primarily color and clarity are the key factors that decide their worth.  

Mozambique Ruby 

Mozambique is another premium source of fine-quality rubies. Mozambique and Madagascar regions of Africa are two leading sources of this red gem. Owing to the favorable geological conditions, both these places produce some of the most beautiful examples of rubies in the global market. Though out of all, Mozambique is measured to be the second-best origin of ruby stone after Burma. This premium variety of ruby gemstones is known for its brilliant red hue and high transparency. It is more valuable than any other sort of ruby mined from Africa. 

      Following Mozambique, Madagascar rubies are also considered of good quality. For more than a decade Madagascar has been mining both popular members of corundum i.e, rubies and sapphires. Though these rubies have an undesirable color zone, they carry remarkable clarity and are mostly heat-treated. However, the mines of Madagascar are also capable of producing untreated rubies of fine quality.


Thai Ruby 

Followed by Myanmar, Thailand is the second most promising source of notable quality ruby stones in Asia. It is renowned for producing ruby roughs with high clarity and a deep red “Siamese” hue. The country has been a focal point of the global ruby gemstone industry. Thai rubies are generally less purple than most of the Myanmar rubies and tend to appear in a bit of more brownish-red shade. These basalt-related stones hold a very high amount of iron (Fe) content and very less amount of fluorescence in them. 

          Because of the mesmerizing color and high clarity, this class of rubies is also termed 'Royal Red' gemstones. Deposits in Chanthaburi, Trat, and Pailin are the primary sources of ruby gems in Thailand. A majority of Thailand’s rubies have been produced out of Bangkok and Chanthaburi mines, although most of the Thai deposits are now depleted. On account of their commendable astrological abilities, Natural Thailand Rubies were widely used in ancient times by Thai farmers and sailors as amulets and talismans. 

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Buy Ruby Online 

Though there arise many fine-quality rubies from different origins, none can beat Burmese Rubies in quality. Pigeon blood-colored Burmese rubies are the top-grade rubies in the whole wide world. They not only fetch the highest rank in terms of beauty but also deliver the utmost level of astrological benefits. Since gemstones are generally expensive and highly profit-making businesses, there are several duped sellers in the market who are selling artificial, synthetic, and heat-treated stones in lieu of natural and rare precious gems. So if you are also looking for the best quality rubies online, make sure you are making your purchase via a reliable gemstone dealer who provides you with an authenticity certificate to ensure purity. 

                   No matter you are buying the stone online or offline, always ask for verified and validate proof of its originality. Navratan, the online gem Bazar is a certified gemstone dealer that only deals in genuine and Certified Gemstones Online. Here you will get a certificate of authenticity with every gemstone from international gemstone testing laboratories such as GRS, GIA, IGI, Gubelin, and C.Dunaigre. You can also explore the widest segment of natural rubies from all origins at the most reasonable price range. Together with an easy return option, avail of a worldwide doorstep shipping facility. Connect now for the latest assortment of natural rubies online. 

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