All You Need To Know About Lehsunia Ratna

Posted on August 25th, 2021 05:30 PM

Natural Lehsunia (Cat's Eye) is the gem of the notorious planet Ketu. It is also known by several other names such as Vaidurya Mani, Sutra Mani, Ketu Ratna, and Vidalaksha. The color of this gemstone is a light honey yellow to brown that generally arises with a tint of black or white as a line of illusion in the center. This beautiful gem looks more like the eye of a cat and hence it is also named ‘Cat's Eye Gemstone’. A real cat’s eye is known for its unique luster that exhibits the emanates of milky-white, blue, green, or golden-colored rays from it. 

           People, around the globe, have been aware of the Lehsunia stone not only on the account of its charismatic beauty but also as a prominent healing stone. Owing to the captivating looks and amazing healing properties, it attracted the attention of the masses since time immemorial and still grabs its position in astrology science as well as in the global jewelry-making industry. So if you are also among the fans of this supernatural stone or planning to opt for one, then here we have everything you should know about this gem. Let us get started with the physical properties of cat’s eye gemstones.

Physical Properties of Lehsunia

Color of Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye gemstone comes from an array of chrysoberyl minerals. When it comes to color, Natural Lehsunia stones are generally available in a variety of color segments like gray, yellow, white, green, and brown. The Real Cat's Eye Gemstone occurs in four key colors i.e., white, black, yellow dried leaves, and brownish honey green color. Pit and spotless Lehsunia is measured to be the best.

The Shape of Lehsunia Stone

The looks of a Real Lehsunia gemstone are similar to that of a cat's eye, as it has cabochons cut. Consequently, a strip of light is also visible in the stone, which is called Dora or Janeu (thread). When it is cut in an 'n' cabochon cut, it gives the best ever effect. The best Lehsunia is considered to be the one with a clear feeling of the inner band moving to increase and decrease. It is also accessible in fiber-rich or hexagonal shapes. A very famous geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner ascertained highly praised the value of this stone.

The Hardness of Cat’s Eye 

With the Mohs scale hardness of 7 and relative density of 2.651, Natural Lehsunia is more greasy and tends to slip when pressed. It carries a chemical composition of silicon dioxide.

Origins of Lehsuniya Stone

Lehsuniya, aka cat’s eye gem, is originated from pegmatite and mica flaky stones, and rarely from the sediments of river streams. It is mainly found in India, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Myanmar. Apart from these popular locations, cat’s eye rough is also found in the Vindhyachal, Himalayas, and Mahanadi regions of India.

Identification of Real Cat's Eye Gemstone

The common identification of this supernatural stone includes two, three, or four white stripes that can be witnessed in the stone. Natural Cat’s Eye, in which two and a half stripes are formed, is considered to be of excellent quality. The stripes are sometimes smoke-colored in the real stone. Besides everything, color is the key factor of identification when it comes to a natural gem. Though everyone is not as adept with color knowledge, you should only buy a certified cat’s eye gemstone.

Benefits of A Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Improve Willpower - The planet Ketu teaches the native a tough lesson by awarding him or her with lots of struggles in life. Lehsunia Ratna bestows the person with boldness that aids him/her to handle personal and professional struggles with more positivity and enjoy the pleasures and comforts, even in challenging situations​.

Spiritual Growth- The Lehsunia stone allows the person to enhance spirituality. By decluttering the negative vibes, it inculcates positivity and leads them on the way to emotions and spiritual growth. Cat’s eye gemstone blesses the possessor with a healthy body and mind

Eliminate Pain - With metaphysical healings, wearing of Lehsunia stone helps you to get rid of all kinds of body pain. By improving your immunity system, it prevents you from various serious diseases like paralysis, cancer, and thereby making the native healthier and stronger.

Peace Booster - When it comes to your mental health, Real Lehsunia is a boon. It gives clarity and peace to your mind and also boosts memory power. A cat’s eye gem is also praised for removing depression and increases the concentration level of a person. It enables him or her to stays away from any sort of stress.

These are some of the many benefits a natural cat’s eye stone delivers. Explore all the much-acclaimed benefits of wearing Lehsniya Ratna in Benefits of wearing a Lehsunia Stone

Who Can Wear a Cat’s Eye 

Since Lehsunia, aka cat’s eye, is a very powerful supernatural stone that carries some cosmic mystical powers with it, which are not equally beneficial for one and all. Thus, it shouldn’t be worn by anyone and everyone. One needs to have some specific conditions in his or her house of horoscope regarding the placement of planets for wearing this beautiful stone. In general, Real Lehsunia Stone is believed to be of best advantage for Kumbh and Makar Vedic Rashi (Aquarius and Capricorn Zodiac signs). Due to its association with the planet notorious planet Ketu, Vedic astrology also prescribes cat’s eye to the person who is undergoing the tough phase of Ketu Maha Dasha or who has the wrong alignment of the planet Ketu position in his or her birth chart. 

          While the natives of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are generally advised not to wear this supernatural stone. One may face various career obstacles, personal difficulties, malefic impacts, and negative results on the health due to the wrong placement. Despite all the information, it is highly recommended to visit an expert astrologer along with your birth chart before buying and wearing Lehsunia Ratan or any other piece of astrological stone. So that he or she can not only guide you with the suitability but also about all the prerequisite knowledge regarding day, time, and weight of the stone. You can also go through Who Should Wear Lehsuniya for more precise details.

Note:- There is a specific way of wearing every Vedic gem that one should adhere to while wearing. The same rule goes with Lehsunia, aka cat’s eye. Study the detailed Vedic procedure of wearing a cat’s eye stone in our earlier write-up How to Wear Lehsunia

Buy Certified Cat’s Eye  

The seamless beauty and extraordinary healing powers are not just being used in the ancient Vedic astrology but also praised and acknowledged as an effecting remedy in modern therapies. However, any astrological gem results at its utmost level when worn in its natural and pure form. So if you are also wondering to gift yourself the powers of a real cat’s eye gem, then rely only upon a trusted gemstone dealer for your purchase. As there are impostors in the market who are selling synthetic and artificial gemstones in the name of real ones. Thus, in order to ensure original quality, always ask for a certificate of authenticity while buying any gemstone. 

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