Best Emerald Stone Color Chart

Posted on May 20th, 2024 06:06 PM

Emerald is called Pachu stone in Marathi. It is a precious gemstone and is a member of the beryl mineral family. This stone is known for its beautiful green color, which, apart from being a valuable colored stone in jewelry, is also a profound astrological gem. In Vedic astrology, gems are believed to contain vibrational energy that moves around the wearer, providing them with the required benefits. But do you know the stone's color also has significance in this? As per color therapy, the vibrant hues of these ratnas hold a special meaning in astrology. For instance, red is for courage, yellow is for happiness, and more. In context, this blog reflects the best emerald stone color chart that is astrologically suitable. 

What is Emerald? 

The formation of this green gemstone occurs beneath the earth's surface. The process begins when magma cools, and the granite pegmatites are formed, leaving some elements behind. When the magma cools, elements like beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen in the fluid interact, forming emerald crystals. These crystals come out from the deeper magma. The chemical formula of Pachu stone is Be3Al2(SiO3)6. The vivid green emerald color is due to the presence of trace elements such as chromium, iron, and vanadium. These elements are responsible for giving various shades of panna. 

What Color is Emerald?

Pachu Ratna features a vivid, lush green hue. The higher the concentration of chromium, the higher the intensity of the green color. These gems also showcase secondary overtones like yellow and blue. The slightest tint of these hues is due to the presence of other trace elements like vanadium and iron. However, these overtones are desirable only if they are present in small amounts and don't bother the gem's primary color. There should be a perfect balance of these elements to give the natural beryl stone a proper hue. Let's see how panna from different origins feature color variation:

Types of Emerald

Types of Emerald 

Colombian Emerald: Sourced from famous Colombian mines such as Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor, this pacha stone features a pure green color. A slight blue tint is visible; thus, the desirable stones from this region show a bluish-green hue. What makes these gems unique is the intensity of the color and fewer inclusions that allow the light to pass through these gems. 

Panna from Chivor Mines is considered one of the finer quality stones. This region's best emerald stone color chart varies from clean to rich green. Does Pachu Ratna glow? Those sourced from Chivor mines display a weak red glow when observed under Ultraviolet light. This is one of the ways to distinguish between a real emerald and a synthetic one. Synthetic panna do not glow in UV light. 

Brazilian Emerald: These are popularly sourced from Minas Gerais mines in Brazil. They feature an exclusive grass green color. The intensity of the primary hue is high, making it look much greener than other varieties of natural beryl stones. A slight yellowish tint as a secondary overtone is visible in a few of the stones. These gems are also valuable compared to others. Brazilian Emerald stone benefits in astrology include strengthening bonds in married life and attracting career opportunities. 

Zambian Emerald: These beautiful stones are obtained from the Kagem mines in Zambia. They are dark green with bluish undertones. This is due to the higher iron content, which makes them look darker and slightly blue. When compared to Pachu stones sourced from Colombia, these gems are priced lower. However, they are astrologically significant. The green beryl stones from these mines account for 70% of Panna production worldwide. 

Russian Emeralds: They are mined from the Ural mountains in Russia. The color ranges from light to medium green. In comparison to  Markat Mani, these gems are less priced. These are devoid of any secondary overtones, making them highly sought-after gems. Russian panna benefits in astrology by activating the heart chakra. Unblocking this energy center induces feelings of love, empathy, confidence, and self-expression in the wearer. 

Emerald Stone

Emerald Quality Grades 

The high-quality emerald color chart goes from medium to dark green. Color is the most essential characteristic of any gemstone. The hue can help you determine if it is a fake or natural Maragatham stone. For instance, the lighter and darkest hue of the stone can help you understand that it is fake. However, it's always different. In the gemstone marketplace, some stones resemble the exact color of these precious gems. Thus, not all green stones are Panna Ratna. So, look for medium-tone and highly saturated stones. Those depicting lighter, dull, or too-dark shades are low-quality emeralds. Let's see how these gems are graded. 

AAA Grade: Rarest of all, these grade gems are of higher quality. The color ranges from rich green to high clarity. They exhibit high brilliance and account for top-quality stones for investment and jewelry essentials. Natural emeralds are under type 3 gemstones, which means that inclusions are common to them. So, 99% of these stones are included, and 1% makes the AAA grade with no inclusions. 

AA Grade: The gemstone color chart for this grade features a medium green hue, tone, and high saturation. These gemstones exhibit fewer or no inclusions and are highly desirable. 

A Grade: These Panna Ratna are dark green in color with more inclusions than AA grade. They are lower in price but still valuable. For instance, a high-carat-weight emerald with this grade can be worn to give a desired push to your luck or career prospects. 

B Grade: Pachu stones with this grade are highly included. They are the lowest-quality green gemstones and appear much darker than the rest. These are often termed opaque emeralds as they are not transparent, and light cannot pass through them. This results in less shine and brilliance. In astrology, such gems do not benefit the wearer as there is no constant flow of vibrational energy. Thus, their effectiveness could be better, and they don't give results in a given time frame. 

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